Abusers Groom Communities To Be Enablers
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 13, 2020 07:28AM


If you find an abusive person in a community, you will find them gaslighting somebody and involving the whole community. It can get so bad that the victim themself doesn’t believe what’s happening. They start to believe they’ve gone crazy. And they do begin to have symptoms of mental illness because being abused and then gaslit is so traumatic– and then the community just takes that as evidence that the victim was really a crazy person imagining things all along, and the original deception becomes easier to believe. This is all part of the abuser’s plan.


Remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz, where the Wicked Witch of the West sends out an army of ridiculous winged monkeys in dress uniforms to capture Dorothy and her friends?

In abuse survivor circles, we often refer to the community an abuser turns against their victim as “the Flying Monkeys.” That term is so ubiquitous among abuse survivors, I don’t know if it originated with a single person; several different people are cited on the Wikipedia page. It’s such a useful image, I fall back on it all the time in my own mind.

....Abusers groom communities. Remind yourself that they do this to everyone, that smart and compassionate people can get taken in as well, and that cognitive dissonance is normal when you’ve been tricked in this way.

Think about the fact that you might have been groomed, yourself– not as a victim, but as the Wicked Witch’s flying monkey. And then listen to the story, look at the evidence, and be honest.

For the whole article, go here:

Violence, Gaslighting and Flying Monkeys: How Abusers Manipulate their Communities




Abusers don’t just groom their victims; they groom their whole community. That’s what happened in the Church. We were all groomed to feel that it was a sin to ask questions about priests and bishops. We were groomed to mind our p’s and q’s, shut up if we noticed anything, and treat the clergy like living saints. And under that cloud of goodwill, they abused thousands of people. We’re getting new credible allegations all the time, and nothing like a just recompense has been made. Our trust has been shattered and there’s no bringing it back, nor will there be for a long time. This isn’t something that’s over. It’s something that’s still happening right now.

Now, every time anything irregular happens associated with the Catholic Church, we all jump out of our skins and start asking if this was to do with sexual abuse.

We don’t need to be canonizing any Catholic clergy celebrities right now.

We ought to postpone the beatification of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, not because of anything Fulton Sheen was or was not, but because of the culture we live in. We still live in a culture of Catholic clergy celebrities with cult followings who groomed us to think the Church could do no wrong, and then did grave wrong.

Quoted from:

Fulton Sheen and the Problem of Celebrity Clergy


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Re: Abusers Groom Communities To Be Enablers
Posted by: facet ()
Date: June 17, 2020 01:50AM

As awful as the subject is, this is great info !

Abusers need others to support their rationalisations, the abusive sense of reality that they have created, so not only do they need flying monkeys to back them up in fully abusing a target, the flying monkey supports the deluded sense of reality / rationalisation (wild ideas, delusions, etc) that the abuser is living. Just as a celebrity is not so without a fan base, and abusers set reality is not so without the flying monkeys, or “apath’s”.

In cults, flying monkeys would count as the reality based identity of the followers or adherents who are also utilised as a kind of weaponry, only this time against questioners or those who do not / will not / no longer adhere.

This same pattern is also found in the celebrity misusing fan base thing.

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