leaving the compound , the trail of tears and trauma
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: April 06, 2022 07:47PM

I remember watching the TV need when the tragedy of Jonestown and watching in horror 909 bodies laying spread out across the Jonestown compound . Then a few short years later it happened again ,same method ,control ,abuse of power ,drugs ,guns ,and the abuse of this " non profit status of those forming dangerous groups under the banner of Christian ?

Who would ever thought we would build our home on a compound ? It just did not seem to be a set up for such a tragic loss ,leaving with a trail of tears ,heartbreak and dismay and horror but here we are telling you about it . It was not called a compound it was family and friends sharing land ,helping one another good times and bad , it did not happen overnight either 12 years on April 1and we found out who was being played a fool ,under the banner of Peace ? No! I said this is not happening not now ! We are almost retirement age ,everything we built was from ground up ,hard work and we even inscribed the Words Jesus Christ is the Rock of this foundation " as the footers locked in cement sealed the deal ,or so we thought . But as the years went buy ,the government turned from democratic to full on Socialist and the corruption was so deep ,we had no choice to leave our beloved home behind forever ;( you see our neighbors ,friends and loved ones ,like sheep to the slaughter were lured into this ideology that they are now building the kingdom of heaven ,and their pastor is apostolic gifted to be greedy? To take whever he wanted at the churches expense and yet our friends and family would live in a shed with 5 children ! We did not see the changes overnight , but it happened and it was by the Grace of God we left ,it was the most painful thing ever to experience not knowing if we will ever see them again . It took only 1 man to control it all and he welded some type of weird witchcraft to get whatever he wanted at the churches expense ? So much for his preaching and summits of " you can have anything you want just ask God ut give lots of money to father John and his family and they taught you was either in the remnant or you was a outcast . We attended that church a few times but it had the flavor of Hillsong all over it ,coffee shop ,kids playing and grouping together ,fun activities for all even trivia night. It was too good to be true . We almost became a member of Peace apostolic church ! Untill we ran into a few couples that shared such horrifying testimonies that it shook us to the very core the abuse of money more more give more , the fund raising abuse ,the dream of building a empire and a airport called peace avaition ! Wow it all looked so amazing surely God had blessed this church right ? It was chosen to stand alone in a small community calked Rockhampton Queensland. But we later found out it had turned Apostate and the very same things koresh and Jones would teach were strikingly similar , the isolation ,the food changes ,the change in their attitudes ,even their children stopped taking to us or coming by to say hello. The long days we would see them take off , gone on these summit type revival retreats , miracle conferences and the money poured in ,new cars new houses ,the church raised over 1million from marketing and we could not afford to give that amount of money , yet if you did not give you was considered the faithless ones , guilt was applied ,and his family grew richer and richer ,as we watched our friends and family grow poorer and do without . It made me sick to my stomach how much power this man and his teaching of sonship heresy had ! So after 12 years we left our beloved farm my husband built with his two hands ,and we walked out just 2 suitcases a piece ,the once Homeland we shared was now being controlled by a cult leader and they had brainwashed every last one of those 5 beautiful children and their mom and dad . People we knew for 2 decades . This is just the beginning of trying to heal from the hurt and betrayal ... To be continued

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Re: leaving the compound , the trail of tears and trauma
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 08, 2022 01:16AM

Dear Littlelight, I hope more people feel safe enough to join this discussion.

This message board is meant to be a sanctuary, as is the private messaging function, which many of us refer to as PM.

If you ever get a message in public or by PM that does not feel right, always feel free to send a copy to Rick Ross, moderator and owner of the CEI website.

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Re: leaving the compound , the trail of tears and trauma
Posted by: Littlelight7 ()
Date: April 09, 2022 09:29AM

Thank you for your kind words , this has deeply effected me and my husband more than you know . So many are afraid to talk about this so much mental manipulation he has over so many is unreal , even the neighbors son married into his cult and they think alley is some type of Anointed Jesus , he calls is the apostolic gifting of a special anointing ? We did not see these changes in our neighbors right away , but then a cult compound is not born over night . The hurt and fear some still carry has gone on for 30 plus years and we only had to endure it 12 . I started seeing the signs after watching Rick Ross and studying about cults like Jim Jones and David koresh along with the David Burg cult that branched off later on to from another far worse cult of Jacob prash that was trying to deceive us into the kabbalah
I got out first ,husband followed and we chose to leave everything behind due to the extreme things going on . I have tried to forget it ,I still remember the panic and the fear I had that this may happen to us , as I seen this happen with Jonestown. And these were like family ! Not strangers but friends we knew for well over 1decade . My husband now has severe PTSD and easily gets panic attacks ,
I can now relate to the survivors of Jones town .

I only pray others will be set free from this mind control of this church labeled of all things peace ?

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