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Posted by: moonlight ()
Date: October 09, 2009 09:58AM

On January 23, 2001, the "self-immolation incident" at Tiananmen Square happened. And for the first time in my life I began to question the nature of Falun Gong and whether its actions were legal or rational. But my suspicion was quickly dispelled by my greediness and the people around me –actually, I was deceiving people as well as myself.

In fact, any one under converting would easily change his stance so long as he can face up to phenomena and problems of the cult – and that was really crucial. The moment I began to look squarely at Falun Gong, my mind-set started to change – gradually, by thinking independently. Since I knew much more than ordinary practitioners about the cult, recalling the past, I compared Falun Gong with other cults in the world, and contrasted it with Surangama – the "demon-detector" of Buddhism. And gradually I came to realize that Falun Gong was a cult out and out. Yet I worked myself to the bone for it ever since I was 17! My youth and prospects were all destroyed by Falun Gong.

And now whenever others mention Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong before me, I would feel annoyed or even get furiously angry; whenever I think about Li Hongzhi and his Falun Dafa myself, I would feel sick and boil with rage. You know, I am really puzzled by Li Hongzhi's behaviors: he has already collected enough money and moved his family to the USA in 1996.

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