Fakes..gurus, shrinks and others
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: May 05, 2003 11:29AM

From Invicta's Narcissism Support Group, this checklist describes my naturopath to a T. I always thought he was an Alan Watts wannabe, but after reading Outrageous Betrayal, perhaps he really wanted to be Werner Erhard. Anyway, he wanted to be the next big guru and I failed him. It's all my fault ;)

Narcissism in Action: Followers

In my experience, followers, who aim to mimic a leader/guru-type, exhibit some of the following characteristics and fall into the two overlapping categories that are suggested by and adapted from Tim Fields' "Bullyonline" discoveries, with my emphasis. To me, the most salient characteristic is that they lie and deceive and mislead and steal as a means to uphold their grandiosity.

The Wannabe

similar to the attention-seeker

hangs around the fringes of a profession [regards self as messenger or spokesperson for experts/guru-types~Invicta]

not professionally qualified but claims they are a professional because they sit next to one or work alongside or near or in the midst of professionals [can also play professional victim/survivor/target~Invicta]

lacks the ability or professionalism to be a qualified professional

places undue emphasis or reliance on an old or minor qualification to bolster their claim of belonging to a profession [such as working in a 'scientific' environment, or taking a course at university~Invicta]

claims ambiguous or misleading or bogus or fraudulent qualifications and associations

displays a superior sense of entitlement because they associate with higher performers [as indicated by their dependence on the words/quotes of others, especially the "guru"; also by their adamant insistence that said "guru" is their saviour/a god, and that everyone must be enlightened to that fact~Invicta]

emotionally immature [I have found them to be particularly childish, without insight ~Invicta]


easily provoked

quickly and loudly feigns victimhood when exposed [via email ~Invicta]

makes conflicting and contradictory threats and demands when held accountable [usually privately~Invicta]

easily manipulated and controlled by a superior serial bully [or more famous "guru" ~Invicta]

female wannabes may be arch bullies -some people might call them puppetmasters or queen bees [or 'wannabees' :)~Invicta]

may surround self with drones of the opposite sex [unless it is a predominantly female group ~Invicta]

may exploit some perceived vulnerability in self to ensure drone loyalty [claims to be a victim/survivor of the same type of abuser as others~Invicta]

gives the appearance of loyalty to drones, but will discard them when they've served their purpose [or when they are challenged, or someone doubts their veracity/greatness~Invicta]

The Socialised Psychopath or Sociopath

With special emphasis, in addition to the usual characteristics, on the following ....

is adept at reflecting all accusations and attempts at accountability back onto accusers [largely behind the scenes, of course, or when challenged ~Invicta]

is skilled at mimicry and is always identifying what works on others [on the net, this is especially striking in their plagiarising, and co-opting of "feeling" words and of ideas~Invicta]

is able to anticipate what people want to hear [and flatters like crazy!~Invicta]

charming [I discovered this means warmth, giving "warm fuzzies" ~Invicta] and plausible

excels at evasion of accountability [Does not answer direct questions that challenge their knowledge or veracity of statements or contradictory statements, but aims to distract ~Invicta]

is easily able to win people over before betraying them or deceiving them or ripping them off [stealing words, ideas, people ~Invicta]

often starts projects with apparent enthusiasm and energy but quickly loses interest [or lets the really smart and earnest ones continue to do the work while she/he garners the glory~Invicta]

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Fakes..gurus, shrinks and others
Posted by: regina ()
Date: July 19, 2005 11:30PM

I have observed how similar the "guru" line models the drug dilemma.
A group of "followers" peddles the "drug" or intoxicating agent in the name of a representative of "god" and an innocent person becomes addicted. They are fed the notion that only the particular "guru" has access to the intoxicant. In the case of "Jagad Guru aka Chris Butler, (see other forum threads) the "pushers" are slick professionals with a ruthless agenda. They have no qualms about getting vulnerable young people "hooked." The agent in this case is ecstatic chanting, dancing, rich food and lots of what feels like warmth. Watch out!

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