Debunking: Yoga
Posted by: facet ()
Date: July 07, 2020 01:07AM

Ignoring the numbers of people who have been abused within a yoga setting is a disaster, for ourselves and for those who have been greatly hurt by the people who profess to be out for everyone’s best intentions rather than just their own.

Yoga might be magical for some, however the reality is that it is no more different than an everyday workout exercise program, aside from the fact that a large portion of this particular exercise relies on your own propensity towards magical thinking.

This is why when you wake each day and take a good long stretch, no ‘siddhi’s’ are awoken, no emotional ‘emptying’ occurs, maybe there is some effect on the digestive system however there is an optimal time for evacuation of bowels during specific morning hours, it will be much less to do with any stretch that was taken.

Swamis say ‘don’t show your siddhi’s’ for a reason, a. so that they themselves will be discounted from having to reveal their own siddhi’s (of which are non existent), and b. to maintain the belief in siddhi’s existing by the followers, as incentive to maintain your dedication to the class or practice.

Were you told that this dedication in attendance is dedication to you, to yourself? Ah, they got you there with that one too, didn’t they?

When doing yoga we actively engage in a form of repetitive mimicry. In some contexts this would be usual, however for prolonged periods of time, the repetition becomes mind control because we are simply there following the actions of another over and over, and over. This repetition becomes a solid neural pathway in your brain, keeping you locked in (until you change it).

We become monotonous in our ways, and our usual nature and thought is forcibly pressed away in concentration on poses, before becoming susceptible to new information / stories which will generate something for the other at a cost to ourselves, wether that’s simply repeat paid attendance and adulation, a costly new healing modality, a book, another class, a teaching, donating money, property, etc, etc, all ways of supporting somebody else’s life instead of our own.

People who have a great need to manipulate are the people who will invite you to their yoga class. This invite will always be for their reasons, not yours.

They see only one person in the world, and that is them. You? You do not exist.

In their shoes you are simply a manifestation of them, a thought in their mind. They created you, and that is your sole purpose, why else would you repeatedly turn up and pay to mimic someone after all?

Take good care !

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