Debunking: Karma
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 24, 2020 04:04AM

Karma is the idea that what is done unto others, good action or bad action, is returned to the original source to balance out the whole.

Whilst wishes and beliefs most certainly belong to their master, the idea of karma really is a simple mind state created to make it easier to cope with the “unfair” nature of something perceived in our immature thinking.

Karma also acts as a sort of restraining order for those who may wish to take part in behaviours that are unjust, or simply put out as unjust (when they are not) in some cases.

For those who have not yet been taught, perceiving the other who has something and the other does not, means that they must be the same... it is demanded, “I must have the same, they have it so why can’t I? Life is not fair.”

It is the same for natural life challenges that are dealt, “I have suffered so the causers of my condition must suffer too, in this life time or in many ahead where the return will be at its most damaging”

Life isn’t fair, says the child, who feels much recourse when having the belief that unjust behaviour will slap the unjust back in the face tenfold.

Though they are diverse, challenges happen in anyone’s lives as the result of life’s naturally occurring ups and downs, and within context. Life’s ups and downs are nothing to do with any man made idea of karma.

Consider how the idea of karma can come from a naturally arising place of revenge within those who have been through or are faced with life’s challenges.

Consider how the idea of karma can also come from a place of spite against others, because someone is perceived as wrong doing and maybe it is not connected to us directly, but we declare that karma will get them for their choices.

If someone is having a bad time, has experienced a poor childhood, born with physical or mental disability, karma is not the dealer of such situations, although cruelty of someone who wants to make another “bad” may say so.

Nature has no idea what karma is amongst people in their behavioural conduct or physical presence, karma is the man made coping mechanism, the inner system of law and order in a world of chaos and chance which many choose not to accept as it is.

It boils down to a sense of control.

Letting the idea of karma go is freeing not only for ones self, but also for others who will no longer remain in a state of non acceptance.

The natural consequences for involving oneself can remain for those who engage in just behaviour, whilst the elements of the idea that keeps one locked into lack of growth or manipulation can gently fall away, and for generations to come.

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Re: Debunking: Karma
Posted by: ortizfugh ()
Date: July 22, 2021 01:57PM

I agree with you. People began to use karma to make their lives easier and to take advantage of the so-called universe. For example, I had a tarot card, and a stranger passed me and cut it. That's karma for what I've done in the past. I can't believe such a thing, because I can't know if that person is a stranger or an old colleague I got used to with something and he rewards himself in that way. This topic is very skeptical, and you have to be careful with what people you discuss it with so that you don't know what he can do to you at your next meeting.

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Re: Debunking: Karma
Posted by: facet ()
Date: January 17, 2022 12:14AM

Hello Ortiz,

It is like no space for random acts, everything is controlled or set in the eyes of the person who cannot be free or allow freedom to others.

I guess it is as the saying goes.. that things are only true for those who believe them :-) but someone will always come along and try to make that impossible too haha !

I also recognise that Karma may have been a nice way to try and help regulate people’s behaviour in the past, to help with crime.. for instance should I choose to commit this crime then based on my belief in karma, then I might refrain as it would always come back to bite me in the back side, and if I think I get away with it in this life, then it will come from the next or much further down the line, when it is “due” or most painful, as I had been taught before.

I think that if it is ones culture, and it works in the familial surrounding in small ways as has done for generations then no problem, but for many today is is a disabling weapon, used in spite for differences of opinion or belief, particularly among social media type guru followings, and least not to mention, a method of control - either of others or self.

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