Beware of The Virtual JUDAS Iscariot's Online !
Posted by: braveheart64 ()
Date: April 16, 2021 06:55AM

Ok .... taking a deep breath before i share this one .......
last time i read the GOOD BOOK , i did not see prophets or the Messiah RICH !
im sick and tired of these lines " if you like what i had to say " make sure you click on that little bell and get notified of all the wonderful things i am doing"

ARE YOU SERIOUS ? your sneaking around saying your someone your NOT
It reminds me of the story of JUDAS , he was with the 11 part of the pack and eventually soul HIM out for 30 pieces of Silver !

How low can someone go to think they are ENTILTLED ! to lie , cheat and steal from complete strangers , I guess the old ways where you used to go to a church and there was actually a Bible and HONEST Preacher are GONE !

maybe its because im a baby boomer , or maybe because i was taught YOU WORKED to EARN A LIVING ! not hide behind a screen and Click bait ! My God this world has become so polluted with people Claiming to be like Jesus remember W.W.J.D

What would Jesus Do ? that was when most of the world used Common Sense !

Click baiting others is DEAD WRONG if your a Christian and they know it but still do it why ?
i dont know about you but i am not going to BEG for someone to like what i have to say ! its Narcissism to the Hilt !

the top 10 videos on U tube have these young , teens that have NOT ! Experienced LIFE ! yet they are the Experts of all things Holy ?

then you have the ones that say " oh no its a LOOOOOOOVE offering "
or a love donation ? sound familiar.

i can just close my eyes and see a bunch of girls with flowers in their hair wearing peace signs ,and selling sun flowers !

1. jesus was a poor man
2. the disciples were poor , and those who followed left EVERYTHING
3. they had no where to call home they went from house to house even slept with stinking sheep in the pasture
4. The gifts that were given to the Messiah were for BURIAL, except for the dowery of gold to help his family SURVIVE!
5 They were not like the Kardashians !
6. Messiah slept in a cave not a barn !
7. and KING HEROD WHO WAS A RICH EVIL BASTARD Tried to have Him Killed and killed all the first born boys to get to HIM

So the next time someone pops on the U tube or social media and says
Please Send me a love offering ,or " just with the click of your mouse you can donate to me and my ministry

Christians all around the world or DYING for their faith
yet we see the Entitled Selfism of Luke Warm Christianity
not in the church building but ONLINE !

You cannot serve GOD and money !
mammon is money
and they get so rich off trying to drive a audience that they
dont really know what its like to live in Reality :(

ill be a little poor church mouse at home thank you very much
you can have your fancy churches , all that pomp and circumstance
ill settle for my someday mansion in heaven

till then , give me just alone time with my Jesus ,
prayer time alone

you can have the lights camera and action
i know the devil is in the details of
using online bait for christians

turning them into Virtual Judas Iscariot's :(

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