AMORC position on Black Magic from a Monograph of ILLUMINATI Section
Posted by: Michael Jones ()
Date: November 14, 2008 10:55AM

I got this entry from the blog of Pierre Freeman. The blog address is below:


I am copying only a part of this entry.
AMORC statement on Black Magic
AMORC similar to all cults and mind control organization selects the best of spiritual literatures and claim them to be their own. They use these spiritual writing as a tool to attract and entrap in their organization people with an interest in spirituality.
The extract below from a monograph of the ILLUMINATI section is an example of the entrapping techniques present in all the monographs of H. Spencer Lewis. Even though the concept explains are true for the most part (except for the twist in the language to give it an AMORC flavor) it does not make the Cult of H. Spencer Lewis superior to all the other Cults that exist in the world. Also this concept does not make a member of AMORC a person spiritually superior to the rest of humanity.

Cosmic Consciousness includes a total of 144 (12 x 12) levels, each corresponding to an exact degree of evolution. It is therefore on one of these 144 degrees that each soul is situated between successive incarnations. Therefore the number 144 governs both the spiritual and material worlds because you learned in the First Degree that the various keyboards of Spirit cover 144 octaves and that there exist altogether 144 atoms, some of which have not yet been discovered or classified…………….
The 144 levels just mentioned are not restricted to only disembodied soul personalities. That is, we do not attend these levels only after transition. In fact, all of us personify one of these levels during our existence on Earth and we therefore manifest a relatively evolved state of consciousness. ………….Therefore, you are now at a higher level than the one you attained at the end of your previous incarnation Generally speaking, all sincere Rosicrucians because of their mystic aspirations and their adherence to the égregore of the Rose Cross, are beyond the third cosmic plane and consequently are situated beyond the 36th level (12 x 3).
Needless to say that when a member read those lines, you become more that ever dedicated to prove to the members of the Great White Brotherhood, AMORC invisible Masters that you are a sincere Rosicrucian.
This is fact very stressful since AMORC claims that their invisible Masters can see even your most secret thoughts.
Of great importance to a rosicrucian is the fact that according to AMORC H. Spencer Lewis the founder of the Rosicrucian organization is currently a member of Great White Brotherhood. Also according to AMORC Christian Bernard, the current Imperator/CEO of AMORC, will automatically become a member of the Great White Brotherhood at the end of his life. So it is simply a matter of common sense for a slave member not to question H. Spencer Lewis or Christian Bernard.


This last comment gives us the opportunity to review briefly the problem of black magic. We can now specify that such practices, because of their purposes and negative nature, never transcend the second cosmic plane. This means that the activities of those people who Practice black magic, no matter what method they use, are always limited to the lower astral Plane……………
…….. Even if the latter really did possess evil Powers, you would have ………. In the final analysis, rest assured that the desire to cause harm is ineffectual against all people…………..


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