There is light at the end of the tunnel
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: September 05, 2022 11:12PM

After many years of suffering from the pains of spiritual abuse, I can say that I am ready to leave it all behind,
Puring the hurt on this forum has been extremely helpful in helping release the pain. I realized that spiritual abise is on a different level as material emotional abuse.
It destroys our connection with the divine. A connection that a cultic setting can distort. Making you feel guilty, fearful, under control…
Your relationship with the divine is always under a microscope and it is like having in laws follw you everywhere you are with your husband.
You gradually give them power to meddle with your every move and they tell you how and how not to cnnect with god.
All the horrible emotions that have been calcifed must come out. Be it through anger, crying, sadness, mourning…
But one day we wake up and realize we are tired to hold on to the wounds of the past.
Trauma and abuse do not define who we are. The cult cannot win by letting us hold on to the hurt.
We can be victorious by building a new version of ourselves. A better one. Build a stornger realtion with the divine.
We may have lost hundreds of friends but we have gained oursleves. The only person we can never be let down by.
We give up the cult identity and become who we are supposed to be.
Once we heal, we can also start to remember the good times and the positives.
Some may never heal from the wounds. And this is very sad.
Until we hold on to anger and grudges, we are still punishing ourselves and nit the cult. Those guys are happily engaged in theor slavery.
If you feel stuck in a dark place, keep pushing. It will get better. I promise.
Keep healing, look for help, take care of your body, do fulfilling things…
You matter and you are worty of feeling peace in your hearts.

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