Recently Began To Wake Up
Posted by: StillRecovering ()
Date: August 21, 2004 12:30PM


I have been in a cult for many years (over two decades) and just recently began to wake up.

I was brainwashed and putting up with the control of the cult management.

It is a difficult thing to have to face.

I'm still dealing with it.

My mind is still scrambled.

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Recently Began To Wake Up
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 21, 2004 12:45PM

talk to an exit counselor. That will greatly facilitate your recovery. The counselor can advise you on resources, self care, how to pace yourself, and how to select people who are likely to be supportive. Rick Ross can refer you to someone in your area.

It will be very important to understand exactly what kind of cult you've been in, because recovery issues differ--some are born into cults because their parents are members. Others are recruited in a moment of vulnerability by outreach works. Still others may be recruited very selectively through friends who happen to be in a group--or even recruited through influence from a psychotherapist who is a member.

There are also differences between cults that are large, impersonal organizations that use indoctrination in very large group settings, versus small, secretive esoteric groups that are under the radar and centered on a single, rather charismatic personality.

In all these cases, you can recover. But you will be greatly assisted if you get professional help.

If you have not yet started, writing things down in a journal can be a great way to get focused. Make sure you're taking care of your physical and financial health, too.

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