Non-Dual Cover-up for High-level occult control over myself and my family
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: January 07, 2022 03:54AM

The following letter to the ASI (Association of Spiritual ‘Integrity’ — basically a storefront) describes a bit of the occult control, manipulation and existential harm over the course of this past decade.
I was told to ‘just walk away’… :
(The short recording at the end of this letter details the occult controls over 4-generations of my family.)

To Whom it May Concern…inclusive of All Acting Board Members at ASI (Association for Spiritual Integrity) …Rick Archer, Craig Holliday, Mariana Caplan and Jac O’Keeffe…

Dear Friends,

If there ever was a reason to approach an Association of Spiritual Integrity it is this one.

While this situation does not include the typical breaches of integrity commonly known as sexual manipulations (and is, most certainly, not making light of such) this particular situation is far more pervasive, insidious, systemic and disturbing (of Integrity) in its use of over-arching lies, deceptions, cronyism involving collusion and coercion and the extreme misuse of high-level siddis (occult powers) over not only this life but the lives of my children…all told, affecting 4-generations of this family.

These breaches have…and are…requiring extensive cover-up, collusion and coercion throughout the spiritual community…inclusive of other high-level contemporary teachers and certainly many in the general awakening community.

What were the lies I was forced to hold? The lies are in regard to the ‘supposed split’ of the teachings of the brothers Nome and Russell Smith and their relation to the formation of Candace O’Denver’s Great Freedom/Balanced View. These are the lies I was forced to hold (under threat) for a decade.

The deceptions of the supposed animosity between the brothers…in order to ‘paint the picture’ and convince folks…was a deliberate ruse that was even taken into the Santa Cruz County court system!

The systemic lies regarding the knowledge of these teachers and of this situation, occurring over this past decade, include many in ‘leadership’ in the ND spiritual community.

Matt Licata succinctly described this situation as a ‘cosmic betrayal.’

The hypocrisy of such was reflected when a friend and well-known author contacted me from SAND 2019 (San Jose) to tell me ‘integrity’ was finally being discussed…except the panel included a few who knew of the breaches that had taken place in this life and which I had been forced (under threat) to carry.
Some on that very ASI panel discussion at the SAND Conference…actually knew (and participated in) of the infractions on this life from the very beginning... never saying anything.

In all fairness…I have to question whether…given what they now know…if they would, today, participate in such a systemic cover-up.

Teachers and/or ‘friends’ who directly knew about the deceptions of Nome at SAT (Society of Abidance in Truth - a notoriously insular organization) in Santa Cruz, CA and Russell Smith (who later went to Candace O’Denver’s (aka Candice Rinpoche) Great Freedom/Balanced View in a capacity unknown by me but most certainly included the ‘development’ of a Dzogchen-like teaching which he shared with me in a taped session) include: Adyashanti, Gangaji, Stephan Bodian, Jeff Foster, Leonard Jacobson, Rupert Spira, Bentinho Massaro, Ramana Spencer, Michael Harrington, Steven Walters, Colleen Loehr, Vicki Woodyard, Kristy Thompson, Kiran Trace, Susanne Marie, Jon Bernie, Nishkala Leslie Jenney, Rosemary Ferrara Cochran, Aile Shebar, John Astin, John Wheeler, Eliot Weber, Prajna Ginty (now known as Prajna O’Hara), Jeannie Zandi, Marlies Cocheret, Mary Winslow and Peter Hanson, Marilyn Madden (longtime family friend of Adya), Sonya Amrita Bibilos, Prema Akasha (now Maja Apolonia Rodé), Karen Richards and many, many others . This list only includes only those I know or had contact with. Ultimately…if one is awake they know of this harm.

There were also some who may have actually been *paid* by SAT… Bentinho, Michael Harrington, Steven Walters, Kristy Thompson, Kiran Trace and Bob Haber…and possibly others.

(*teachers and/or ‘friends’ listed here are not being singled-out but indicate some of whom I had merely had contact with in some form. Most teachers…if not all…know of the ‘information’ I was forced, under threat, to carry regarding the lies of those teachers. Ultimately…if one is awake they know of this harm.)
I, otherwise, hold a deep respect for each of them…in their own way…which is why I feel in the depths of my heart that the truth will prevail in this situation and integrity of action will be the result…namely telling the truth.

The ‘information’ I hold regarding the supposed splitting up of the teachings of Nome and Russell Smith has placed the burden for those lies squarely on my shoulders…for close to a decade.
In the (exact) words of Russell Smith, in private session many years ago: “You will fall through the cracks.”
I had no idea what he was talking about at the time.
Those so-called ‘cracks’ were actually the lies I’ve been forced to hold.

Since then there has been lying, deflection, gas-lighting and scapegoating across-the-board in the ND spiritual community.

As many of you now know, beginning a little over 2 years ago, this ‘information’ was released in a series of videos recently compiled into a website (domain purchased in early 2018):

In video #1…given the complexity of the story, the nature of my own temperament…natively a bhakta at heart…the effects of having been silenced (under deep threat) for the better part of a decade, dealing with video technology and realizing no-one would watch anything over 10-15 minutes… this voice was naturally mortified and constricted…to video #5 describing a sycophant (psychic implant) that had been deliberately placed in my field for extreme inner/outer surveillance and video #6 the communication via Spirit (indicating who, for what purposes and when) that an auric block had been deliberately placed in my field a decade ago restricting relations (primarily intimate, for obvious reasons) video #8 where I explain why-on-earth it took me so long to come forth with this ‘information’ and (with names protected) who the teachers were that indicated their support for Nome/Russell keeping me silent for several years longer lest this ‘information’ affect the evolution of awakening teachings.

The one area that I cannot discuss…for obvious reasons… on any public forum, inclusive of this web-page, are the over-arching controls over the lives of my children.
For this reason, my family is not mentioned anywhere on this web-site YET they are the very reason for my (finally) coming forth. Not only is this blackmail at its highest and darkest it is actually ‘criminal activity’ of separating and controlling families.

I have found that, generally, the more forceful, vociferous, exaggerating and gas-lighting a defense regarding what I am describing the closer the individual is to a particular teacher.

There have been a handful of folks who have contacted me in private supporting the messages regarding a systemic lack of integrity as they have appeared on Facebook…several who are teachers in their own right.
While I know what I am saying is right and true (2019 marks 30 years of association on some level with these teachers) it is heartening to know there are some willing to uphold a high standard of Integrity in Truth (teachings).

Why would these teachers (Nome, Russell Smith and Candace O’Denver, aka Candice Rinpoche) prefer to place the entirety of the burden for their lies and deceptions on my shoulders and my family rather than come forth with the truth…and an apology? ...engaging and endangering the entire non-dual spiritual community in the systematic corruption of cover-up, collusion and coercion?

For one thing, I felt Nome actually felt that I would never find out about the auric violations consisting of ‘auric block’s (restricting relations, primarily intimate) and a ‘psychic implant’ (for purposes of extreme surveillance).
In that sense…I’d be left to die with an unseen ‘control’ in place.
Let that sink in.

For years I’ve been told to forgive…to let go of my ‘stories’…that there is no such thing as a ‘victim’ (when there most certainly is) abide in that field beyond ‘right and wrong’…that ‘nothing ever happened’ (which I actually experienced when there was a deep non-resistance to ‘what is’ before the psychic stronghold over my kids became clearly evident.)…etc. etc. All of this was nothing shy of spiritual gas-lighting to the extreme and using ‘spiritual’ memes/teachings to cover for actual criminal activity. As we see often in ‘non-duality’…if the one getting harmed dares to speak up, they will be shut down before you know it with the very teachings that blame the one who calls out the harm.

In 2016, when I was still in Santa Cruz, there was a telephone conversation with Susanne Marie who indicated that she and Adya and ‘the two teachers’ felt I ought to be able to awaken ‘while continuing to hold these lies.’
That was the gist of a good portion of the conversation lasting the better part of an hour. (Since then Susanne has unfriended me on FB…as have several other, previous friends the closer I get to seeing their involvement in this web of deception).

At the time of that phone call I, too, felt that I could, indeed, awaken while holding karmic activity that was never mine to hold. This is a deeply devoted heart and sincere practitioner…even Nome/Russ would agree with this. The conversation with Susanne Marie occurred before I discovered that my field had been manipulated and controlled by occult powers. (Video #5).
While one can, perhaps, awaken while holding the lies of others...awakening when one’s auric field has been deliberately blocked is an entirely different matter.

These teachers who are known to leave no stone unturned (and to surveil others as well as enlist the taping of conversations by others…some who are named in this letter) when it comes to covering their own actions had moved my son out of the country in 2014. This was before my move to Portland when it was indicated they would further restrict communications with my daughter. (Years ago, I had been encouraged to renounce my family. Others had been encouraged along similar lines. In recent years…in order to cover for themselves…they (SAT) began populating the Lotus Hall waiting room with kid’s toys, posting images on their website showing Nome holding children and Nome’s wife’s own daughter appearing on the scene. A HUGE detour from ‘renunciation’ of families…)

The occult controls over my family…to put it in very polite terms...were the final straw. 

This typically devotional heart would turn this entire thing inside out because of that egregious misstep of separating and manipulating my family. 

The question becomes, then, will these teachers…and this ‘spiritual’ community… make a motion before putting this ‘information’ out…or after? Will they own up to this lack of integrity…a void of integrity that demanded and relied on systemic lies and deceptions…beforehand?

This is the truth of what happened.

For the sake of my own self-respect and awakening…for the sake of Truth teachings…for the sake of my family… I request a meeting via zoom… or any platform where we can look into each of our eyes and see the integrity (or lack of integrity) of the communication that happens. 

I am free anytime at your convenience.

As I have typically been met with a wall of silence (which speaks louder, perhaps, then any answer) …since beginning to speak up… I am hoping this request of ASI will be different.
If it turns out…given a reasonable amount of time…that I have not yet heard from you I will post this (minus the aspect concerning my kids) on a public page on various platforms.

The following short recording (22 min.) details the occult controls over 4-generations of my family.
(The recording started off with a *felt interference*…I almost started the recording over but chose not to.)

The entire story (minus the occult control over my kids) can be found here:

With love and confidence in the Support-of-Spirit,
-Leslie Read

PS…This letter has had several editions…as I have remembered specifics of people etc. The message has remained entirely the same throughout (those editions).

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