Bizarre comments from Orthodox clergy
Posted by: niphonsmith ()
Date: August 28, 2005 12:44AM

Bishop Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America claims sexual abuse doesn't destroy people:

"Who was the first person to get the idea that sexual
molestation *****destroyed**** (as in "destruction of
young Orthodox lives") a victim's soul or life?" I
find the idea repulsive to the anthropology of the
Bible and the Fathers."

In response to a post about a priest who passed away and was
accused of sexual abuse of a minor, Bishop Tikhon dismisses the man's behavior:

"I also think that there is a "very dark side" to most
people...that's one of the reasons why God's love for
sinners is so miraculous."

Fr. Anthony Nelson of the Russian Orthodox Church suggests that the people at "take a trip to Aruba". A reference to the
girl who was just kidnapped, raped, and murdered there recently. Pokrov is a website dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Orthodox clergy. In other words, Fr. Anthony, who posts as a representative of the Orthodox Church with links to his church in his posts, was implying that an organization that opposes Orthodox clergy be killed.

After reporting these comments to Indiana University, Mark S. Bruhn from the University claims there's nothing they can do. The moderator, a Father Mark Gilstrap, refuses to stop the comments, as I explained to Mr. Bruhn, but I guess it's better that the threats and comments go on so the public can see what the clergy of the Orthodox Church is publicly stating about sexual assault.

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Bizarre comments from Orthodox clergy
Posted by: Mia ()
Date: January 17, 2007 12:17AM

God hates all Sinners, molesters, criminals, homosexuals and rapists. And anyone stating or hinting otherwise, is a liar. His statement won't change the fact. Orthodox christianity is based on such false interpretations. I never knew that. Who can trust bible, when it is not the word of God anymore, but carries the notions of people who ruled the church and made christianity a religion.

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