Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Date: January 27, 2010 02:23AM

Maureen has passed away? That is what I gathered from the last entry. Does anyone know for sure?

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: drbkas ()
Date: January 27, 2010 10:34PM

Yes. Maureen passed about 2 weeks ago. They have set up a foundation ,inher name, to be used by people who need counseling, but can't afford it.

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Date: January 30, 2010 11:06PM

Thanks, I did find her obituary online. It gives me comfort to know that she is with our Lord who will show her both the positive and negative effect she has had on people. He will speak to her on our behalf and she will have clarity. I wish her peace and rest. Goodbye Maureen.

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: JTAB ()
Date: March 23, 2010 04:06AM

Sorry to hear Big Mo passed away, I was a client there from 99-02, shocked tat I stayed there that long, luckily I had 7 years of sobrity before I came for Help with sex addiction. I liked Maureen I think she had good intentions, then at some point the creepymunity took on a life of it's own, then her EGo took over and pushed humility out. They do prectice unethical counseling thre oare many duel relationships happening and they operate more as a inpatient facility rather than intensive outpaitient. The current clinet save them a lot of money transporting and housing clients all in the name of bieng grateful and giving that is why they don't raise the group prices I feel it is out of guilt more than humanitary reasons. None of the clients can go anywhere without support but Beth frequnetly took trips to France alone annd clients viewed this as some kind of spiritual quest rather than the actions fo a lonley woman. The family other than Mike does not seem to practice the principles they believe in. Often giving messages that they don't follow. I have gone back to the 6:30am meetings a few times over the years and I now see it as a loney isoalted community where the clients often do not have any friendships outside of their community, where in the meeing I feel a deep sadness I feel that the clients think they should be happy but they don't look or feel that way but will honetly look you in the face and say everything is great. So many of the people there have invested so much time and energy that they don't know how to leave if they could some people have invested 20 years of their life there and have realy no place to go and have a deep seated fear that they will relapse. I have been sober 18 years now I am greatful for some things I learned there I have been free of sex addiction for 10 years, I left becuse I was afraid of what would happen to me if I stayed, I was becoming someone that the community wanted me to become because they could not honer who I am. God bless you Maureen, and my hope is that the community chnages or dissolves for the good of the people stuck there because they are not really living life free they or in deep codependence. Sorry for so many mispelled words can't find spell check here.

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: bullcccrap ()
Date: April 07, 2010 10:28AM

I dont even know where to start...either Beth never acctually attended her ethics class in college or is just completely insane. I fought with resentment for a long time for the lack of confidentiality I experienced when I was there as well as the nasty rumors that were spread by Beth herself (and others) after I left. Once I started going to counseling and my thoughts and feelings about how corrupt choices is were validated I really started to move on from it. I literally had nightmares about the place for months after I left. I have really enjoyed life (sober) since I left and feel so unbelievebly greatful everyday just to have a real life. I know everyone talks about how crazy Beth is on this site but its not just her, those other ones have lost it too, but who wouldnt after being there like that for 20 years? Im just so happy to be gone :) I love life!

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: Jerry Curl ()
Date: April 07, 2010 09:08PM

It's called a god complex, and over a 7 year period I watched it turn Maureen from a helpful person to an arrogant mean person. Her chair turned into a throne, and it was disturbing watching how people treated it. She and the other therapist violated the core AA principles daily by violating non-choices members anonymity at the 6:30 AM meeting. Anyone who truly cherishes their sobriety and AA would never do that.

Glad you're happy. I found true sobriety and happiness after leaving.

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: Lady Pleiades ()
Date: April 07, 2010 10:46PM

Yea, that is still a huge ethical issue. They are not certified as an inpatient facility and we all know they function as one. No it's not inpatient but send us a rent check. And the other inmates are the babysitters? Maureen exploited some of the most abused people I have ever met with implementing those foundations. MRT thought she was an entrepeneur but so did Bernie Madoff! They are having a party in heII right now :D

And can you imagine a more desperate, vulnerable state than having a child that is struggling with mental health or drug abuse issues? Choices exploits those people mercilessly. It's so crazy when I tell people about it. I am taking counseling courses now and all my expriences at Choices are what the professors use as examples of what not to do. I also had post-traumatic issues during the ethics course I was required to take because of the blatant disregard for ethics at Choices. I knew that it felt strange, how they did things, having a cordial dinner at Maureen's house when she just attacked me for an hour or so in group, but I never knew it was codified as wrong.

I could probably give an example of how every single one of these was violated while I was there

oh well, rant over, Glad we're all out ! Thank God!!!

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: marypoppins ()
Date: September 07, 2010 09:51AM

I was at CCC for less than 3 months, back in 1996(?) I came in with a raging eating disorder, and have to say I was definitely temporarily rescued from it. I needed someone to take over my life because I was a critical level bulimic hitting a bottom fast. And . . .CCC certainly did take over my life. Unfortunately, I relapsed while there, then days later "escaped" went home for a few miserable days and then on to an impatient facility in SW FL.The intention was to return to CCC upon my return, but never did. And boy am I glad. I moved to the city where I went to treatment and have a real life here. I was at CCC for such a short period that I didn't really see all of what was going on, but it became clear to me once I left. I too agree it is "cult-like" . I was told many times that I would die if I left there, which I feel was so mentally and emotionally abusive. I didn't die and neither did others who got out. Very bizarre to me that people are there for so many years. I am sorry I only found this forum now, and it's been up since 2003. Hope more write in. I remember Bronwyn. Wonder if people remember me.

Glad to be free and among the living!

Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: Lady Pleiades ()
Date: September 08, 2010 10:43PM

Hi Mary

Glad you're here. :) I was definitely there when you were ... My ex-husband is still there and I haven't spoken to him in a decade. But I am re-married and was blessed with a son and am still sober myself -- happy, joyous and free. :) I'm sure that just irritated the heck out of Maureen because she gloated when people left and relapsed. And, conversely, she hated it when people stayed sober or abstinent after leaving. Isn't that just insane??! What person of any conscience would not want people to get well, whether in her facility or not? I don't know how she lived with herself. Well, the irony is that she was the most codependent person of all because all she did was control her own children, her staff, and then her clients. Yikers.

Her best ideas were not her own, but they did work. Her ego really warped any talent she had so that the good she may have done in helping people get clean and sober was undone by her inability to let them go... It's such a good life lesson. On second thought, all those benjamins were pretty powerful for her too. Greed maybe moreso than Ego was her downfall... Anyway, thanks for sharing. Are you still active with recovery there?


Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: marypoppins ()
Date: September 09, 2010 08:48AM

Well, here's my story after leaving CCC. I went to an inpatient facility here in SW FL. While I was in, the psychiatrist phoned CCC to talk with them. I don't know whether I asked her to or not. Remember, I was planning on returning to CCC. While the psych. was on the phone with a CCC therapist, she started questioning some of the things the therapist was telling her about me. When she hung up the phone, she told me she wasn't so sure that was a healthy treatment center for me. This psychiatrist was the medical director for the ED wing. I trusted her and began to realize too that Choices was not healthy for me. It didn't take her long to see through the crap at CCC - just a few minutes. Anyway, I relapsed while in tx here, and pretty much stayed in it for another year. However, I had very supportive people here to help me through it - the psychiatrist, the aftercare program, individual and group therapy, AA and OA meetings, etc. I managed to string 6 months of abstinence together, got married to a man I met in AA, had a beautiful daughter and stayed abstinent from my bulimia for over 12 years. But I had long ago stopped going to meetings, therapy, working the steps, etc. Unfortunately for me, I relapsed this summer and have been fighting to get back into recovery. I celebrate those 12 years I had. That was incredible for me - I was pretty critical level. And I will be in recovery again because I am surrounded by loving people who truly care about me and want me to get better. So that is my story. Relapse doesn't have to be a part of recovery but it was for me and I will learn from it. The reason I even found out about this forum last week was because I told my current therapist that I was in a sort of cult treatment center at one time. I told her I was sure it was shut down by now. She asked me some questions about it and I started feeling uneasy, like I wanted to hide some things that went on there because I was embarrassed that I was there. So when I got home, I googled CCC and couldn't believe they are still functioning. Then I found the cult forum, started reading posts and couldn't stop until I had read every single one. Man! What a relief to hear others felt the same way. I had often told my husband that I could have used some de-briefing/deprogramming after leaving there. But . . .he doesn't understand and no one really does unless they were there.
Does your name start with G? I think I know who you are. I must admit, I'm a little paranoid still, that CCC will read my post and figure out who I am. It shouldn't matter, buy old memories die hard I guess. I don't regret going to CCC (I was only there a little over 2 months) for the basic fact that I was ready to end my life because of my eating disorder and they took total control of my life at that point. But - the healthy thing would have been to help people transition back into their regular life, and this was not their plan. I think people became addicted to Choices, or in the least, totally dependent on them making every decision/thought/feeling for you. Phew to all of us who are out.

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