Thinking of Anything Good that Has Come of This...
Posted by: Questions_2 ()
Date: March 31, 2012 10:22PM

Well, it's slim pickins...

I've experienced bullying from neighbours as a result of having *one* anxiety attack when I recognized I'd been exposed to a year's worth of covert hypnosis from my ex. There has been some vicious slander in the tightknit community - distortions and untruths, originating from a neighbour who was actually the first to recognize my ex is in a cult, but that neighbour has a mental illness, and went off the deep end when I was having the anxiety attack and started spreading rumours that I was delusional for saying that my ex is in a cult.

So what was the point of all this?? Has there been any good come of this? Was it worth it? My answer is: not really. Cultic relationships are so attractive and lovely on the surface, but they wreak havoc in their wake.

I was unable to get my ex-partner to recognize the cultic relationship he's in with a family member who is running a small cult. If I'd got him out, or at least been able to speak with him in an intelligent fashion about what is going on in his life (he refuses to speak with me), then all that harassment from my community might have been worth it.

The whole ordeal was destructive and rather pointless, _except_ for the fact that I got de-NLP'd and de-superstitioned though going for counseling. Which if one had to weigh such things, I guess was worth it.

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Re: Thinking of Anything Good that Has Come of This...
Date: April 01, 2012 12:09AM

Any time one has learned something from an experience, one walks away with knowledge to be better prepared for the future.

Whether or not "anything good" will come from your unfortunate experience is up to you. Escaping is something to be grateful for.

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