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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: SelahSelah ()
Date: December 02, 2010 06:22AM

Here are just a few things I picked up on while in studies and chats that one should take into consideration when reading these letters, I will continue to add as I remember them.

If you really study how cults work, they fall right in place. It's almost like Timothy looked up a manual for starting a cult and followed it step by step.

Timothy says he is one of the 144,000 (of course he knows of the other 143,999 but if you ask who you are asked why do you ask) and the verse is not actually talking about Jewish male virgin converts but about those who haven't defiled themselves with the woman (the church) also he is not Jewish by birth but was grafted in the the tribe of Levi.

The main "counselor" / sermon giver was raised in a cult, anytime you have a question you are directed to him for counseling, Timothy will not answer your questions most of the time he has someone else do it for him.

After your doctrinal questions are explained and you have any more questions, you are made to feel you are a horrible person for ever questioning them and just the accept them "holding nothing back" and block out all you ever knew before and if they sense that you do not blindly and willingly accept their doctrines, you will be blocked from study and ostracized.

All Timothy has to do is say something negative about one of the members and they all will turn on you "poor so and so, let us pray double for them, but first lets post tons of letters to their account and then block them or stop communicating with them"

You are to cut yourself off from anyone who does not believe in the letters.

Many things in the letters are pulled from other cults such as Seventh Day Adventists, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness doctrines all rolled into one.

Seventh Day Adventist and United Church Of God are the "closest in doctrinal truth"

They believe in soul sleep, there is no such thing as eternal torment in hell, no one is in heaven except Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and children, abstain from eating pork, only drink purified water, eat little meat.

Timothy and Amy allow you to send money to certain international ministries through them, and the Lord commands that the flock members do it.

Jayse is a prophet in training, everything letter to Jayse is first corrected and rewritten by Timothy and Amy.

Jayse does not work, one of the other members supports him, coincidentally he started getting letters 2 days after he moved in with the other member.

You are always trying to earn God's love and your best is never good enough, you must give more money, more time, and more self.

If you are not raptured (and you die during the tribulation) you will not reproduce in the "new kingdom" but if you are raptured you will be able to have lots of children in the new kingdom and be married and have sex, etc.

The letters say God will search the hearts and minds but I have heard Timothy say NO ONE who believes in eternal hell whether by false leading or free will-will be raptured because they do not know God.

"The Jesus of the churches are not and never were the Jesus of the letters"

God is no longer church goers God.

You do not have the power to cast out demons, only a select few have this power.

You need Timothy because he is the prophet and not all flesh has this gift spoken about in Acts 2:17.

If you disobey the letters and go to church you will not be raptured.

Many many people will not be raptured, Timothy will confirm if the Lord says you will be.

You are discouraged to watch the news, sermons, tv, radio etc.

A male posed as a female wanting to join study and Timothy said "the Lord said to let HER come"

God's spirit has left the church.

A demon has entered the church so any form of spirit you feel while attending church is of a demon and not God.

I was told I needed to fast during Sabbath and you used to be looked down upon if you didn't, one time Timothy even said "the Lord said he is upset with you for leaving to get food during study" but now the Lord says only the watchmen must fast. (not allowing you to eat makes it easier to mind control you and manipulate you emotions)

They stay on study from 11:00am eastern time till usually 3:30-4:30pm.

Timothy and Amy do not trumpet the letters (pass out cards/letters) in person, this is only for the flock members, Timothy and Army were to trumpet the letters from home only.

You will only be raptured once you have been "broken" but one day you can be rapture ready and the next not.

There was a breaking process during a study that involved you spilling all of your guts to everyone in the study such as your failures and shameful feelings so that they can "fix" you. This is typical of a cult in the way you expose yourself to the leaders, so they can learn what your weaknesses are so that they can "counsel" you.

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: SelahSelah ()
Date: December 02, 2010 08:58PM

Sorry about all the typos guys, anyways the time Timothy said "the Lord is angry with you for leaving to get food during study" was not addressed to anyone, but he used it to scare people that they should not be eating during study.

Also something I just remembered-the letters say NO preachers will be raptured at all.

If you continue to go to church against the letters "you shall surely die" during the tribulation. So the penalty for going to church is death.

-More to come.

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 03, 2010 07:19AM

Thank you, SelahSelah, for a very clear understanding of the questionable, abusive and potentially dangerous workings of this cult.

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: frogla ()
Date: December 07, 2010 05:59AM

The main "counselor" / sermon giver was raised in a cult, anytime you have a question you are directed to him for counseling, Timothy will not answer your questions most of the time he has someone else do it for him.

do you know who this is? it sounds like you do. also, how do you know that they were raised in a cult? has "the flock" said that? interesting information.

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: frogla ()
Date: December 07, 2010 06:10AM


We have been patiently answering your questions and responding to your posts. We want the same respect from you. This is NOT a thread of debate. This is a forum of recovery from destructive cults and groups. Are you here for that purpose? Do you need help with anything? If not then why are you here? Look if you want to believe in "The Letters" of Timothy then that's your prerogative. I do have a very deep sinking feeling that there is something wrong with TTCOG. However, I'm withholding any judgments, criticisms, anger, emotional outbursts etc. I invite you to take a look with all of us @ this group in depth for example SalehSaleh & LLG have provided a lot of information that we can take a look together. If you are here to just argue then I'm not interested.


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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 14, 2010 09:45AM

Clearly, the apologists for the "prophet" Speed T. Rathbun have left this thread for the moment.

It is so sad to see a mildly successful, post middle-aged businessman like Speed T. Rathbun revert to "trolls" to protect his "flucked flock" from reading/learning of contrary evidence to Speed Rathbun's premature, self-proclaimed "sainthood".

I know, I have a "closed mind" to Speed's divinity.

All I know is the old saying, "It is good to keep an open mind...just make sure your mind is not so open that your brain falls out."

When the truth wins out (and it will), I personally believe Speed Rathbun will have earned a place in Hell for both he and his wife for the poor lambs he has led astray by his willful arrogance, hubris and for all the damage he has intentionally inflicted on the loved ones of his cult members.

I only hope his "fellow prophets" whom he has personally appointed while falsely claiming to speak for God, will see they are in the clutches of that which they fear most...Satan...and his incarnation is likely Speed T. Rathbun.

Escape now. Your families will welcome you home like the Prodigal Son, who, like yourselves, left the path of Righteousness to pursue the haunting sweet empty songs of Lucifer.

How many failed "prophecies"/"changed-adjusted prophecies" must you suffer before you awaken from Speed Timothy Rathbun's corruption of Siren songs?

To any and all people interested in using Speed T. Rathbun's printing business, read this thread and be fully aware if you want the values of Speed T. Rathbun (which I am sure are honest to his mind) to be a public business partner of yours going forward.

If you plan to have a long term printing contract with Speed T. Rathbun, understand he plans on the end of Earth (as you know it) very soon. Have your legal team look over his contracts well for future legal protection should the "end" not come and he fails to live up to your agreements.

I am sure Speed Rathbun will meet all legal agreements under contract law but other "end time" groups (and they are LEGION) have disappeared with all the dough so protect yourselves from such an unlikely event.

Perhaps you should get other competitive quotes as well just for good business sense and mull it over with your other business partners/officers. In the end, do what you determine is best for your printing needs (I don't know the quality of Rathbun's printing but I am sure it must be good for him to make some money and own some real estate).

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 21, 2010 12:18AM

Here is a new Cult Education forum member posting about her cousin who does a lot of work for Speed Rathbun's destructive cult:


Here is the full posting so you don't need to follow the link.

Answering here on this thread instead of the new thread will keep all this information together for the ease of any people looking for info on this destructive cult that are drawn to this site.

My Cousin Emily has been involved in this group VERY heavily for several years. Her family has fallen apart, she has given away everything, even moved to Nebraska to be near Timothy and several of the other followers and is now living in Texas with another family along with her 3 young children who I worry about constantly.

She helps create some of the videos that are posted.

PLEASE pray for my cousin Emily and her children to be removed from this group. She has cut me off because I "interfered" and refuse to believe Timothy's word as the Lords.



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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: RichBlessings ()
Date: December 21, 2010 10:45PM

Thanks for moving me to this thread!

I intend to participate as much as possible as I am deeply concerned for my cousin and her children.

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 24, 2010 06:57AM


Many of you may be unaware of the other sites that Rick Ross operates such as the "headline" news at

Also there is which Ross updates every now and again depending on the stories and news that Ross comments on directly.

The most recent update is very useful and relevant to this thread, especially in giving hope to all you who are suffering with loved ones involved in this cult.

Here is a direct link to the latest thread on


The entire speech, apparently delivered to other cult interventionists in Shanghai, is a great read and shines a lot of light on what Rick Ross does.

If you scroll 2/3 of the way down you will encounter a sub-heading [T]Call of God. Take my advice and read it!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Give yourselves the gift of reading this speech.

P.S. I intentionally did not "cut and paste" from Ross' speech as I want the whole thing to stand on it's own. This information is too important for me to "pick and choose" what to post. Think about what he says. Think if you need him to help you individually.

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Re: Trumpet Call of God
Posted by: LLG ()
Date: January 04, 2011 09:42AM

Welcome RichBlessings,

Thanks for sharing about Emily, I pray for her and the rest still in the group. She seems like such a nice girl and I hope she will be delivered from the deciet as well.

If I can do anything to help you, please let me know.

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