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Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: Dlong68 ()
Date: July 19, 2020 09:50PM

I loved finding a group in Baltimore. I had spent time in Alabama and felt like a group would help me get my life together. I had a substance problem, but more so a living life problem. I was wildly impulsive and suicidal. Initially the support with Judy Birch was a godsend. I think choices split the community and every time I did work with Choices I felt worse and more alone. I left because It was just too much. I’ve always missed group. 12steps ect are fine but it’s are to find OP groups. My life has been”ok” but i sometimes feel like I had a real chance then and that Sbeth and her manipulative behaviors sidelined me. I think about people I met more often than i thought i would.

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Re: Recovering from Choices Counseling Center
Posted by: lizbee ()
Date: October 14, 2020 04:06AM

Hi, it’s Liz, 1995-2004, and I recognize so many of you. I’m healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a multi-faceted program that includes daily meditation, and past traumas are coming up to be reworked. Hah, one thing Choices gave me – I know how to work a program!

I’m very clear now that I was abused and traumatized by the Choices program and the counselors. I’m sure others found hope, healing, and community there. It is us screw ups and scapegoats that are posting (we are totally not that, but were necessary for the sick system to function). I was a set-up for a cult. With two Narcissistic Personality Disorder parents, I had lived with abuse and trauma my whole life and was absolutely unable to recognize what was happening to me at Choices. I was home. My whole world rose and fell (mostly fell) on how my weekly session with my counselor went, and she was mean. Transference anyone? I came in with so little sense of self, no self confidence, and was further torn down from there by constant negative feedback in group after group. I quit speaking up in group, it was too painful.

I did learn some really good basic life skills there, mostly how to be a friend and have friends. With no role models and somewhere on the Asperger’s spectrum, I really needed Social Skills 101. But what a s**tshow of misdiagnoses! I was desperately lonely and needy, and labeled a sex addict. I was slender and shut down in a world of fear and cognitive dissonance and diagnosed anorexic. And deepest cut of all, I had no social skills and was labeled narcissistic.

In my healing, I have raged and wailed. They were supposed to HELP me! I was absolutely betrayed. In my healing I am strong and clear and I will NEVER be treated that way again!

Beth, our paths barely crossed but I remember you vividly from an afternoon group with Karen and my heart went out to you. You were real. I commend you for the courage it took to bring actions against Choices. I was specifically helped by seeing the psychiatrist and getting on antidepressants. Thank you!

Lauren, I’m the other biology nerd and you knew the rat’s secret name! I’m so sorry for what you went through. You’ve been special to me this whole time!

To all of us. My counselor has a saying I just love, “you’ve put your trauma to good use.” Stay strong and carry on. Liz

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