Using Curses and threats is not the Church !
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: April 07, 2022 04:54AM

I am hoping whoever has come across this message board ,that you know there is not a single man ,woman or child that has the power to put a curse on you in church ! Those like John Alley that use their narcissist mind altering threats of fear saying things like " God gives me the apostolic power to put a curse on you ,your children your finances ,even going so far to say " be very careful what you say to the apostolic anointing you dare curse or say one thing or do anything bad against this church you will be cursed !

This is a out and out lie and used to keep you under the power of the cult leaders control .
I have heard worse things than my situation , Christians being thrown out , job loss ,even going so far to say " I curse you in the name of Jesus ?"

This is opposite of what the Lord said ,they take the Scriptures and twist them to keep you under their power and control . Without you to pay your tithes that also is un biblical ,and only the pharasies used it to get money from the poor ! Get away from them they are wolves in sheep's clothing .

None deserves to be openly shamed ,belittled ,stalked ,harassed ,and threatened in a church ever !if you have seen this behavior get out now !
The same behavior was also from Jim Jones ,David Koresh ,Charlie Mansion , David Burg ..

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