Seeking Ex-Members of Dahn Hak
Posted by: Bee ()
Date: June 20, 2003 11:18PM


I have a friend who has been financially hurt, is working long hours for no pay, is losing her career, and is being affected in other ways by her association with Dahn Hak.

I have read ALL the stories by former members on the Ross Institute website.

I would welcome a private message from any of those writers, or anyone else with a Dahn Hak story.

I am also seeking corroboratable facts concerning this organization: sales practices, taxable income, fees for services, land holdings, previous lawsuits, assets, treatment of members, etc., for my file.



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Seeking Ex-Members of Dahn Hak
Posted by: dahnhakcult ()
Date: July 01, 2004 03:32AM

Sounds all too familiar. First thing you need to do is somehow get your friend away from these people. Whatever it takes. Your friend will probably hate you but then again their personallity could have already been completely changed and you are not dealing with someone who is rational anymore. That is the worst case scenario.

I have to be very careful and remain anonymous as the effects of this cult are still affecting my family.

Personally I had to kick the door in on one of their centers and drag my wife out. They very nearly destroyed my family and my wife? How does this sound for you as enlightened: nervous breakdown, psychosis, severe clinical depression, hallucinations. She is now recovering (2 years later) with the lots of love and support from family and friends as well as proper medical treatment and therapy.

What these people do not want is bad publicity. Write letters to your local newspapers, get the reporters involved, get them digging, and get the stories out on the net.

I have been informing local business owners who display their brochures about who they really are. 100% of them remove the brochures.

Dahn Hak is a multi-million dollar corporate structure selling "spirituality". It is a religion unto itself with Lee as the all wise spiritual leader.

To heck with his credentials, he has even conned the UN. He is a fraud.

Ultimately the way to bring Dr. Lee down is a massive law suit to the tune of 10 of millions in punitive damages for induced psychological distress. This solution hurts them both financially and creates a bad public image.
Imagine the UN Peace envoy being sued for brainwashing.

The problem with a lawsuit is getting the ex-Dahn members to come forward. They have to be angry enough at them for what they have done to want justice. In my situation they installed so much fear and psychological trauma on my partner that I was advised by legal and medical council not to pursue as this would make my partner relive the nightmare of Dahn Hak.

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Seeking Ex-Members of Dahn Hak
Date: July 27, 2004 01:58AM

To the previous writer, congratulations on getting your wife back. She is one of the few to escape, and that's only through your efforts. Too often family and friends are passive and accept what they are told by the programmed person.
Bee who wrote the first message here has moved on with her life, she took the loss of the friend to the cult. It had worn her down, and that's what the group counts on, outlasting a lot of there critics. Trying to show members the facts only triggered arguments, as the programmed mind can not easily handle the truth.
Asking the media to help is worth doing. One thing to keep in mind, the average reporter won't publish the day or the week after you give the facts to them. Be patient, stick to what you've learned, but be warned some cults do actively threaten reporters and there news agencies from publishing accurate information.

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