Debunking: Spirit Possession, Guides, Entities,
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Date: June 11, 2020 08:17PM

Our imaginations are amazing, so much so that we sometimes perceive things that are just not true and are a trick of the brain.

Plenty of people would like to capitalise on these tricks of the brain and will have no problem in frightening the shit out of anyone in order to feel a. more knowledgeable b. special, specially gifted and c. superior to you enough in order to derail you into a place of inferiority and therefore compliance with what they are doing.

It is both frightening and shocking to the psyche to be told that the existence of an unseen force has a hold over you. This in itself can place you in a vulnerable situation where you will seek protection at costs, because this time that protection is not free via your parents when you were a little boy / girl frightened about the ghost in the attic.

Spirit possession cannot take place. Neither can walk in’s, nor entities, or fragments or the entirety of other “souls” occupy your being. The only occupation of you that can take place, is another person controlling you, in this case via deep fear. That is the possession.

What happens particularly with spirit guides or any other source of outer message being brought, is literally just another aspect of the person in fancy dress, unrecognised as themselves.

The imagination has added a whole other identity to the ‘guide’ because that is a fun game to play (as children we may have done this, imaginary friend, role play etc).

When this form of play is genuinely taken into the adult world, it comes from a form of powerlessness.

“I couldn’t possibly give this sensible / interesting/ groundbreaking / fun advice or story myself, it must be coming from a higher, more knowledgeable source”

Note that this is only the case in adults who have not set out to knowingly dupe people, of which many do.

Spiritual “entities” and “possession” can be a dastardly way of removing responsibilities for poor behaviour.

There are also plenty of people around who will say things to gain specialness and garner attention from their viewers, but what they too fail to recognise is that ultimately spirit guides, spirit possession and entities are all part of the chemical constitution of the individual brain and that is the portion that does not exist.

The fiction section in all bookstores is a great place to leave this one be, and to only engage with once we know that we will not fall into such trappings again, being able to keep the fact and the fiction in their rightful places.

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