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AMORC vs Black Magic from Monograph of the ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: Michael Jones ()
Date: November 14, 2008 11:22AM

I got this entry from the blog of Pierre Freeman. The blog address is below:


AMORC similar to all cults and mind control organization selects the best of spiritual literatures and claim them to be their own. They use these spiritual writing as a tool to attract and entrap in their organization people with an interest in spirituality.
The extract below from a monograph of the ILLUMINATI section is an example of the entrapping techniques present in all the monographs of H. Spencer Lewis. Even though the concept explains are true for the most part (except for the twist in the language to give it an AMORC flavor) it does not make the Cult of H. Spencer Lewis superior to all the other Cults that exist in the world. Also this concept does not make a member of AMORC a person spiritually superior to the rest of humanity.


Cosmic Consciousness includes a total of 144 (12 x 12) levels, each corresponding to an exact degree of evolution. It is therefore on one of these 144 degrees that each soul is situated between successive incarnations. Therefore the number 144 governs both the spiritual and material worlds because you learned in the First Degree that the various keyboards of Spirit cover 144 octaves and that there exist altogether 144 atoms, some of which have not yet been discovered or classified.
The 144 levels just mentioned are not restricted to only disembodied soul personalities. That is, we do not attend these levels only after transition. In fact, all of us personify one of these levels during our existence on Earth and we therefore manifest a relatively evolved state of consciousness. Naturally, this soul level varies from one person to another which explains why we do not all have the same degree of evolution and are different in the choice of our ideals. On the other hand, this level is not fixed, since each individual Progress spiritually from one life to another. Therefore, you are now at a higher level than the one you attained at the end of your previous incarnation Generally speaking, all sincere Rosicrucians because of their mystic aspirations and their adherence to the ├ęgregore of the Rose Cross, are beyond the third cosmic plane and consequently are situated beyond the 36th level (12 x 3).
Needless to say that when a member read those lines, you become more that ever dedicated to prove to the members of the Great White Brotherhood, AMORC invisible Masters that you are a sincere Rosicrucian.
This is fact very stressful since AMORC claims that their invisible Masters can see even your most secret thoughts.
Of great importance to a rosicrucian is the fact that according to AMORC H. Spencer Lewis the founder of the Rosicrucian organization is currently a member of Great White Brotherhood. Also according to AMORC Christian Bernard, the current Imperator/CEO of AMORC, will automatically become a member of the Great White Brotherhood at the end of his life. So it is simply a matter of common sense for a slave member not to question H. Spencer Lewis or Christian Bernard.


This last comment gives us the opportunity to review briefly the problem of black magic. We can now specify that such practices, because of their purposes and negative nature, never transcend the second cosmic plane. This means that the activities of those people Who Practice black magic, no matter what method they use, are always limited to the lower astral Plane. Since Rosicrucians Worthy of the name are beyond the third Plane, they are beyond the reach of these malevolent beings. Even if the latter really did possess evil Powers, you would have nothing to worry about. In the final analysis, rest assured that the desire to cause harm is ineffectual against all people who give no credence to these acts. We need only ignore these malevolent beings and not Poison our mind by attributing faculties to them which they do not possess.

This entry is written by Pierre S. Freeman, whose book The Prisoner of San Jose speaks of his 24 years in AMORC and reveals why the Rosicrucian Order AMORC is a cult.

Visit his website at:

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Re: AMORC vs Black Magic from Monograph of the ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: serapis ()
Date: January 09, 2009 06:08AM

I dont see the point, amorc "VS" black magic ....

amorc just mentions that

in my opinion this website prisonerofamorc is a big lie, I know so many people who left the order without any problem and I guess the problem is within this guy himself who wrote the book ....

I am a member since 12 years,

I dont believe the grandmaster speaks absolute truth ( I dont know him at all and as I posted before I simply dont care if bush, obama, the pope, mickey mous or donald or the grandmaster are good or bad people )

I dont follow specific rules, I only eat healthy, travel a lot, do some sports and have dozens of ather hobbies than amorc!

AND: I know so many katholics as well as fanatic internet addicts who have worse problems than amorc members??!!

there are more than 1 billion people believing that the pope speaks absolute truth?? no they dont, its just one sentence in a book, not the whole organisation "catholic church" is bad because of one sentence??!!

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Re: AMORC vs Black Magic from Monograph of the ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: serapis ()
Date: January 09, 2009 10:45PM

Michael Jones
I got this entry from the blog of Pierre Freeman. The blog address is below:


AMORC similar to all cults and mind control organization selects the best of spiritual literatures and claim them to be their own.

also this statement is not true and every member of amorc knows that!

They didnt "invent" hermetics or the believe of past lifes?!

Amorc states in one monograph why their teachings are not "secret and special":

Because its about truth, its about learning some different point of views; its not about "being special" and create an exotic cult ...

So all the statements of amorc regarding astral projection (psychic projection) are a subsumtion of earlier teachings, it cant be else and every teacher uses teachings of those who teached him / her?!

I think that this freeman has problems with his own mind (oh yes now you will say that if something goes wrong amorc says its their own fault) ....

You have to have a stable and strong mind if you consider yourself being a mystic; But also a psychologist needs a strong mind and has to decide whether what he learns at university is good or not;

I can tell you astral projection is real, because I experienced it and I came to the conclusion that its real - BUT: Do you believe it now just because I stated it here? No you wont .... you have to do it yourself to believe or to be able to judge whether its a dream or a real out of body experience ....
There are dozens of books about astral projection and lucid dreams ... just some decide to use amorc teachings to experience this and other phenomenons ....

I am just a simple member, no official representative and I just post here to help to sort some things out, in my opinion this freeman is just angry at himself because he failed, like most students on university are if they have to realise that they wont finish university..... they think its the fault of university ....

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Re: AMORC vs Black Magic from Monograph of the ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: watching4amorc ()
Date: January 22, 2009 12:51PM


Thank you for defending our Order AMORC.

I must confess that I take issue with Pierre Freeman about his objection to the fact that AMORC asks members to mention AMORC in their Will.

This practice is not a creation of our loving Imperator Christian Bernard. The first Imperator H.Spencer Lewis has such statement in many of his original signature monographs.

If a member of AMORC is blessed, with some financial mean it is because he had received the protection of the Eggregore of AMORC to get into the Celestial Sanctum and from there make contact with the Cosmic where his wishes for Wealth are easity granted.

It should therefore be a privilege for him( or her) to share with AMORC what he has. Other organization punish members that do not share their Wealth but we do not punish you if you do not mention the Organisation in your Will.

We simply kindly advice you to show gratefullness for our Eggregore by mentioning AMORC in your Will.

I hope that our members will not be afraid of explaining in mystical term if any one ever ask question as to why we ask our members to mention AMORC in their will.

Pierre Freeman makes a big story out of it on his blog.


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Re: AMORC vs Black Magic from Monograph of the ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: yasmin ()
Date: January 23, 2009 12:58AM

Hi Watching4amorc;
I can see you believe very deeply in your group. Lots of people here once believed very deeply in their group too. There is often a common money pattern in cult groups.
There aren't many cults that punish people if they don't hand over money. Generally the pressure is done subtly.
You are showing your dedication..if you donate money.
You are showing how much you value spiritual things..if you give money to the group
You should not be attached to money anyway, so you should show you are able to give it up ( to the group)
Any good thing you got came because of the group anyway, so whatever the group needs you should give with a smile...
And for some groups they add: Bad things might happen if you don't show appreciation of your good luck by giving over some of your money..
And sometimes people with money, who are willing to give it, are seen as better, more spiritual and more useful members than those without..
I don't know your group, so you would know best whether these patterns apply or not.
All the best, Yasmin

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Re: Would Like To Buy AMORC Master Monographs
Posted by: Yelgim ()
Date: April 26, 2009 06:47AM

I am interested in buying certain AMORC Master Monographs and will pay good money for them.

1) New Style (Christian Bernard) Illuminati Section 12 th Degree

2 Old Style any years: Temple Section Degree 1 - 2 -3 -4 -5 - 7 -8 -9 Illuminati Section Degree 12 77 to 325

Thanks Mr Booth...

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Re: AMORC vs Black Magic from Monograph of the ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: scaro ()
Date: May 02, 2009 12:26AM


I have a longstanding interest in researching AMORC history, and some would say, as a critic or even enemy of AMORC. Certainly I'm very interested in the group's history and in HS Lewis and his foundation myths for the group. I have been very strongly attacked in the past for asking uncomfortable questions by some of the die-hard members. So be it.

I am not in AMORC. I was a member it briefly for about eighteen months total, the last time was 2003. I didn't leave due to any dispute or falling out, it just wasn't for me. I thought the teachings were nothing that one could not find out for free and were fairly diluted. In my opinion, some of what went on seemed a bit kooky or silly.

However, I think the criticism of AMORC in the past year or two is nonsensical, and it is now time to turn around to defend them, in the interests of a balanced and truthful picture.

Let us look at what is alleged in recent posts.


AMORC functions like most groups by the contributions of members. AMORC dues are modest, compared to most other organisations in many other areas of life. I'm a Freemason and that's about the same as AMORC membership. For their Supreme Grand Lodge dues, members receive a weekly lesson and a couple of regular publications. This used to cost about $US250 when I was a member. Fairly inexpensive, considering all you get.

For a modest outlay, members in towns and cities that have a physical lodge are able to pay lodge dues and participate in rituals, open days, various exercises, courses and lectures. We are talking about a fee of about $US60 a year for this privilege. The events have a nice feel and are social, communal events in a relaxing, modestly furnished building with such damnable cultic practices as the drinking of tea, and the eating of cake and biscuits with like minded others and listening to talks on topics like medieval women mystics and so on. I know, I used to be in the Melbourne lodge and it was a pretty good place.

The lodge buildings are typically owned by the members, being held in trust by the Grand Lodge for the country, I think.

I think AMORC had a system of contributions called 'Amra' and yes, they ask to be 'remembered' in members' wills. So what? That might be a $50 donation!

I am quite sure all is not sweetness and light, as in any large organisation, and I believe AMORC has had some dodgy tax practices that have gotten into the French newspapers. But nothing out of the ordinary.


HS Lewis had great disdain for magical practices and AMORC has always been a mystical, rather than magical organisation. This is abundantly clear from his writing on these topics. Ralph Lewis, his son, who ruled the roost in the organisation for 48 years, has been described more or less as 'an agnostic Buddhist' in his take on life. Certainly not a magician. The allegations of magic seem to stem from the writings of Samael Aun Weor who was apparently disciple of a rival Rosicrucian organisation for a time. Frankly, they seem hysterical.

Mind Control:

This notion that AMORC controls minds by persuasion seems to me a nonsense. If I am persuaded by a smooth talking salesman to buy a vacuum cleaner, am I subject to mind control? The definition of mind control that Freeman uses is so diluted as to be absolutely meaningless - everyone who tries to persuade you of anything at all would be 'practising techniques of mind control'.

The AMORC people I know where not controlled in any way by the group. They felt free to dismiss some of HS Lewis' volumnious output of writing as 'nonsense', while other parts they liked. They felt free to belong to other groups like BOTA - whose founder was scathingly critical of HS Lewis as a 'Rosicrucian impostor'.

I knew no one who I would consider to have been controlled by the group. The lodge I was in certainly had many 'controlling' personalities, but anything based on a secretive hierarchy is going to attract such personalities.

I think AMORC functions as an outer order quite well. It seems to provide the mystical basics at a modest price and the companionship of like-minded others to discuss, meditate and practise together. Many people go on from it to other organisations or orders, or maintain membership of AMORC while being in other mystical groups, some of which are critical of or even opposed to AMORC. Most who do this are unmolested by their fellow members or the hierarchy.

AMORC does not do anything that any other 'reputable' or mainstream religion doesn't do. As far as the experience of the average member goes, it is a fairly benign organisation.


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Re: How many monographs in Illuminati Sections
Posted by: Yelgim ()
Date: May 14, 2009 06:13AM

I am in the Illuminati Section Degree 10 Monograph 11 and practicing Psychic Awakening No 3 Adrenals and was wondering if someone could
please tell me how many more monographs to go also how many Master Monographs in 11 and 12

The reason I am asking is that I have been told Degree 10 has less than 50 Master Monographs and degree 11 less than 70

My dad has the older style 1950 through 1970 and he says that Degree 10 had 97 Degree 11 had 167
and Degree 12 had 325 so if what I have heard is true then Christian Bernard has seriously gutted the Illuminati section

Any info would be appreciated

Mr Booth

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Re: How many monographs in Illuminati Sections
Posted by: serapis ()
Date: July 07, 2009 03:13PM


I ve red the articles about the guy who said he was a "prisoner"

I also posted a few articles here: (that this is rubbish)

Heres my story, this week I canceled membership of amorc,

I really learned a lot, after 13 years now its time for something new, I want to continue my spiritual way on my own as I am a yoga acharya and didnt feel good any more in the amorc group, people didnt develop and there where stupid commentaries about buddhists, jews, hindus, yoga, also some members seem to be little mini racicsts e.g. ..... nothing special as this happens in every group; Just that every time I came to the group I didnt feel to well and it costed me a lot of energy to hear always the same kind of commentaries ....."aahh .... arent you in india again to get diary ... people there eat everything do ya really think its good and you can learn something from a third world country. ...." ..... I learned so many things from my spiritual teachers in india, kundaliny vidya -the full thing, had sakshi bav (withness state) consciousness as well as out of body experiences almost every day, met my masters in astral ....

the point is: I really was thinking a long time if it is the right step and: I simply did it! I was never a prisoner of amorc, never felt like this and now when I wanted to cancel membership ..... I did; thats all;

Amorc can only be as good as the members, rosicrucian way has a lot to do with group rituals, if the people are conservative and small minded .... its impossible to develop ....I always defended amorc and still I think it can be a good thing for some .... even if there are only 40 RCs left in vienna, but 100.000 practise yoga, even a materialist will see positive effects of yoga, it really works; in amorc the problem seems to be endless boring rituals and people who dont develop, they come for cake and tea and pretend to be some summum bonum high degree -illuminati member ... but they behave like some mini nazis 1945 ..... sorry but this is the truth!

I have been in india such a long time twice, lived 2 years in sout africa / durban ..... and had unbelieveable spiritual mini enlightments, OBEs, mystical experiences and I feel its time to continue on my own, I dont have questions any more, i am not searching any more, dont need people who tell me what they think reality is about, not in yoga and not in amorc or any other organisation .....

For me vedanta and tantric yoga comes very close to absolute, I dont have to pay membership fees and show these stupid membership cards every time I come even if everybody knows me there ..... its not a brotherhood, more like a membership at amazon ....but you can learn a lot and teachings might help to understand for a while ...


serapis FRC+

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Re: Would Like To Buy AMORC Master Monographs
Posted by: josephdsn ()
Date: July 25, 2011 06:07PM

Hi Dear,
I saw your post. Have you already gotten the monographs?

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