Living with the Borg/Bodysnatchers aka Landmark Education
Posted by: WonderlandAlice ()
Date: May 12, 2012 04:34AM

There are so many similar alarming stories about Landmark, I wonder why the government isn't do anything to stop them?

I happen to live in a house share where the landlady (who lives on the premises) and several housemates are Landmarkians. They do my head in. They're desperate to get me to do Landmark against my wishes & they're trying to manipulate & control me but I see what they're doing. They obviously think I'm stupid & oblivious to their mind games. The funny thing is the more they try & make me - the more I run for the hills LOL.

They're all a bit crazy too or shall I say highly neurotic, needy & attention seeking types - Histrionic personality disorder?
They're so arrogant, they think they know better than everyone & are constantly diagnosing people who have nothing to do with Landmark, they think they're professional therapists or something.
They don't drink alcohol and don't like others to drink it, if the landlady sees anyone having a few, she automatically deems them an alcoholic & tells everyone, she's a malicious gossip & mind poisoner. In fact anything she learns at Landmark, she applies to as many people as possible, e.g. someone has a problem with responsibility or someone thinks they're right about everything.
Personally I think the best way to teach is to lead by example but these loony tunes are certainly not doing that. It's cos of them that I started researching Landmark online & found a load of alarming stuff on them.

(FYI alcohol & drugs stop hypnosis from working, which is probably why Landmark don't allow it & is it legal to use hypnosis on people without their knowledge?)

I know I should move out but can't afford it, I am on the council housing waiting list but who knows how long that will take...(even tho I've told the council about this Landmarkian house.) I have health problems - hypothyroidism which causes manic-depression, chronic fatigue & poor concentration, which they know about.
I especially don't want to do Landmark cos of those people who have manic-depressive episodes afterwards & commit suicide. Plus I have no desire to tell my private problems to a bunch of people (I'd prefer a one on one with a shrink) and get told infront of them that I've made it all up & it's my fault & then have them maliciously gossiping about me. They don't believe in psychiatry or taking prescribed medication for illness so they might try & get me to stop taking my meds.

I was telling my friend about all this on the train recently & this girl sitting opposite us overheard & she told us of her bad experiences with Landmark. Her boss made her do a Landmark course & she hated it, she said it was like brainwashing & that one woman on the course stood up & told them that she'd been sexually abused as a child and the coach told her it was her own fault & that she should apologise to her abuser!
They bullied this girl on the train to sign up for another course but she refused, she said she broke down in tears because of their bullying so they left her alone finally. But her boss is trying to get other employees to do it.

Anyway that's a bit of my experience for now, I could write a book...I could call it Assimilate Assimilate Assimilate ;)

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