Fellowship of the cosmic mind. Is it a cult ?
Posted by: Lone wolf ()
Date: March 04, 2016 03:03PM

I have a friend that is seems to be going insane and losing their personality.
I know that this person is sucked in to the fellowship of the cosmic mind a fair bit and i would like to them to realize that their mind is being manipulated
Any info on this group would be appreciated

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Re: Fellowship of the cosmic mind. Is it a cult ?
Posted by: cosmic_star ()
Date: June 16, 2023 07:07PM


I was an online member of this group. I was their observer. This is a group that most likely has a group of personality disordered people i.e. narcissistic and psychopathic personality disorder as guides.

Their "work on the self" is partly based on various esoteric knowledge, philosophy, psychology, where the leaders of this group adapt this to their needs, which in practice means that various schemes and techniques involving deprivation and suppression of the current personality are used so that a new personality, corresponding to the guides of this group can be created.

In general, I have no problem with esotericism and various ideas including things related to spirituality, chakras, energies, reincarnation and so on. Except that in this group all this is transformed and portrayed to others in such a way that it suits the leaders of this group, they benefit from it. They present their domination and control over others as "helping humanity," "helping to create a new true personality" - in individual. They are righteous wolves in sheep's clothing...

These people are able to point out and show various traits in other people that existed or are imagined (psychopathic projection), at the same time having no insight into their own behavior (which is psychopathic). This is very psychopathic and it characterized them.

If anyone is interested in esoterica and spiritual development, I recommend this blog to learn something about them and what is really going on there. This blog is in Polish, but having all these automatic translators like google translator rather should not be a problem to translate it ( [fotcm-scam.blogspot.com] ). I am too from Poland.

Thank you.

cosmic star

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Fellowship of the cosmic mind.PaleoChristianity
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 17, 2023 10:49PM

" Whatever the area of conspiracy or spirituality or fringe thought in general, LKJ tends to keep herself and her community in the role of a uniquely valuable lone "lighthouse" shining a light into a world of darkness and doom, through the simple strategy of always having their own incompatible take on polarizing ideas of the day."

RationalWiki article - Laura Knight-Jadczyk


Q: There is so much disinformation you just don't know who to believe... I mean, how do we know we can believe you? There are so many sources out there deceiving and they do it so cleverly. Look at the Bible... for 2,000 years people have been believing that...

A: They deceive when you allow it.
—Laura and the Cassiopaeans in October 16, 1994 channeling

Laura Knight-Jadczyk (1952–) – hereafter referred to as LKJ – is a pseudohistorian and unified conspiracy theorist, but perhaps mainly known for her channeling of the "Cassiopaeans" and the fake news platform Sott.net. A self-styled "scientific mystic and PaleoChristian Shaman," PaleoChristianity is the little organized religion she had founded as her personal cult.[1] Her websites and ventures in alternative media publishing and other things have branched out over the years of her Cassiopaean channeling and inspired research, but her audience remains much smaller than for example that of David Icke.

Earlier in life, as LKJ relates in her books, she was a Christian fundamentalist. Her mystical experiences and intellectual interests put her at odds with the dogma, leading her first to grow beyond her old mental prison – and thereafter to construct a new one. Her New Age conspiracist teaching essentially ended up reinventing the fundamentalist mentality on a wordier and more complex pseudoscientific foundation. Original sin became recast as the prehistoric fall of humanity into being beholden to evil[note 1] paranormal aliens[note 2] as their energy food source – and more importantly, nearly all the world's population is said to face ultimate damnation and destruction in the form of "soul smashing", only a small spiritual elite surviving redeemed through very great and extremely difficult work under LKJ's guidance.

Central to LKJ's overall style is wide-ranging associations and juxtapositions, supposedly in support of her conclusions. She has read widely and draws upon tens of thousands of books, in ways that often mainly distract from the unreasonableness and incoherence of the central message, and with the attitude that critics are wrong because they haven't speed-read as much as she has. She may sometimes seem to have never met a piece of pseudoscience she didn't like, but she argues as much against those with differing unvonventional views as she does those with conventional ones.

Politically, in earlier years she often played the role of left-wing moonbat par excellence, while in later years that excellence of hers has gradually been shifting towards alt-right wingnuttery, her online following tagging along for the journey. Whatever the area of conspiracy or spirituality or fringe thought in general, LKJ tends to keep herself and her community in the role of a uniquely valuable lone "lighthouse" shining a light into a world of darkness and doom, through the simple strategy of always having their own incompatible take on polarizing ideas of the day.

For more, go here:


Allegedly according to RationalWiki, the current leader of Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind had a dispute with someone who created his own group.


om Montalk a.k.a. Thomas Minderle[1] (real name Thomas Cox) runs montalk.net, his personal conspirituality website. He's written articles on all manner of fringe topics, mainly spirituality and aliens and conspiracy theories. Montalk's thought is in large part centered in a mix of the Cassiopaean material and the Ra Material, with various other popular New Age and conspiracist themes thrown into the mix. He's big on alien abduction and disclosure and related matters, and views The MatrixWikipedia as semi-metaphorically real – our reality is apparently full of weird glitches, strange things, and timeline shifts of often alien origin, the nature and often even existence of which mainstream people are oblivious to.

In the early 2000s, he had a falling out with an increasingly paranoid and controlling Laura Knight-Jadczyk and by extension her online community, and has ever since promoted a message which in large part seems like an extension of LKJ's earlier one.[2][3]

Basically, his message is what you get if you keep adding an awful lot of teachings into a blender, trying to see some good in as many of them as possible without the contradictions outright smacking you in the face – instead of deciding, like LKJ, that almost everyone else is very wrong, and turning a more insular and elitist derivative of all kinds of teachings into a cult (which in 2009 became the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind).

Around a decade later, by 2014 Bernhard Guenther (who runs another conspirituality website, veilofreality.com) and his online following had more definitely parted ways with the Cassiopaea community, in another little split. Montalk and Guenther are friends and agree on a lot of topics, including that QAnon really is a force for awakening.[4]

For more, go here:


There's an old Reddit discussion of a book Political Poenerology written by Andrzej Lobaczewski which languished in manuscript until embraced by right wing conspiracy minded persons and groups.

When the book first came out it apparently got an endorsement from renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo who is now likely dismayed by the agendas now associated with the book.

Wikipedia article :Political Poenerology -- and Andrzej Lobaczewski


'Poenerology' is a term some use for the study of evil.



You know why the cover is looks like a mid-2000s conspiracy book? Because it is a mid-2000s conspiracy book. It's an antisemetic conspiracy theory written by a Polish nationalist and published by an antisemetic publishing house named Ostoja in Poland, another antisemetic publishing house named Vide Editorial in Brazil, some university whose name I can't remember in Serbia, and the publishing house of a cult named the Cassiopaean Experiment/Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind/Quantum Future Group.

The publishing house was named Red Pill Press and it was published in 2006.

The Portuguese edition of the book has a foreword by Brazilian fascist Olavo de Carvalho.

Here's an article with information on the antisemitism and racism in the theory.


Do your due diligence before demonizing mentally ill people. It'll save your life one day

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Re: Fellowship of the cosmic mind. Is it a cult ?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 18, 2023 03:56AM

A nuanced assessment of Political Poenology on the website for the British Psychological Association -- it appears the book was written by a reputable man and it is now being tragically and banefully appropriated by this generation' emergent authoritarian demogogues and dictators over the human spirit.

The Problem of Pathocracy


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Fellowship Cosmic Mind Cassiopaeans
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 18, 2023 09:16PM

Joseph Szimhart's essay on LKJ


Laura Knight Jadczyk, now (2013) in her sixties, a self-styled researcher of the paranormal and occult operations throughout world history whose one claim to fame is “proper” use of the Ouija Board to commune with star system creatures that are our future selves, or Cassiopaeans.

[A sample of LKJ lecturing to a small audience around 2014 is here:


The video was viewed by 13,000 as of 08 2021 to give you some idea of her influence.]

She and her cult following call these hyper-reality entities the “Cs”. One of LKJ’s many website ventures is cassiopaea.org. Another is [paleochristianity.org] or a new attempt at neo-Gnostic religion called Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind. You can join for a mere $10 to $20—what it will cost you after that you must risk at your peril. Her 2005 self-published book, A Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive purports to unveil the hidden knowledge and arouse the spark within that you too can ascend like Jesus and others did:

“It is only by achieving this state of objectivity, true unconditional love that SEES and KNOWS and yet LOVES, can the Seeker gain access to the Ancient Secret Technology which includes mastery of Space and Time and Matter: The Philosopher's Stone: Ascension. The Alchemical Androgyne: I have become One: Creator of worlds.” (p 696)

That mouthful of a quote above smells suspiciously like a a rip-off of Theosophy and a blend of Hubbard's Scientology and Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant or the Ballard's “I AM” Activity. Hubbard taught that his techniques would conquer MEST (matter energy space time) and bring one to the OT (Operating Thetan, an immortal) or pure monadic level—ascension. The I AM and CUT teach techniques for gaining ascension while in the body or after death.

To read more, go here:

Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Cassiopians


Éiriú Eolas -- LKJ's book



Éiriú Eolas is Irish Gaelic for "Growth of Knowledge". You hold in your hands the modern revival of an ancient breathing and meditation program. This is The Tool that will help you gently work through past emotional and psychological trauma and release repressed emotions that stand between you and True Peace, Happiness and ultimately, a successful fulfilling life.

This program is an outgrowth of the work of historian and author Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk.

The practice has been thoroughly scientifically researched and thousands are already benefiting from this unique revelation in our time. In this 3 disc series Laura explains these secret techniques in a clear and accessible way. This is a program for everyone: It’s scientific and it works.

Disc 1: Laura Knight-Jadczyk gives a detailed overview of the scientific and philosophical theories behind the breath and the action of breathing and the importance it is for our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Disc 2: A video demonstration of the Éiriú Eolas warm up exercises and the breathing techniques that comprise the program that, when practiced regularly, can bring about deep emotional, mental and psychic healing.

Disc 3: An audio track for you to use to practice the entire breathing practice itself and culminating in the powerful Prayer of the Soul, a non-denomination, non-sectarian, scientific prayer – an extraordinary achievement in our time – a time of desperate need for the program.

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Re: Fellowship of the cosmic mind. Is it a cult ?
Posted by: cosmic_star ()
Date: August 25, 2023 06:31PM


I found an article on Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk, who run the FOTCM sect. I would like to share some excerpts from this article:


Laura Knight Jadczyk has been attacking me (Jay Weidner) on the internet for over 10 years now. Until recently I have never publicly responded to these attacks. Laura uses her vast web resources to attack me both in person and anonymously.

I have been called many things by Laura Knight Jadczyk including being called "a psychopath", and a "cointelpro agent". Laura loves to call people names, to label them in some manner and to put people in boxes. Her dysfunctional personality does not allow her to compromise or communicate with those she disagrees with, so she just attacks them.

The main reason that Laura attacks me is because I know all about one of her big con jobs which I call :
The House Raffle Scam.

In 2002 Laura raffled her house (see above link). I watched via the internet as she sold tickets to the house raffle. Claiming that her home is Port Richey Florida was worth three times more than it actually was, Laura never declared a winner and she and her husband Ark soon mysteriously escaped to France with all of the money.

Later Laura sold the house to the Swanson family for $95,000.00. This is clearly an illegal act. This is clearly fraud, grand theft and larceny.

No one knows but Laura how much she scammed in the House Raffle Scam. Sources close in say $150,000.00 in tickets were sold. When you add on the sale of the house the scam could be as high as $250,000.00.



Laura is obsessed with psychopaths. She writes about them all the time. Why is she obsessed with psychopaths? Psychopaths don't care what they do to other people. Psychopaths do crazy things like channel aliens through ouija boards. Psychopaths try to destroy people's lives by spreading lies about them. Psychopaths have to marry frequently because soon their spouses discover who they really are. Psychopaths rip people off of money and possessions without a thought as to whether what they are doing is right or wrong. Psychopaths invent reasons to do wrong, These reasons frequently appear to be done for the greater good. Psychopaths always claim to be victims when they are caught. Psychopaths cannot admit wrong doing, they can never apologize and they always attack first.
I contend to you oh gentle reader that Laura Knight Jadczyk's obsession with psychopaths is a direct result of her own psychopathy. Laura is literally attempting to heal her own psychosis with her obsession with psychopaths. Is it possible for a psychopath to heal themselve? Judging from Laura the answer is an absolute NO.

Because Laura is probably a psychopath she reacts to information concerning psychopaths and she inverts it. Instead of realizing that the traits of a psychopath are part of her personality Laura projects her own fears outwards and turns everyone else into a psychopath. In Laura's world everyone but her loyal followers is a psychopath or a potential psychopath. Only she and her followers are safe from the contagious disorder.

Certainly the behavior listed above is all the evidence needed to understand her obsession; channeling aliens, attacking innocent people, thinking that everyone is an agent, even Attempted Murder. Yes you heard me right. Laura Knight Jadczyk was once arrested for Attempted Murder.

The last about Arkadiusz Jadczyk (husband of Laura):


On her early website in the late 1990's, when I first noticed her and her odd activities, she wrote several times about how George Soros and her husband Ark Jadczyk were associates. She claimed that Soros paid for Ark to travel to the US.

For sure we know that Ark Jadczyk and Soros were on a panel once to study depopulation. Now we know that Soros is behind the funding of Agenda 21 which is a depopulation plan disguised as "environmentalism".

As Soros became more well known and his funding of secretive New World Order fronts was starting to get out, Laura decided to diminish the link between her husband and the father of the New World Order: George Soros.

Her site has since been scrubbed clean of these references.
There is little doubt in my mind that the entire "cassiopaean experiment" is a mind control experiment designed by the New World Order. As well as being an associate of George Soros, Ark Jadczyk also worked for DARPA, the DOD's favorite mind control agency.

Whatever you do, stay away from Laura Knight Jadczyk. Not only will you be scammed out of all of your money but she will get into your mind and attempt to control that also. With links to pentagon mind control organizations like DARPA the smart move would be to stay far way.

Source of the above excerpts: [thegipster.blogspot.com]

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