sterling institute mentoring children?
Posted by: mountainman ()
Date: November 25, 2006 04:24AM

I just had a friend go through the women's weekend, and she is devastated. She is working through it by talking with my wife and other women, and it doesn't look like she will be buying into the BS, but it brought to mind something I am VERY concerned about with this group.

A few years ago a friend of mine was working for the local chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. A local sterling group leader contacted the agency and said that his "men's group" wanted to mentor boys. He was very secretive about his "group," but with a little diligence the staff of BBBS figured out who they were and nipped the plans in the bud.

I wonder how many other local sterling groups are trying the same thing, and if they are getting away with it. Anyone have any input on this?


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sterling institute mentoring children?
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: November 25, 2006 09:45AM

That is horrifying. I'm program director for a mentoring program that recruits and trains people to mentor children referred by child protective services. So far, no LGATers have applied, but I never even thought about this happening. Thanks for the heads up.

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Re: sterling institute mentoring children?
Date: October 30, 2007 04:03PM

There are "sterlingites" who make it their mission in life to mentor children and teach them the Sterling philosophies (aka watered down Landmark tactics with a mad dash of misogyny and about half a cup of sexist pigism). These people have started Sterling-like groups for youngsters, and while these groups have no corporate affiliation with the Sterling Institute, make no mistake, these groups are operated by Sterling graduates. If you sign your child up to be mentored, when you meet with the person mentoring your child, ask him or her straight up if they have ever done the Sterling weekend. If they have, request another mentor.

You do NOT want these people around normal children, and I feel so sad for kids of sterlingites. A friend (well, former friend now because we are not speaking) is about to deliver what my husband and I jokingly call a "Sterling baby". She and her husband are both Sterling graduates and speak constantly in Sterlingisms. I fear for the son who is about to be born. He's going to grow up a woman-hating pig, just like his father.

And if someone approaches you about having your kid do a Young Men's weekend, or Young Women's weekend, tell them to take a 12-step walk off an 11-step pier.

(Well, if you're cool with your kid learning to act like a misogynist pig, go ahead and send him. LOL!! )

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