HELP ME!!! this girl thinks I am her warewolf cub sister!!!!
Posted by: LaughingWillow ()
Date: October 23, 2004 05:12PM

I post here time to time seeking to help others...but tonight I need help!!

I met this girl through a friend...she took to me thing I know she claims to be my psychic sister....we do have alot in comon
our birthdays are 7 years and 1 day appart....something keeps telling me that things are not all well with our new relationship.....She is highly spiritual and almost superstitious. She says that we mirror each other spiritualy. And most of all she is in some weird -ass spiritual beliefs that we were sisters decendants from lepines (warewolves) She claims that werewolves are spiritual beings that are inherantly good but possesive of the foests. She claimed seeing a lepine motioning to her saying it ok to be in those woods. She mentioned some dude that leads up a pagan group that turned against her and is projecting evil spells on her...I told her that he cant hurt her if she just does not believe in his ability.....(to prevent any plasbo effect on her...because I dont believe in magic) Anyway since then 5 days a number of things has happened....this guy came into a club she was at and she was able to mentaly tell him to leave ...because of "my spiritual bond with her" she said if it was not for my spiritual presence that she could not have done it. Then she calls 2 days later with anouther tragity....her boyfriend "got possesed and tried to rape her"....I talked to him...and he was pissed because he never wanterd to hurt her...and this "spirit took advantage of him" buuuut and a big but....she was witholding sex for 2 weeks because she was sick...and claimed that her "protector spirit" was very serious and did not like his "playful nature"
meanwhile she said that he has been whining for sex for a while...before that gut feeling is that he was not possesed.....he did try to rape her and then when the shit hit the fan...he claimed to be possesed

Then on top all this ..she is begging me to pray with her in the lepine forests for her protection againast this other guy...the dude that runs the pagan group..that supposably "sent the spirit that possesed her boyfriend"
anyway they also want me to come up this halloween for protection

what they hell!!!..they treat me like I am some kind of goddess.....I am a college student I dont need this psychodrama

I doint know what to do with her

she claims that someone told her that she will meet a woman that is very influencal in her life and says it is me

she says we are psychic sisters..I only known her for a week!
she says we are spiritual mirrors
and we are cub mates to some warewolf group
and she treats me like I am the final athority in her life

help me peel this girl off me!!!

what do I do......?????...whines

despretly needing help


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HELP ME!!! this girl thinks I am her warewolf cub sister!!!!
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 23, 2004 09:42PM

If she calls, or comes to your door, do NOT let her in or talk to her.

Dont answer the door, even if she's wailing. If necessary call the police. You want to avoid a situation where you're alone together, she doesnt like what you say or do, then falsely accuses you of assault.

Without witnesses, in a situation like that, a man is at a horrible disadvantage.

Step One

You have to protect yourself & your social reputation.

1) Do not go with her alone--EVER. If she cries and says she has a medical emergency, she should call the ambulance, not you.

2) Dont talk with her on the phone. If necessary get an answering machine message that has a fake recording instead of your real voice. Obsessed people sometimes keep calling your number just to hear your recorded voice.

3)**Go to your student advisor AND go to student mental health services at your campus and tell them about this clingy girl. You want to get proof on paper that you're concerned about her welfare.

Reason for this is in case you try to break up with her, she may accuse you of doing something to hurt her, so you have to get proof on paper by going to people at your school that you're the one concerned for her welfare.


*If she cries and does any threat to harm herself, tell her she has to talk to a doctor, that her problems are too big for you to handle. But the best thing is talk to someone first before you get to this point with her.

If you cant talk to anyone at student mental health services or a student advisor over the weekened, go to the campus police (their office has to be open on weekends) and tell them your concerns. They may have additional advice. Do something, anything to get it on paper.

She's clingy and is using supestitious reasoning to justify it. If she didnt believe in psychic powers or werewolves, she'd come up with other reasons to do the same thing.

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HELP ME!!! this girl thinks I am her warewolf cub sister!!!!
Posted by: LaughingWillow ()
Date: October 24, 2004 06:24AM

thank you so much for your advice....I will apply these things..ya she is freaky

I am worried about her boyfriend attempting to rape her....I think I will notify her college to deal with it.

Thank you....ya she obsessed with me.....I never experieced this before
but it is creepy....thank you for your advise


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HELP ME!!! this girl thinks I am her warewolf cub sister!!!!
Posted by: faulkor ()
Date: October 26, 2004 02:40PM

Hello I am now known as know the luck dragon in the never ending story...I love that character and that book

anyway I had some creepy girl stalking me so I had to change me email and to do that I had to create a new file.....anyyyway

I also changed my phone number
and she does not know where I live so I am good to go


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HELP ME!!! this girl thinks I am her warewolf cub sister!!!!
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: October 30, 2004 01:52AM

When you meet people that are obviously mentally ill, and potentially dangerous, just WALK AWAY from them.
She needs a psychiatrist, but you can't force someone into treatment, until its often too late.


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