How to say No to narcissistic person?
Posted by: Peter_EU ()
Date: September 25, 2019 08:51PM


As the title states, there is one cult that might be trying to convert me. There is one woman who used to have power over me, manipulated me. After I realized what is going on I cut all ties with them, but recently I observed her using same manipulation techniques.

I told them direct no several times before, sounds like don't take No as an answer, but I ignore them so much they have no other option.

I am a bit concerned about that woman though - she still have some influence over me... Lastly I just ignored her, she did not mind at all and tried at me her stuff.

Is there some way to shield myself from this?

It happens rather rarely, I meet them as little as possible and mostly it is just accident, but just in case...

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