Re: Meeting new people/Shame about my past
Posted by: Lady Pleiades ()
Date: January 10, 2012 02:23AM

I just want to chime in and reiterate that we can with hold some information without it being completely lying. I just went back to grad school with women who had been stay at home moms for 18 - 20 years. They felt the same way. I don't have any job skills or credibility or anything. But they had a lot of skills, mostly in organizing but all kinds of things. And you do have skills, as you stated. Emphasize those and keep looking. It's a rough job market for sure!! There could be a number of reasons why you'd be out of the work force. don't be so hard on yourself and work with what you have. It's a lot, no doubt. Those skills you learned there, no matter how dubiously you got them are useful skills.

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