How Abusers and Abuse Enablers Recruit and Groom
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Date: July 03, 2020 09:37PM

Corboy comment:

In some of the worst examples of betrayal, powerful male predators team up with charismatic sophisticated women.

The women will pose as mentors and protectors to girls and young women, strategically elicit their trust and then groom and steer the younger women into the clutches of the male abuser/s.

Prince Andrew under pressure after arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell

Excerpt from a longer article:

Royal ‘bewildered’ after US attorney asks him to come forward following arrest of his friend over alleged sex crimes



The court paperwork provides detail into how Maxwell allegedly lured minors into Epstein’s orbit.

According to charging documents, Maxwell “befriended” some of these victims, “including by asking the victims about their lives, their schools, and their families”. She and Epstein forged relationships with these girls, taking them shopping and to the movies. The alleged grooming happened, according to the documents, at Epstein’s mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, his estate in Palm Beach, Florida, his ranch in Sante Fe, New Mexico, as well as Maxwell’s residence in London.

After developing a rapport, the documents allege, “Maxwell would try to normalise sexual abuse for a minor victim by, among other things, discussing sexual topics, undressing in front of the victim, being present when a minor victim was undressed, and/or being present for sex acts involving the minor victim and Epstein”.

The indictment claims that Maxwell would sometimes give Epstein massages in front of victims whereas other times, she urged them to give him massages, “including sexualized massage during which a minor victim would be fully or partially nude.” These would often involve Epstein sexually abusing the minors.

On some occasions, it is alleged Maxwell was “present for and participated in the abuse”.

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Mansions Yachts Islands - Crimes Easy to Hide
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Date: July 03, 2020 09:47PM

Corboy note:

We have been raised and socialized by movies TV medial coverage glamorizing mansions and the trappings of wealth and privilege. Many of us get excited
and would leap at the opportunity to visit.

Problem is, criminal activity is easily concealed at such places.

You're poor, your housing is modest, you gather and socialize outdoors and on the streets or in your garage and backyards. You're more likely to get attention from the police. Neighbors complain.

Rich people's property is private, private. Servants and creepy guests can hide out in a warren of rooms. Mansions have soundproofed rooms. Screams for help,
comings and goings are unseen.

Someone young and lovely who gets invited to a mansion or yacht or sailboat thinks only of the glamour.

What if the owner or one of the guests is a sexual predator? And that glamour property is a trap?

Beauty spots favored as locations for mansions are often in areas where income is low and employment seasonal. New Hampshire is not a wealthy state.

Wealthy residents bring income. Mansion properties are secluded.

There's no information about misdeeds taking place at Madam Ghislaine's New Hampshire property. The mansion and ranch property owned by Epstein are excellent examples of locales were outside scrutiny is difficult.

How Ghislaine Maxwell lived a 'life of privilege' on the run

Before the British socialite was arrested, she hid at a 156-acre property in New Hampshire and ‘made intentional efforts to avoid detection’


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Re: How Abusers and Abuse Enablers Recruit and Groom
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Date: July 06, 2020 12:03AM

Excerpts from a longer article

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly turned an intuitive female bond into a tool for abuse


Monica Hesse

Washington Post - Perspectives July 2, 2020


Women with male health-care providers are accustomed to their medical appointments becoming three-person productions. You, the doctor, and a female nurse or technician, whose job is to bear witness. She’s in the room to make sure the doctor doesn’t do anything to you. She’s in the room to make sure you don’t falsely accuse the doctor. She’s there for your safety.

On Thursday, Jeffrey Epstein’s onetime girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire, 11 months after the disgraced financier died by suicide in jail. Her indictment was made public, and over 18 pages her alleged role in Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme becomes clear. She was, allegedly, a twisted version of the woman in the room. She was there, allegedly, to serve a role in a three-person production: to make girls feel safe, so they could instead be abused.

Maxwell, 58, would allegedly take “Minor Victim 1” on shopping trips or to the movies. She would ask about “school, her classes, her family.” And then, the indictment reads, Maxwell “sought to normalize inappropriate and abusive conduct by among other things, undressing in front of Minor Victim and being present when Minor Victim undressed in front of Epstein.”

Minor Victim 1 was 14 years old.


“Maxwell’s presence during minor victims’ interactions with Epstein, including interactions where the minor victim was undressed or that involved sex acts with Epstein,” the indictment alleges, “helped put the victims at ease because an adult woman was present.”

It would have been, in other words, a horrifying scheme exploiting an intuitive solidarity. It would have relied on perverting all the safety tips young women are taught as they prepare to enter a world that can be unsafe for them: Go in pairs. Bring a female friend. Are you in trouble? Look for another woman, one who could be your mom.

Ghislaine Maxwell is no victim. But did she fear Epstein's rejection?

Her accusers paint a picture of a woman who would do anything to please

Barbara Ellen The Guardian Saturday July 4th 2020

Quoted excerpt from longer article:


So, Ghislaine Maxwell has finally been dragged out of her salubrious New Hampshire hidey-hole and accused, among other charges, of assisting Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse of minors – recruiting and grooming girls known to be underage. Now it’s all about whether Maxwell (who has previously denied wrongdoing) will choose to “co-operate”, coughing up big names.

Away from legality, one can only wonder, what brought Maxwell here?

There’s usually an element of witch burning whenever a woman is involved, and, with Epstein dead (found hanged in his cell last August), this looks set to be true for Maxwell. Arguably, however, she deserves only as much compassion as she gave the victims. By their accounts, she was a female friend/comforter turned predator. In an echo of how Myra Hindley lured children into cars for Ian Brady, Maxwell’s older female presence would have calmed those brought in to “massage” Epstein. That’s why she kept up the grotesque “motherly” soothing routines (stroking faces and backs) to pacify frightened girls as the sexual situation escalated, sometimes with Maxwell involved, it is alleged.

Same with all that big-sister “concern” about their finances and schooling. This is grooming 101: “It can’t be abuse when I care about you so much.”

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Re: How Abusers and Abuse Enablers Recruit and Groom
Posted by: Shivoham17 ()
Date: July 24, 2020 10:14PM

Hi All,

I am a victim of SRCM cult , This institution involves in sexual abuse and creating a dirty exposure for women using the Sitting process in closed room . Where they can develop an intoxicating state for humans and open up for sexual abuse. They also use procedures such as Tele presence and can also use dirty and vulgar dream procedures in their sittings to ruin and destroy people.

Please report this Group is involved in abusive behaviour and sexual misconduct in the name of spirituality.

Very bad experience I had with this group.

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