1981 Stolen Child: Where is Holly Marie?
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Date: March 16, 2022 09:58PM


I'm searching for information on a child who was the daughter of two Texas murder victims discovered January 12, 1981 in a rural wooded site in Houston. There is strong evidence that a religious cult was involved in their murders and the abduction of their daughter.

Dean Clouse, 21 and his wife, Tina, 17 were both natives of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Dean was a carpenter with a history of briefly associating with religious cults as a teenager in Florida. The couple was not known, however, to have associated with a cult in Texas where they moved in order for Dean to work for builder D.R. Horton.

Holly Marie Clouse was last seen in late October 1980 when she and her parents were living in Lewisville, Texas. No one knows why her parents' bodies were found in Houston a few weeks later in January - whether they were lured there by work or something else, or whether they were simply dumped there. The couple remained a John and Jane Doe for 41 years until their identities were made by forensic genetic genealogy.

A few weeks after the murders (unbeknownst to the family) someone impersonating law enforcement called and notified Dean's mother that her car (loaned to Dean for the trip) was found in Los Angeles and had been wiped clean of fingerprints or other evidence and asked her if she wanted it returned. A few days later he called again and said he had found someone to drive the car to her if she would pay them 1000.00 when they arrived.

Someone calling herself "Sister Susan" insisted on meeting Dean's mother at midnight at Daytona Speedway in Florida. Five different police agencies eventually responded to the scene and supported her in repossessing her car without paying the woman a dime. Sister Susan was about 30 years old and was accompanied by two teenaged girls. They all wore white robes and the two girls deferred to the older woman when they tried to speak and she subdued them with a look and a hand gesture.

No records from their 1981 interactions with police have been found, and police were not able to charge them with anything since they were returning property. At the time of the return Sister Susan told Dean's family that they "have joined our cult and don't want to have any contact with you." The family had no idea at the time that the couple was already dead.

Because Holly was not found with her parents, there is hope that she might still be alive. My company is managing DNA profiles for several family members in case Holly ever tests her DNA with a direct to consumer company like Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage, or 23andMe. The profiles have also been uploaded to GEDmatch.

Photos, a NCMEC age-progression portrait, and more information, including how to contact us is found on Facebook and our company website:


If you have any information on a child fitting Holly's description, or were raised by someone other than your biological parents and think you could be Holly, please test your DNA with AncestryDNA. Your family may be waiting for you in your matches.

Thank you!

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