Cults that produce sexually stunted members... (explicit?)
Posted by: Sylvan ()
Date: June 30, 2005 01:55AM

I was IM'ing with my sister the other day and the topic came up of the cult church we attended as kids.

She mentioned that:
[i:81e55ceb5b]Once, *pastor K* yelled at *young boy in the church* for having erections, saying that he was a dirty, nasty little boy who was allowing Satan to put impure thoughts in his head. He was six years old at the time.[/i:81e55ceb5b]

I can remember a time when the Youth Group (just about all the kids in the church) were sat down one Sunday Evening and told (again by pastor K) that there was a spirit of lust among us all, that we were thinking impure thoughts, and we were to cast it all out, rebuke Satan...

This was shortly after one of the men in the church was cast out after being humiliated from the pulpit one Sunday. The pastor told the entire church (kids included) that this man had a spirit of homosexuality and would pick up male hitchhikers on the highway and take them to rest areas to have sex with them.

One boy who is my age, was worked to the point of exhaustion at one of the pastors' businesses, taken to the pastors' home at night and coerced into confessing to molesting his young sister. The police were called, he was taken away, and there was no evidence of any such thing happening.

I recall being at my aunt & uncle's house, playing a game in the dark where one of my older cousins would jump out of the dark, grab at the younger cousins, and scare them. I remember being overwhelmingly upset, claiming that it was like "he wanted to have s-e-x with me!" *shakes head*

On New Years' and at other times, the church would be cleared of chairs and we'd have "discos", with food, dancing, and games. One game was "Wife-Swapping". It was innocent enough, with sets of threesomes sitting in chairs spaced around the sanctuary, and one man with only one "wife". As the music played, he'd run to another threesome, grab another "wife", and race back to his seat before the music ended. If any threesome was caught out of their seats when the music was stopped, they were out.

Another game was "Musical Laps". Same as Musical Chairs, except you'd have the chairs occupied by men and boys, and the women and girls would circle around them until the music stopped. Then they would hop onto the mens' laps, until one person was left out...

You can imagine, this was all very confusing to grow up with.

I don't know exactly why I'm posting this. Do many cults do this kind of thing? Are we alone in our stuntedness? Are we getting any better, after being out of the cult for 12 years? What is normal? ....

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Cults that produce sexually stunted members... (explicit?)
Posted by: Toni ()
Date: June 30, 2005 02:38AM


Sorry, confusing sexual messages are common in cults. Adults, raised in cults, have a lot to sort out.

Margaret Singer addressed post-cult sexual issues in her writings.

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