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Re: AMORC and abortions Temple Degre 8 Monography 18
Posted by: Nerveno ()
Date: December 20, 2008 09:44AM

Its not on the blog. I check it daily.

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Re: AMORC and abortions Temple Degre 8 Monography 18
Posted by: Michael Jones ()
Date: December 21, 2008 07:00AM


I do not find that entry either.


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Re: AMORC and abortions Temple Degre 8 Monography 18
Posted by: serapis ()
Date: January 09, 2009 05:50AM


Just joined the forum to be able to write a reply to this amorc discussion:

Since I am about 11 I was interested in mystic / philosophical teachings, I had out of body experiences and intuitions which came true ....

so after martial arts, swordfighting, zen, yoga and much more finally I also became a member of amorc ..... (and its just one of dozens of hobbies)

Its definitly not true that amorc divides world, never heard about this concept and I am a member since 12 years now; This is a simple lie;

Also I found some "prisionofamorc" website with nothing but lies about this group ....

here´s my opinion:

Amorc is about hermetical / mystical teachings; so far so good .... this is the first problem:

So many people flee from reality reading occult / esoterical books; And as amorc is open to everyone .... also lot of "strange people" come into the order; But its a good system as everyone decides him / herself whether to continue or not ....

(strange peolpe: one day some guy came in and asked ...(wearing a red sakko) .... hey you all can do astral projection please tell me if you can help me to find out if there´s an alien spacestation behind the moon, I red about that ...) well we all were lying on the floor loughing for days ...sure such people will get problems with ANY kind of mystical teachings??!!)

Also I know many people doing yoga fanatically and singing satsang every day ....or kung fu e.g. .....running around with a plastic sword like bruce lee .... or tennis .... telling everybody how good they are .... even al bundy tells everybody about his 4 touchdowns in one game isnt it .......

So I know some who got addicted from playing world of warcraft too often (a massive online multiplayer game)

I know so many organisations and let me tell you that amorc at the end is one of those who dont push you in one direction;
Its just that it takes time to learn about symbol studies, meditation e.g.

And after some time you know all the people, so its a bit like a tennis community, an inbetween of symbol study and "eating cakes and meet friends" ...some take it really serious, others just eat the cakes ... ;-)

About Grandmasters: I personally only know about 2-3 people who really "listen" what amorc leaders say .... all others just "do their thing" .... and I definitly know that the german section doesnt have that much money, they just have enough to continue .....

Steward / Bernard ..... it was a totally different story and there was no "overtaking" but serious problems with steward and the grandmasters decided to continue without steward; Well it happened and nobody is proud of it;

"Rosicrucian" means to live a certain live, not to be a member of just physical organisation: And most of the members know that! no physical organisation is the "true rosicrucian order" .....

You can also be a member of BOTA (builders of the adytum) .... well fanatics are in every organisation .....

Amorc is an organisation which has to survive ... so there are membership fees ..... well every kungfu club - membership fee is more expensive, isnt it??

Mystical teachings are a problem itself: Some really believe in it, others "hate" it .....

Well dont expect amorc monographs to say: Oh well we do know nothing, leave the order ..... sure those who are members believe that amorc helped them to achieve mystical goals, including those who wrote the monographs, first ones where edited by spencer lewis, new ones have been edited by a group of people .... but I know so many who left the order without problems!

I think many political organisation and every religious community is worse than amorc! .... those people are often fanatics and always fight others?! What about cruciades, burning of witches, 2 world wars .....

Amorc has statements about its origins ..... well any freemanson / mystical society has this LEGENDS and every member knows its a LEGEND!! Nobody really believes that the pharao Echnaton founded amorc .... its just that in some way he gave away mystical teachings to public and founded a mystery school open to the public; amorc was founded 1915 and famous people where members in rosicrucian orders, amorc mentions that .... but everybody knows that bacon was NOT a member of amorc!

Grandmaster / Bernard ..... I only met bernard twice, one time I helped to open the hungarian lodge .... I simply dont know what kind of person he is .... nobody thinks he speaks absolute truth or anything (catholics do believe pope does ...1 billion people ) and ..... I dont really care as its not my business to decide wether bush, obama, the pope, mikey mouse, goofy, the smurfes or bernard are good or evil people?!

I simply study hermetic / mystical teachings and amorc helps me a lot, thats all ..... and I am thinking every year if I should continue studying ...

AND I learned a lot how to see aura, I definitly was able to proove telekinesis (to move physical things) and to experience OBEs again and much more;

I see a fanatic attitute often among those who fight certain organisations .... and they project their attitute towards the organisation they are fighting against ....

sorry for my english, hope this helps a bit to sort out!

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