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Date: September 25, 2012 07:11AM

May I reply to the statements below-
Why do good healthy adults need a pastor to prevent them from getting a std or pregnant?
It's human nature...even natural to hold hands, kiss or even make love. Whose rules are these?
To hold back from natural living, shall harm people.
If adults need rules for dating from a church establishment in order to respect yourself....well you may ask yourself why ...
Respecting yourself has nothing to do with a church.

" Okay now as for the dating... The reason why it would go to the PATORS NOT LEADERS is so someone could hold you two accountable so you won't mess up and get pregnant or STD and I don't think you want that right? Now as for holding hands and kissing is because it opens the door for temptation to come in and make you want to have sex. Now if a leader told you you were leading them on then you should have gone to a pastor's wife and talked to them and told them what was going on they would have helped you. The last time I checked I didn't feel second class and all the women in there either... all the rules for dating makes you respect yourself"

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Date: May 01, 2016 11:55PM

To Start off with, to tracicherise, the pastors daughter, don't come on here trying to defend your cult ways, this type of intimidation does not work for people who have escaped the circus of religion you live in...We hope the light bulb comes on for you some day, and that you can get free...

People should be aware that New Harvest, Potters House, Praise Chapel, Victory Outreach, all started about the same time, and that all the founders of those cults fellowshipped together, In the early days of the 4 fellowships, they were interchangeable and carbon copy, In other words, if you attended praise chapel, but was out of town where there was not a praise chapel, you could go to victory outreach, new harvest, potters house and never miss a beat, and feel like you were in your own town..

These cults all have the same basic theological doctrines which are:

1. Never question leadership, if you do, you are working with the devil, and going to hell.
2. Shut up and pay your tithes, if you don't give your all, you are not welcome in their churches.
3. Do as your told, (I was in the praise chapel fellowship and even pastored several churches with them, and my pastor constantly quoted, "Touch not God's Annointed"
4. Education is bad, in other words, all you need is the Bible, no seminary, no College, no higher education, cause it makes you luke warm
5. Only associate with your fellowship members, any family, friends or aquaintences, not part of the fellowship are off limit.
6. The pastor is the final word, and authority, The church boards are hand picked by the pastor and are only figure heads.

These are just some of the poisons from these cult fellowships, Escape if you can, run like hell, and don't look back....

Jeff Watkins
Former pastor Praise Chapel West Sacramento

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Date: January 05, 2017 06:59AM

A question, how do you escape from a group that is not a live-in situation (e.g., not communal)? I understand that members of a group can feel that theirs is an exclusive group, or that they have a higher calling than other groups do, and that therefore they need to be in their group. However, if you don't want to be a part of that group, you can just not show up anymore to the services or meetings. Is there a level of influence involved? I know the original poster put the word "escape" in quotes, but you do say there is a level of difficulty in leaving the group.

Do they have any other influence on you? Do they show up at your door and keep trying to talk to you? Do they have influence over your job (do you also work for the church)?

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Date: January 06, 2017 09:48AM

Entrapment comes from a feeling of painful, unquestionable obligation that is instilled in someone.

Imprisonment is more than curtailment of physical freedom. Imprisonment is also a state of mind.

And entrapment doesn't happen all at once. You're led into it gradually, so gradually you don't even notice at first.

Here's another post that describes how this process works.


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Date: June 13, 2018 06:22AM

Congrats been in one just like it its horribly
Controlling , i used to believe they somhow had more spiritual power than me . I was verbally abused , financislly
Controled , it almost split up me and my husband

Be strong your not alone
You may feel like your to blame
Or thry might make you feel guilty
Dont let them pull you back in they need your money
Thats all its about in churches anymore

Personally i just stay home read my bible
Its a whole lot safer .. take care and congrats

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Date: January 09, 2020 06:21AM

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, The Bible clearly states Love one another, in this way other's shall know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. I was in that church for around 20 years, and there are many things that I disagree, but many things I agree, I am no longer in that church, because I moved, I now live in Tujunga CA, but I have made many friends in that church, and I love God, that is one thing they showed me, some people left, God bless them, have you ever thought that God is in control and is using that church as a steppingstone, go forward for the Lord, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, anyone want to talk 213 is area code and 984-5604 up to you if you want to talk, my son is 12 God bless everyone and remember our lives belong to God not a church or denomination, Faith is what pleases God Almighty.

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Date: February 05, 2020 03:40AM

I must be obedient to God and Update this 2006 Richard Salazar/New Harvest cult discussion, because a demon exposed is a demon defeated.

God desires Truth in the innermost man. The Word of God can’t be broken, or silenced.

The corrupt core of the story of Salazar, Romo, Araral and New Harvest cult is so interwoven with lies and sin that it is very hard to to know where to begin to untangle:
God has given Salazar time to repent but he did not repent.

The inner-inner Salazar family circle knows all the family secrets.
You will never, ever get the Truth out of any of them.
They know where the secret offshore bank accounts are that hold millions.

Then there is a circle which consists of the local leaders of various ministries in the Norwalk church who are mostly honest, innocent, God Loving and well meaning.

The outcome of the original post in 2006 was this:
• The New Harvest Norwalk cult was investigated and fined by the IRS for Questionable Business Practices, and Back Taxes.
• New Harvest Norwalk cult was sanctioned by the California Department of Labor for unpaid back wages and overtime to its New Harvest School employees. They were ordered to pay back wages to their school employees. All school employees at that time were only making minimum wage.

At that time, Pastor Salazar announced that paying back wages would bankrupt and shut the church school down. Richard Salazar pressured school employees
(many of them single moms) to be “faithful” to their “ministry” of their school employment. They were also promised the “Thousand Fold” financial return if they forfeited their back wages.

Salazar has preached the Prosperity Gospel for decades.
People who wanted to be viewed as “righteous” in the church stood up to be an “example” and “donated” their back wages as an “offering” to the church.
Their children starved, but they were encouraged to forfeit their back wages.
In fact, everyone of the well meaning school employees “donated” their back wages.

All the while, Pastor Salazar and family enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle with his yacht and his expensive exotic cars.
The effective outcome is this:

The cult/church effectively disobeyed the California Labor Board by never paying back any wages to their school employees.

Salazar also receives 10% of all affiliated New Harvest satellite churches.
The only one who gets rich in New Harvest is Salazar, no matter what Prosperity Gospel he preaches.
New Harvest is effectively a pyramid scheme.
God says time is up for $alazar, who is infected with the love of money.
This raises giant Red Flags.

Fast Forward to 2020:
• Recently, Richard Salazar was seen drunkenly walking around his “Safe Zone” Halloween event in Norwalk, arrogantly slurring his speech, reeking of hard liquor.
Obviously he thinks that he is above accountability, and that he can get away with anything.
There were many reports from the congregation of his drunk conduct at this event.
This has destroyed his credibility within his own church, and his fellowship.
His drunken actions and decisions speak volumes about how his mind has fallen into darkness.
He is not just a young convert trying to clean up, he is a drunken senior pastor who makes drunken decisions daily regarding the Worldwide Ministry of the Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and his congregation.
Salazar laughs at the other New Harvest Leadership Pastors and thinks that they are in his pocket.
Obviously he thinks that he is above accountability, and that he can get away with anything.
Salazar remains unrepentant.
He is no longer the same person.
He tries his best to hide his fallen state, but:
He is now in reality a sneaky liar and a thief.
Every decision he makes is a bad decision and is influenced by his drunkenness and love of money.
The depth of depravity of an International Leader who has fallen into sin is
There are evil principalities now inhabiting Salazar.
The enemy is exceedingly subtle and smarter than any human.
Do not trust in past friendships.
The only friendship is with Christ.
Ask God for Holy Spirit discernment, he will show you the lies of the enemy.

“The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

The greater implications of drunkenness are sexual perversion, as noted by Paul.

Salazar very recently started a prayer chain that you can subscribe to by phone.
(Marketing Phone Number Database)
He has also called a 21 day fast.
(Like David did when he was exposed, and lost his baby)

But these are the actions of a sinner who has been caught, not a man who is truly fasting because he loves God.
Obedience is better than sacrifice.
This raises giant red flags.

Richard Salazar controls the narrative of New Harvest by way of his official network.
His words and his network are lies, and they are poison.
His fruit is death.
The axe is now laid to the root of the tree.
People are still dying heinous deaths because of Richard Salazar.
There is the blood of many people on Salazar’s, Romo’s, and Araral’s hands.
Whoever supports Salazar will also have blood on their hands.

• There has recently been an irrefutable epidemic of deaths and illness in the entire New Harvest Fellowship.
There is no way to deny this. It is an irrefutable fact.
It is because Richard Salazar has fallen into sin.
Sin is in the camp. The sin must be removed.

There was a Sunday school teacher who “committed suicide” with a rifle.
There was the Pastors daughter who developed a brain tumor and died.
Then the same Pastor’s wife went in for routine gall bladder surgery and suddenly died on the surgical table.
There is the young Norwalk song leader who is going through the unimaginable pain of having a baby born weighing ½ pound.

Behind the scenes Richard Salazar looks on his Song Service Team with disdain and he has no respect for them.
He only feigns concern and care for the sick and dead because he has been exposed as corrupt.
There are many more deaths too numerous to recount.
There are many Pastors and Pastors wives with cancer in the fellowship of New Harvest.
Richard Salazar does not care one bit about these people who have died or are sick.
Salazar laughs at the death and sickness of his congregates.
The spirit of death and sin emanates from Salazar to his entire cult/church.

Richard Salazar controls the narrative of New Harvest by way of his official network.
His words and his network are lies, and they are poison.
His fruit is death.
The axe is now laid to the root of the tree.
People are still dying heinous deaths because of Richard Salazar.
There is the blood of many people on Salazar’s, Romo’s, and Araral’s hands.
Whoever supports them also have blood on their hands.

He only cares that he has been caught.
The sin must be removed from the camp.

Salazar and his family are infected with the love of money, which leads to many sinful actions.

Innocent, loving people are summarily excommunicated and thrown out of his cult at Salazar’s drunken, evil whim.
Those who are excommunicated are shunned, bullied, harassed and slandered.

• Richard Salazar, through lies and deceit, has seized absolute power of New Harvest cult/fellowship.
Richard Salazar has made himself to be the Pope of New Harvest.
He claims spiritual infallibility.
He has claimed to “Have the mind of Christ” at his conference.
He has made himself the infallible authority in the church.
He has turned New Harvest into a full blown cult.

There is the inner-inner circle of the Salazar Family:
Nancy Salazar’s Divorced brother Sergio Romo, assistant pastor, who is on his second wife
(Romo will, in the ultimate hypocrisy, throw people out of the church and excommunicate anyone who was married before and tries to come to Norwalk church with their second wife, even though he is on his second wife.)
God says time is over for Romo.

The inner circle includes corrupt Pastor Bernie Araral.
• Araral has been made an example of, because he thought he could quench
the Spirit of God.
There have been an exceeding number of multiple deaths in his family.
Salazar does not care about Araral, or the deaths in his family.
Salazar laughs at Araral, because he foolishly followed what Salazar told him to do.

•God has removed his anointing from Pastors Salazar, Romo, and Araral,
God has not chosen them.
Man has chosen them.
No matter how Salazar and his cohorts try to fight God,
God will cause their power, their influence,
and their credibility to fade and wane over time.
Pastor Salazar loves money, and he was delighted when the former fallen pastor signed over the Norwalk church property, worth millions, over to Salazar.
There have been other congregants sign over their houses to Salazar. He laughs at them.
He has tried to create an earthly Salazar Family Dynasty worth million$.

•Richard Salazar’s wife is Nancy Romo, the assistant pastor at New Harvest is Sergio Romo, her brother.
This Nepotism of allowing Romo as assistant should never have been allowed to take place.
It has created an atmosphere of zero accountability wherein there is a lack of checks and balances concerning the misconduct of the Norwalk Pastors.
It has created an atmosphere wherein there is a lack of checks and balances concerning the misconduct of the Pastors.
The congregation lives in fear of being singled out, shunned, bullied, harassed, slandered, excommunicated or being targeted by the pastors.
So, nobody asks questions.
Many innocent, God loving people’s reputations have been ruined by these evil men.
This raises giant red flags.

• Despite this, there persists a distinct lack of Financial Transparency at New Harvest.
Nobody knows or has ever known how much Pastor Salazar or his staff makes.
Nobody knows how much the church generates financially.
But nobody asks questions.
To ask questions is to be sinful and harassed and targeted by New Harvest.

Salazar arrogantly refuses to release financial records.
Anybody who tithes to the church must know this:
God will hold you accountable for your knowledge or lack of knowledge of how that money is being spent.
The churches money should be used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But we have no way of knowing how much, if any is spent on the Gospel.
But we have no record of how that money is being spent.
Is it being spent on a new yacht? Is it being spent on another multi million dollar home?
Salazar claims to help small churches in other countries, but how much money does he actually give them?
There is no way to know, because he is not transparent with the finances of the church.
The amount of money is Probably significantly less than what he trumpets to his congregation.
This raises giant red flags.

• There are no Outside Pastors or Preachers allowed to preach in Richard Salazar’s cult/church or Conferences.
Salazar is innately insecure and paranoid about his Preaching abilities,
because Gods anointing has been removed from him.
Salazar’s insecurity rules with an iron fist.
He does not allow any assistant Pastors to reach their full potential.
His assistant Pastors all seem to end up dead or disabled, or their wives die or are sick.

Do not underestimate the evil one. The Richard Salazar you see now is only a shell of the former man that he once was.
He cannot make Godly decisions because he is not a Godly man.
The enemy is the subtlest of Gods creations.
If a pastor is in charge of an International Organization, and he falls into sin, this multiplies the scope of the evil that inhabits the fallen pastor.

•Children cannot grow up in a sin-tainted congregation, because a corrupted tree cannot bear Good and Godly fruit.
Anyone who reads this or hears about this and has children needs to hear and heed this warning.
The health and spiritual well being of the children, grandchildren and all congregates are in jeopardy while these current corrupt leaders are in power.
Sadly, I have been forced to post this update because there are many of us in the congregation who have children or grandchildren in this corrupted cult/church.
Do not be fooled by Salazar’s smooth persona.
Do not underestimate the subtlety of the enemy.
Anyone who reads this or hears about this and has children in New Harvest needs to hear and heed this warning.

• Richard Salazar controls the narrative of New Harvest by way of his official network.
His words and his network are lies, and they are poison.
His fruit is death.
People are still dying heinous deaths because of Richard Salazar.
There is the blood of many people on Salazar’s, Romo’s, and Araral’s hands.
Whoever supports them also have blood on their hands.

This is a call for the Leadership pastors of New Harvest to make a stand.
God is separating the wheat from the tares.
The wheat will make a stand, and reject these fallen pastors, and be saved.
The tares will listen to the lies and follow Salazar.
One-World Religion Rick Warren and his followers will not have a part in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

“Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35 For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

Re: just escaped
Posted by: Underhisgrace ()
Date: October 01, 2020 08:54AM

September 27, 2020
In order to bring clarity and perspective to the situation concerning Pastor Richard Salazar and the events of
Sunday, September 20, 2020 we, the Leadership Board of New Harvest Christian Fellowship, are issuing the
following statement:

Through a series of events, it came to light that Richard Salazar had purchased vodka at a liquor store in
Bellflower, California on or around July 16 2020. A video was taken of him leaving the store with a bag that
looked like one used for alcohol purchases. At first, he denied purchasing vodka claiming that he had
purchased Clamato juice. He gave this answer to the men that saw him at the liquor store, a brother from the
Norwalk church, Pastor Danny Casas Jr., and Pastor Tom Watson. Eventually, 2 months after the initial
accusation, he admitted purchasing the vodka claiming a doctor had prescribed this for his mother who was
dying at the time.
Also during this period, the video has circulated to many, mostly young adults, church members of the
Norwalk church. Many of those people were wondering why it wasn’t being addressed by Pastor Richard or

Pastor Richard has publicly stated on multiple occasions that he’s accountable to the Leadership Board of New
Harvest. Because of this, we have always considered ourselves to be the men he is accountable to.
Upon hearing the initial allegations, we took time to pray and ponder as confronting a pastor of Pastor
Richard’s calibre is an extremely serious matter. After undeniable proof of the vodka purchase and lying came
to us from a variety of sources, we were convinced that it was vital that we address the matter as quickly as
possible. The following Bible verses were our basis for proceeding with an initial meeting.
1 Timothy 3:2 Titus 1:6-9 Christian leaders should be above reproach
Proverbs 12:22 Colossians 3:9 Lying is unacceptable as a Christian
We agree with Pastor Richard’s message on “The Truth About Lying” which he preached last year at our New
Harvest Northern California Conference in Stockton, California which can be found at:
The purchasing of the alcohol and the lying are extremely serious matters especially due to our Biblical stance
on alcohol. We do understand the great pressure and anguish that Pastor Richard was under as his mother lay
dying. We extended our comfort and prayers to him and his family during this difficult and emotionally

draining time. But the idea this is a private matter and his business alone is untrue. His actions affect the New
Harvest Norwalk church and would eventually spread into the other fellowship churches. At the very least, he
needed to be forthcoming with his trusted men who he claimed to be accountable to.
Unbeknownst to us as we were preparing to meet with Pastor Richard, a Zoom meeting with the Leadership
Board was scheduled by Pastor Danny Casas Jr. with permission from Pastor Richard for Saturday September
19 2020 after the Men’s Discipleship to discuss this matter. Four members of the Leadership Board were sent
to meet with Pastor Richard in person, as we have done with other pastors in the past. The meeting was a
difficult one for everyone concerned and ended with none of the issues being resolved. The Leadership agreed
amongst themselves to rest, pray, and meet again in the week ahead to discuss how to proceed.
While the decision to discipline Pastor Richard or not would be based primarily on his actions of purchasing
alcohol and lying about it, what happened on Sunday following cannot be ignored.
On Sunday September 20 2020 the matter of the alcohol purchase was openly discussed from the pulpit in
both Norwalk church services with Pastor Richard giving his reason for purchasing the alcohol but omitting key
details (such as lying to pastors and church members and his unwillingness to reconcile his actions with Biblical
truth to the Leadership board). None of the Leadership were aware of his intentions to publicly disclose
information in this matter.
Pastor Danny Casas Jr. and Pastor Ruben Sandoval Jr. were also dismissed from ministry after the service in a
manner, in our view, that was not consistent with common decency.
We acknowledge that in these services there were people who agree with the stance of the leadership board
and their outbursts and actions were also unacceptable. When emotions are running as high as they are
people often have difficulty exhibiting self-control but we do not condone their actions.
That afternoon Pastor Richard invited Southern California pastors and wives to a meeting held at New Harvest
Norwalk and gave his side of the story with no input from leadership and inflammatory language such as
“coup” and “ambush” were used to describe our actions. We reject those terms in the strongest possible
sense. It was also said or implied that we were looking to seize control of the fellowship and the assets of the
fellowship, we also wholeheartedly reject this idea. Our motives for doing this was to bring Pastor Richard into
account on this matter, nothing more, nothing less.

After taking proper time to pray and ponder the Leadership Board of New Harvest has recommended the
following discipline for Pastor Richard Salazar:
To suspend all of his leadership duties, responsibilities and privileges and in addition one year without
preaching in Norwalk and anywhere else with revaluation at the end of one year.
We considered various degrees of discipline including Pastor Richard’s resignation, but we concluded that in
the interest of reconciliation the lesser discipline put forth was more appropriate.
Our prayer is for Pastor Salazar to repent, accept this discipline and do the right thing by honoring God and His

In conclusion, it is important to remember that we are trusted advisors to the fellowship. We can only make
recommendations to the Corporate Board. None of us signing this statement are on the corporate board. In
other words, we have no legal authority to impose anything further.

Art Valenzuela, Stockton CA Robert Romero, Modesto CA Ignacio Torres, Salinas CA

Edwin Melendez, Chicago IL Phil Aguilar, San Diego CA Tom Watson, Manchester UK

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Date: October 21, 2020 03:08AM

Firstly, how the heck did tracicherise find out about this post about her church on a culteducation forum, and secondly, it does not comfort me that the moderator allows such abusive/aggressive rebuttals to be posted.

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