Soka Gakkai International -- SGI Mitsubishi weapons of war
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Date: March 03, 2011 09:09AM

Thanks for the info, this can be researched.
Search Google for:

Mitsubishi weapons

Soka Gakkai and Mitsubishi appear to be deeply involved, and the company makes all sorts of weapons of death, for profit.

So General Ikeda?
Where is your "peace"?
You are a war profiteer.
Ikeda is a hypocrite, and a liar.

You cannot pretend to chant for peace with one-hand to deceive your credulous followers, and fill your other hand with profits from weapons of death.

Time to wake up to reality.
Ikeda is off the charts of telling the Big Lie repeatedly with conviction to deceive the masses.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI Mitsubishi weapons of war
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 04, 2011 12:32AM

This website lists some companies affiliated or controlled by SGI.
Cross-posted here for search engine indexing.

This time, we will deliver a corporate list of Soka Gakkai(SGI)-affiliated.

- HUSER:Human User Company(80 percent of the employee seems to have been published in the advertisement of the Seikyou newspaper by the Soka society member. The believer also is considerably buying. )
- Sekisui house
- ITO EN, LTD.(The diamond magazine also refers famously in Soka Gakkai-affiliated. Vending machines set up in facilities related to Soka Gakkai are all Ito-En. )
- Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.(Soka Gakkai seems to own, and there to be a lot of people related to Soka Gakkai also in the Yakult lady as for Jingu Stadium on the base ground of the baseball team. However, itself the player of the baseball team is irrelevant. A lot in optimism (former Kintetsu) and Nippon Ham if it is a baseball team. )
- BOOK OFF(It is famous that the relation is deep. hereSoka Gakkai is strong in the antique handling relation. )
BOOK OFF Ikeda Daisaku
- TSUTAYA, CCC, Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.(Invest aggressively in an BOOK OFF. )
- UNIQLO Co., Ltd. (Alias Fast Retailing. Here is also famous, and TSUTAYA and an BOOK OFF, etc. are variously coordinated each other. )
- H.I.S. Co., Ltd.(Actually, become the supporting company of the performance of WAHAHA-Hompo of Soka Gakkai-affiliated) HIS is maxim for the complaint of HIS , saying that yakuza tone and "It is not had a mind to be going to change correspondence completely in the future".
- Club tourism(Travel agency: The seventh place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004 The mark of the company is near Soka Gakkai's, and is also doubtful. )
- Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd., Kintetsu International Express Inc.(the third place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004)
- Watami Ltd. that manages nursing, Ayacan'yume educational institution Ayacan junior high school, Ayacan high school, and Ayacan global high school etc. of house and T.G.I.Friday 's and house and Watamiecoroga Watamifarm Watami of Watami, harmony the people, sitting harmony people (Zawatami), seafood conduct oneself harmony people market, harmony seeing Tei, Gohan, and(the fifth place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004)
- Monte Rosa Ltd. where plain wood shop and Uotami, etc. are managed(The industrial strike is famously in the roughness of the person use. The financial clique of reason plain wood Yoshikazu Shi of relative Komeito of the wife of the Ikeda masterpiece had managed it. )
- "Yourou no Taki" of tavern(It is famous for a long time as Soka society member's habitue's drinking house. )
- Tokyo Disneyland (Oriental Land) Soka Gakkai owns stock 10% of Disney. (former representative director Japan of Koji Hoshino Walt Disney company and others believer person of six Soka University alumnus terms ..director 2?3..)
- Doutor Coffee(The Soka society member recognizes it officially. )
- Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.(The appearance artist of the campaign for giraffe's canned coffee fire is a Soka society member in the Mitsubishi group. It is declared that fool Kamei of the Liberal-Democratic Party doesn't drink the beer of Soka Gakkai either. )
- The agent provocateur of' Soka Gakkai Daiso formal name '.. ..Ltd... ..number considerably.. is working for one 00 yen in not 1 person but two or more regions ..largeness.. creating. However, the same Korean peninsula system though there is a believer of Unification Church (Unite both of the victory), too.
- AOYAMA TRADING co., ltd. (To tell the truth, the chairman of 100 yen PLAZA who united it with Aoyama Trading. Daiso is the same as the chairman of Aoyama Trading. )
- Theatrical company named WAHAHA-Hompo(Masami Hisamoto in the Soka Gakkai public entertainments part and Rie's Shibata both men belong, and representative's writer Hajime is Soka Gakkai. )
- Takarazuka Girls' Operetta Troupe(It is said that the stimulant that the Goto Yamaguchi-gumi-affiliated class imported from North Korea is treated, and Soka Gakkai undertakes the money laundering of the earnings. )
- K1 (It backs up in the capital. It supports it like the purchase of the admission ticket etc. as the Soka society member brings it together. )
- Hokke Club(Hotel of national chain. Soka Gakkai operating directly?)
- Asics(All president's aunts of the part seem to be also so in the Soka society member. )
- Pasona(President's southern part Yasuyuki is a Soka society member in Barbary. Representative former Maehara's of the Democratic Party wife also was working. )
- It is already famous in Sofmap and personal computer atelier (antique relation) industries as Soka Gakkai-affiliated.
- Big camera(Sofmap is supported. )
- Yamada Denki(Not only the president but also all management is occupied by the Soka society member. When electing it, the poster of Komeito (Soka Gakkai party) is pasted, and a lot of Soka society members are had as for the employee. )
- Esthetics de MYLORD(The variety show got into the news. )
- Nitori ( necessaries..Soka University..find employment..person..a lot of.)
- Bikkuri Donkey
- TenkaIppin(ramen shop)
- Toho Pharmaceutical and Tomo Tscmirai G loop(There are a lot of those at Soka University who find employment. It creates and related companies seem to like Soka Gakkai. )
- Confectionery of grape of Tokyo and 'silver'(Grapstorn Ltd.)
- Wagon road(Family restaurant. Additionally, the restaurant of various genres is managed in the group. )
- Japanese judas tree woods(Chinese restaurant. Especially, the Japanese judas tree woods in Shinanomachi in the town of Soka Gakkai is Mecca in which they gather. )
- Eye hop(family restaurant)
- Namis of health food SF
- Healthy family's shop
- Sushi "Warehouse (saddle)" chain that turns(It is abundant in Hachioji etc.)
- HamaSushi
- Koenji ring 7 along"Souka"
- Transformer arts of animated cartoon production
- Studio Alice(photograph shop)
- Aoyama of coffee(It is taught to the Soka society member, "Here is a seat where Mr.Ms. Ikeda sat" etc. by word of mouth. )
- Hakubundou bookstore
- Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi(The main financing bank of Soka Gakkai is Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and the character is Mickey. )
- It gives preferential treatment to those who decide Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industires (Gendai Weekly: aim of Soka Gakkai and Mitsubishi group "High level conference") informally more than general man.
- Sotec
- Comusademord and ism
- Anabuki construction company

Complete Soka enterprise as follows
- Japanese books transportation. (11.3 billion yen in annual turnover like transportation and move etc. of Seikyou newspaper etc.)
- Nitiei (It is 1.1 billion yen in the annual turnover in the subsidiary company of the Japanese books transportation. )
- Shinano facilities management (3.6 billion yen in annual turnover like management of Soka Gakkai hall etc.)
- Nikkou guard security (It is 1.6 billion ..subject.. yen in the annual turnover as for the guard of the Soka Gakkai hall. )
- Creation company (The Soka Gakkai relation of 3.6 billion yen in the annual turnover : by about 80%.)
- Glory construction (2.9 billion yen in the annual turnover around building and the repair of Soka Gakkai facilities. )
- Shinano project (5.9 billion yen in annual turnover such as video production and goods of Soka Gakkai event)
- East and west philosophy study(The store develops centering on Shinanomachi, and 9.2 billion yen in the annual turnover.)
- Shio publisher (4.5 billion yen in annual turnover like writing of monthly "Shio" and Ikeda etc.)
- The third civilization company (One billion yen in annual turnover like publication related to Soka Gakkai etc.)
- Otori study (Goods is delivered to the university library, and 3.8 billion yen in the annual turnover. )
- TOKO (1.9 billion yen in annual turnover like employment ad in Seikyou newspaper etc.)
- Fuji white lotus company (The majority of the customer are 1.9 billion yen in the annual turnover in the Soka society member. )

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Soka Gakkai-SGI Ikeda's Big Lie, Mitsubishi weapons of war
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 04, 2011 01:12AM

This is Ikeda's message of "peace"?
To invest SGI's members money in arms and weapons manufacturing companies?
Who engage in corrupt and criminal (bribes) government weapons procurement sales globally?

Of course it is.
Daddy-know-best Ikeda, feeds the masses their Illusions and fairy tales, but Ikeda knows how the real world works. If you want massive profits, you invest in weapons manufacturing and especially corrupt government sales and procurement worldwide.

What is SGI?
In Japan, the public can see what a dangerous sect they are.
But in the USA? There is not enough information.
SGI is not about SGI-Chanting. That is merely a smokecreen, a distraction, to keep the chanting millions from asking what is going on behind the curtain, and where their money went.

Ikeda, Gandhi, King.
The farce of the Ikeda Big Lie is almost beyond comprehension.
These guys look at the mass public as sheeple, who have to be fed illusions, as guys like Ikeda believe the general public can't handle the truth. So they have to tell them lies, to get them to behave the way Ikeda wants them to.
Sadly, so many in SGI-USA seemed to be totally absorbed with SGI-chanting, and trying to change their own karma, that they don't look up at SGI and wonder where their "donations" are going.
That is how its designed by SGI. Keep the masses overbooked, and self-absorbed with their own issues, and make them chant more and more, and think less.
Let Ikeda do the thinking.

Meanwhile, the SGI global investment corporation is making billions from investments in corporations selling weapons of death and dealing with criminals and murderers (not hyperbole) globally.

The disconnect between reality and illusion, is really to the point of an engineered delusion.

Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), CONTRACTORS

Activities/Services Commercial and military helicopters, military aircraft, aircraft engines, guided missiles and defence electronics. Satellite and space systems...
* Air-Launched Rockets
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Beyond Visual Range
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Within Visual Range
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Anti-Ship
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Direct Attack
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Stand-Off And Cruise
* Analysis
* Analysis - Air-To-Air Missiles
* Analysis - Air-To-Surface Missiles
* Analysis - Automatic Grenade Launchers
* Analysis - Bombs
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Development
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Service
* Analysis - Gun Pods And Mountings
* Analysis - Guns
* Analysis - In-Service Combat Aircraft And Their Air-Launched Weapons Capabilities
* Analysis - Mines And Depth Charges
* Analysis - Rocket Launchers
* Analysis - Rockets
* Analysis - Torpedoes
* Analysis - Worldwide In-Service Combat Aircraft
* Bombs - Cluster And Dispenser Munitions
* Bombs - Precision And Guided Munitions
* Bombs - Unguided
* Contractors
* Glossary
* Guns - Integral And Mounted
* Guns - Podded Systems
* Underwater Weapons - Mines And Depth Charges
* Underwater Weapons - Torpedoes
* Underwater Weapons - Unclassified Projects

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Re: Soka Gakkai-SGI Ikeda's Big Lie, Mitsubishi weapons of war
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 04, 2011 01:23AM

It could also be researched if some of the weapons manufacturers SGI or its SGI front-groups invest in, also manufacture land-mines. The kind of land-mines that are planted by the thousands, and then stay there for years, and kill and mame children all over the world.

Above cluster bombs are listed, which often do the same thing when they don't go off, and hit the ground. They sit there, until some child touches it, and the child is killed or horribly mamed for life.

Its time for the members of SGI-USA to wake-up, do the research, and cut off ALL MONEY to SGI-USA. SGI don't deserve one dollar, or one-nickel, until they can account for where every dollar is going, with audited accounts from the IRS and totally independent auditors.

How many SGI-USA members, want their donation money, to go to SGI global, and then into an investment pool of capital, that manufactures weapons of death and deals with corrupt and criminal governments?

SGI-USA should have an internal revolt, and the first step is to cut-off all money going to SGI. Not one more dollar should go to SGI-USA or its front-groups.

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Re: Soka Gakkai-SGI Ikeda's Big Lie, Mitsubishi weapons of war
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 04, 2011 05:31AM

Search Google for:

soka gakkai mitsubishi


October 14th, 1995

This has worked very much to the financial benefit of Soka Gakkai. In partnership with the Mitsubishi Bank, a country- wide chain of cemetaries has been constructed, complete with piped Mozart, and with thousands of plots, all of them sold.
JIRO OSHIKO (Former S.G. official): I was forced to buy a cemetary plot in Hokkaido (The northern-most island of Japan). I live in Ohmiya, a suburb of Tokyo. So, there was no need to buy a cemetary plot in a remote place like the island of Hokkaido. I was not allowed to pay for the plot in cash. I was, to some extent, coerced to take out a loan with Mitsubishi Bank. The bank calculated my monthly payments. And, in the end, I think I finished up having to pay twice the normal amount.

PROF. KITANO: The Mitsubishi Group is a major (business) concern. Before the war, Mitsubishi was even more powerful. Today the Mitsubishi Bank is Soka Gakkai's main bank. There are strong ties between them

Very serious questions have been asked on how so much money was spent on certain works of art, and where the money went. Here at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, negotiations allegedly took place, in 1989, for the purchase of two French impressionist paintings that are now in the Soka Gakkai collection. Tax authorities became suspicious, because both Soka Gakkai and Mitsubishi claimed to have purchased the same paintings, on the same day, in the same place, but at a different price.

Tax investigators could find no trace of two French nationals who supposedly sold the two Renoir paintings to Mitsubishi. It appears to have been a double sale of the paintings in which 11 million (U.S.) dollars went astray -- simply disappeared.

However, a financial expert says that most of the money
collected is invested in financial markets. "In the case of last year,
money transferred to authorized accounts at banks in Tokyo
was added up twice between September and November. The
three extra months' worth of zaimu was received as 'pennies
from heaven' and kept idle in the usual accounts. They thought it
would be profitable if they lumped it all together and invested the
large amount at fixed intervals. The money from the banks in
Tokyo was amassed together at the Yotsuya branch of Mitsubishi
Bank, the Gakkai's main bank and then invested in the
zaimu department of each of the Tokyo banks. Then, in
accordance with instructions from Mitsubishi Bank, the money was
returned to the Yotsuya branch, and then remitted to banks and
securities firms which pay high interest. Then it was deposited
in a fixed account in the Postal savings system. There is also a
recent report that it is being invested as a hedge fund for
overseas, where they are speculatively vigorous."



- Soka Gakkai was condemned in 1988 by a tribunal in Tokyo for bugging the telephone of the private home of the General Secretary of the Japanese Communist Party.

- Ikeda was found 'comforting' Manuel Noriega (at this time a disciple of Soka Gakkai) when America sanctioned Panama.

- In March 1990, a swirl of accusations over a mysterious transaction involving the Soka Gakkai, the Mitsubishi Corp and two Renoir paintings in which nearly 1.5 billion yen had gone missing. Also involved in the fiasco are two Frenchmen who allegedly owned the paintings and have disappeared, because no one corresponding to their description has lived at their alleged addresses in Switzerland.

- The first evidence that politicians, who regularly use the stock market to raise campaign funds, received improper payments from Japan's top brokerage houses, came in August 1991 with the disclosure that the Soka Gakkai received more than 3 million dollars in improper payments. Because of the affiliation with the CGP, suspicions have fed renewed public outrage over what seems to be incomplete inquiries into these affairs.

- The organisation operates five cemeteries in Japan through a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corps. In May 1991, Soka Gakkai paid 640 million yen in profits from the sale of gravestones over the three year period ending in March 1990.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Shavoy ()
Date: March 04, 2011 05:45AM

ooops...sorry, Doubtful and Nichijew..I meant 25 years of practice...which means..a quarter...Wow. I apologize for the brain emission..forgive! Thanks for the welcome and I'm sorry for my gaffe.

From reading this forum, (which I will be doing from start to finish more than once, because there is so much here from everyone) it is not hard to see brainwash taking hold in degrees from mild to off-the-chart, depending on the individual. The continual promise of unlimited benefits and happiness--just around the next bend! seems to help keep the faithful glued to their seats...I'm with you, Doubtful, I wish things might have taken a better, truly more humanistic turn...

SGI is NOT a democracy...

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: doubtful ()
Date: March 04, 2011 07:17AM

@Nichijew who wrote, "Now I spend my time refuting SGI and their leaders and praising the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha, and Nichiren Daishonin." All I can say is give 'em hell Mark! Your devotion to refuting SGI's claims and actions should be welcome even by SGI leaders. One of the things that makes us special(especially Westerners) is our ability to open ourselves up for debate, criticism, and scrutiny. It's a very healthy thing. The moment an individual or an organization feels beyond reproach or criticism danger lies ahead. Each person has to decide what to do with contending views but those views should be available. The history of the world has shown that secrecy and presuming the best interests of others never lead to anything but disillusionment. Perhaps I could have developed better or faster sooner had I left SGI early on. I know some of the doctrinal basis for your point of view so I know you don' t say it lightly. Typically people who get or have a better understanding of Buddhism tend to find SGI's version of Nichiren baffling to say the least. Perhaps I let them off the hook a lot simply because I accept that what SGI promotes is not Buddhism but it's not a bad thing in and of itself. It does does encourage people to be happy and to face their challenges with a sense of mission (sorry that's Gakkai speak) and singular optimism. If you can ignore the MDM, which some do, the rest is not bad--and most of the members are really nice people. Okay enough. I am glad we can run the range of responses to our time with SGI.@The Anticult, I reiterate: Give'em hell! You wrote, "Sadly, so many in SGI-USA seemed to be totally absorbed with SGI-chanting, and trying to change their own karma, that they don't look up at SGI and wonder where their 'donations' are going." Even if the members heard about the destination of their donations, most would not believe it. I thank you for the startling info you provided. When I got wind of some of this last year, before I left SGI, I decided to never donate to SGI again simply because the technique used typically made it sound like SGI needed the money. Not even the blindest member could honestly believe that in the face of your data. However, in the real world even supposedly peaceful politicians and organizations have suspicious backers, lobbyists, and investments. I agree that what makes SGI noteworthy is the ridiculous comparison to men like Gandhi and King while sitting on billions. I agree that this will only broaden, "The disconnect between reality and the point of an engineered delusion." Ultimately members will lose faith in SGI and any benevolent sounding organization or person. I suppose we did not need our experience with SGI to tell us this but deep down some of us thought we had found something nobler when we found SGI.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI: Creating Wealth
Posted by: tsukimoto ()
Date: March 04, 2011 07:50AM

It's interesting to look back at SGI speeches and actions from the 1950's, when Josei Toda was president and Ikeda was Young Men's Division leader. The writing was on the wall, even then.

From page 163 of this thread:

----------------------------Beginning of Quote------------------------------------------------------------------------


Toda was also not speaking metaphorically about material benefits. For Toda, true faith should bring rewards in terms of health and wealth,as is made clear in another talk ;When I meet you, I don't ask: "Are you keeping faith?" The reason is that I take your shakubuku for granted. What I really want to ask you is how your business is, whether you are making money, and if you are healthy. Only when all of you receive divine benefits do I feel happy. A person who says "I keep faith; I conduct shakubuku" when he is poor - I don't consider him my pupil. Your faith has only one purpose: to improve your business and family life.Those who talk about "faith" and do not attend to their business are sacrilegious. Business is a service to the community. I will expel those of you who do nothing but shakubuku without engaging in business. (Murata, pp.107-8)

[Toda said] How can we live happily in this world and enjoy life? If anyone says he enjoys life without being rich and even when he is sick - he is a liar. We've got to have money and physical vigor, and underneath all we need is life force. This we cannot get by theorizing or mere efforts as such. You can't get it unless you worship a gohonzon...It may be irreverent to use this figure of speech, but a gohonzon is a machine that makes you happy. How to use this machine? You conduct five sittings of prayer in the morning and three sittings in the evening and shakubuku ten people. Let's make money and build health and enjoy life to our hearts' content before we die! (Murata, p.108)

-------------------------------end of quote------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Your faith has only one purpose -- to improve your business and family life"......."we've got to have money...." "The Gohonzon is a machine that makes you happy....." "Let's make money....." Can't get much clearer than that!

SGI is, and was, even in the 1950's, a business that sells "a machine to make you happy." Like a lot of 'get rich quick" schemes, SGI seduces you with tales of how you can make money and make your dreams come true....and in the end, you find that you've just worked really hard to make someone else rich!

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Soka Gakkai International -- SGI: Ikeda a wolf in sheep's clothing
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 04, 2011 12:50PM

If the wolves appear as they are, like wolves, then the sheep will flee from them.
So that is why the wolves conceal themselves in sheep's clothing, to make it easier to fleece the sheep.

If General Ikeda wanted to be a ruthless billionaire capitalist investor, who doesn't care if his profits come from selling weapons of war, and wants to use golden toilets [] then why try to pose as a sheep in your propaganda?
Because that is how you get the billions in the first place.

You can bet SGI has lost many fortunes in the stock market, but they can always get more, from putting the squeeze on the little people at the bottom with more SGI lies and pressure tactics.

Chanting aside, from the evidence, no one should ever give SGI-USA one dollar more, ever, until they account for all the billions.
Which Buddhist chanter, wants their money to go into an investment pool, with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, that sells weapons of death and mass murder to corrupt governments using criminal bribes (aka the weapons business)?
Its also no accident these huge weapons companies also make consumer products.

This is why SGI also tries to put out a Sheeple front of being Buddhist passivists, meanwhile investing in weapons of war, and conducting defacto "wars" against the enemies of SGI.

The reality is that SGI on a global level, is actually far worse than it appears to be. And with that many billions, you can bet there are those ready to take over once Ikeda dies, and perhaps put up a front-man, but run the SGI Corp from behind the scenes.

At the highest level, SGI is truly a terrible organization, and cannot be trusted with even one dollar in donations.
SGI is a 100% fail, when it comes to a "charitable organization".

There are good, open, local orgs that help people, and that is where donations can go.
One cannot imagine how anyone could donate any money to SGI, when you have no idea of where its going, or if its going to own a piece of weapons corporation stock as part of a hedge fund by next week, who are betting on more new wars, to make more trillions in war profits.

SGI...war profiteering is good Buddhism business.
Their "SGI Buddhism" is just a sheeps-skin for them hide behind to conduct business.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI: Ikeda a wolf in sheep's clothing
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 04, 2011 12:52PM

As well, in Japan "religious orgs" can get away with basically anything, due to how the laws evolved.
So when you have that kind of situation, wide open for abuse, literally every criminal with a brain, is going to open up some kind of religious front-group, to launder their money.

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