Commitment ??
Posted by: ginger38 ()
Date: March 09, 2004 09:31AM

Some people think I am mean to say all these things, I guess Jesus is a lot meaner, calling the Pharasees Ravenous wolves and hypocrites. Which is Morningstar truly are, They are a bunch of ravenous wolves looking for prey whom they can try to victimized,

First they come in a false sheep clothing then they will try to befriend you and slowly they will try to make you give up your decision making. Decison making example, which college course you should take. DO them a favor, like pick up the guest thats coming from different state or different country. QUIT your job and enter the Ministry ( I Know somebody did that and they are struggling) Go to the Pastor House, with a group of people in the church and clean their homes and take care of their kids. Or if somebody invited you to preach in other church, other than Morningstar, they give a suggestion, tell them no. Or attend a course in VLI And like a blind mindless zombie you obey them, there is no harm.

AND WHEN YOU START TO SAY NO, Because you are busy in college and can't come to bible studies or clean their homes and take care of their kids, AND you start to noticed that VLI is too expensive and you learn nothing or it takes too much of your time, or the college course that Morningstar wants you to take is stupid, its called mass communication, wasting your parent's money or your part time job money to pay for your college fees. this is whats going to happen, I know been there, seen it.

LIKE A RAVENOUS WOLVES they start to attack you. You are rebellious, lack of faith, You are full of bitterness. You are disobedient, you have LACK OF COMMITMENT.


Don't believe me, check out what was preached a couple of women's conference ago. Get the tapes. It was preached in Los Angeles, CA.

The whole structure of the church is based on this, very simple rule " we are the Morningstar leaders , the Men of God and we have a ministry and a vision and its YOUR JOB AS A BORN AGAIN Christian in this ministry is to SERVE US (this doctrine is called commitment). "

This is their Motto.

This motto is sum up to one thing. SLAVERY. The bible says WE CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS.

In this ministry, if you want to be anywhere in God, YOU OBEY THEIR APOSTOLIC ORDER.

BUT They never tell you that every person that they approve and obey them had DISASTROUS LIVES IN THEIR MINISTRY. BUT Every PERSON that DOES NOT OBEY THEM, HAD LED A BLESSED LIVES.

Don't look for the leaders commitment to you by the way, there is none.

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Commitment ??
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: March 09, 2004 12:47PM

Well, if its any consolation, i don't think you are "mean".
Dealing with any type of a cult is an ugly business. Those who go through it can have intense anger.
I don't have any problem with people using strong and colorful language to express their genuine outrage. Anger is part of the healing process.
Just tell the emotional truth as you see it.


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Commitment ??
Posted by: Larryjames ()
Date: March 10, 2004 01:30AM

First of all, I apologize on behalf of those [the hypocrites] who hurt you by mis-using the teachings of Jesus. Anyone who uses spiritual manipulation to control others and/or cause pain to fellow humans is actually blaspheming the message of Jesus. For, the fundamental message Jesus gave us was: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." Which also means, anyone who hurts a neighbor is not truly living according to the teachings of Jesus.

And, when Jesus called the pharisees "hypocrites" we need to understand that he was speaking only to those who were using spiritual manipulation to control people. The kind of people that hurt you. (We must understand that the pharisees were the "spiritual" leaders of their people. The people looked up to them. Among other things, they were supposed to teach God's Word to the people and help all those in need of emotional support. But many of them, during that time, did not practice what they taught. They focussed more on outward appearances of "holiness" (they stressed on following the 600+ "external laws") but omitted to obey laws of kindness and genuine love for all people.)

I may not be in your shoes to know your pain. But, I have had my share of bad experiences with "spiritual" leaders.

I hope you have found peace.

Finally, I must say that I am very grateful to this forum for allowing me to share my feelings.

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Commitment ??
Posted by: ginger38 ()
Date: March 19, 2004 04:34AM

Jezebel Spirit

Jezebel Spirit is a term from John Paul Jackson's book, page 60, "unmasking the jezebel spirit."

Unreasonable and Unyielding

"Seeing themselves as spiritually superior, a Jezebelite often blieves God has provided a hedge of protection around him or her, isolating them from any deceptive spirits. Some even believe they are immune to sin and deception because of their "spiritual maturity". Believing they have been highly favored and chosen for some spiritual high place or position, such individuals conclude they have a divine secrets strength. Thus, their emotional support comes from within their subjective experience , tather than from God and His written Word. Eventually such individuals become UNTEACHABLE AND UNYIELDING.Over time, they will become deceived to think they are infallible. They have become unable to listen to others , because others " have not had a direct revelation from God" like they have. Therefore to reason with them or TO QUESTION THEM - so they believe -demonstrates the height of sin and carnality. Such individuals usually demand BLIND OBEDIENCE."

"As I teach on this subject, I am always amazed by the number of individuals who share experiences of following someone with a jezebel spirit, they describe how THE LEADERS MYSTICALLY REVEALS GOD'S SUPPOSE PLAN FOR THEM. THEY ARE TOLD THEN WHAT TO DO..."


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