Moriel Ministry a David Burg Cult Nighmare Reborn !
Posted by: braveheart64 ()
Date: April 11, 2021 06:49PM

i am a former member of Moriel ministry a James Jacob Prash they used to be a member of the children of God Cult from David Burg !
i am trying to connect with others that have been in this online cult
i am still trying to heal from the wide path of deception this man has caused
me and my family , both mentally , spiritually , and financially . i left this cult thinking i was finally free from his deceptive influence and extreme spiritual manipulation , but found out the church i went to was also involved with moriel and he was teaching them as well !

This was supposed to be a basic Church , and this man and his disciples david and joshua have infiltrated hundreds of churches in Australia and world wide !

im sickened by this and U tube is allowing this mentally disturbed and sexually abused man from this Cult to Continue in the charade !

Jacob preash has boldly stated he was a cocaine user, and alcoholic , and boldly speaks about his sexual encounters with this Cult

He ticks all the boxes red ! blazing and has infiltrated over 20 countries recruiting globally , has been under investigation for fraud and abuse of members .

sorry if i am upset writing this i am damn upset about this
is there a way u tube can be alerted by this and block him
bad enough i had to leave my church cause my pastor was acting just like him !

this is beyond Wrong and how can a person recover from such a cult as myself
on one hand i know i should not let him upset me and the other i want others to know what destruction and pain he is causing to others

i cant imagine how those who came out of this cult feel
and how damaged they are from this
this man is a another Jim Jones and is destroying so many innocent peoples lives :(

please contact me if you have come out of the children of God Cult

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