therapist Pat W.
Posted by: scooter ()
Date: October 13, 2009 09:32AM

Hello all-
One thing I cant seem to get out of my mind is the treatment I received by the therapist Pat W. while I was at choices. There was a day I had an appointment with the psychiatrist they sent everyone to. She told me I didnt need to go, to cancel my appointment, and I didnt need my meds checked. In the actual session with the therapist, Pat sat there the entire time. I look back on this and Im furious. How unethical and unprofessional. I had insisted to go to the appointment, thank goodness, and the doctor said my meds were off, and needed it "upped."
In March, it will be three years, and I have let go quite a bit of the anger, but still do have times when I am just furious over things like this. Has anyone dealt with something like this? Every time I think of Pat, I think of the smirk on her face she always had, and the absolute arrogance.
Anyay, hope everyone is doing well, and happy, joyous and free.

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Re: therapist Pat W.
Posted by: Lady Pleiades ()
Date: October 23, 2009 12:34AM

Hi Scooter,

I just saw this but wanted to respond that I completely understand. I also have moments of extreme anger at most of what happened. I was sent to a general practitioner for my meds so at least they figured out as much to send clients to a real psychiatrist. After they were reprimanded by the state for that very thing!

But the manipulation and lack of ethics has always been a source of anger for me too. I kind of thought that all therapy was like this and it's not. The good news is that you recognized it for what it was: Pat's anger at her own predicament taking it out on you, and you decided it was wrong. I try really hard to focus on that good part. I knew it was all wrong and so I left. Yea, I sat through a lot of that bs as well but I listened to my own intuition and good SENSE and said good-bye. I think it's pretty safe to say Pat must be pretty miserable. We were group members very early on and Maureen used her like a punching bag. just BRUTAL. we were pretty much comrades in abuse, so I'm def not judging. But I'm sure not much has changed. that's my experience of it anyway

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Re: therapist Pat W.
Posted by: DunceCap ()
Date: October 26, 2009 11:48PM

I know that I am brand new to the forum, but I couldn't not comment on Pat W.
First, she spent most of one session talking about my "little brother". Considering I have an older sister (and an older sister ONLY), and correcting her is impossible, my family spent $95 or so on a pissing match.
Also, she called me a "psychotic retard". In that same session, we called my mother. Stewing, I asked Pat to repeat what she called me to my mom. She gave me a death stare and a brow beating once the phone call was done.
She is a creature of God. That's all else I can really say on the subject.


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