Abusive Brother Stair? Farm of Slaves?
Posted by: Stairite ()
Date: February 12, 2004 07:53PM

Some say he commands them to work and lets them do little else but work. I hear the kids dont get education except through Brother Stair. I also read all kinds of things on the net about his man and his 'cult following'.
I wonder is there anyone here who listens to his broadcast as I do? To hear what kind of things he will speak next. As he is more entertaining than anything else. But his listeners have no idea what the ppl on this farm go through to stay there and remain on Brother Stair's good side. I hear him cut down his ppl often while they are gathered for the services he calls them stupid and says they have stupid looks on their faces.
He gets really mad when radio time is wasted by some woman who wants to talk about how she find Jesus. And basicaly hes just rude and mean to his ppl and then begs for money on the air. And obviously gets it from somewhere as hes been on the air steady for what seems like forever.

Anyone else have any comments on this man?
I think hes about to go to trial soon for some sex related crime he was arrested for last year against some women on his farm saying he has had sex with them against their will. This man seems like a true snake in the grass. Atleast from what I read. As I have never met him or lived on his farm I do not know how much of these things published on the net are true or not.

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Abusive Brother Stair? Farm of Slaves?
Posted by: Lardlad ()
Date: January 10, 2006 03:46AM

How did Ralph's trial come out?

One thing Ralph is known for in broadcasting circles is he pays full rate in advance to get the slots he wants and he always pays on time. If you're trying to run a small radio station (or stations) a guy like Ralph is just what the doctor ordered.

He's not hurting for money.

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