Bewitched by a U Tube Cult ? Yup there in there too !
Posted by: braveheart64 ()
Date: April 11, 2021 08:07AM

Hello i wanted to share how i cut sucked into a U tube Cult , yes it was a U tube Cult . a pretty face and smooth speech , all the right bells and whistles but they were not allowing anyone to question them !

The leader was a beautiful woman who wore a head scarf and she claimed the God spoke to her in her ear to tell the world we christian ladies had to dress modest and do everything they say but not everything they did .

she set the hook ! reeled me in hook line and sinker , and her sermons were smoother than a snak oil sales man , i got deep into this movement and to the point i wanted to leave my husband thinking she was truly anointed of God .

i lost my true identity for 2 years i imitated followed her , as she also used her eye candy husband to draw in more ladies from all over the world . to this day they have over 144,000 people online being brainwashed into thinking this gentile girl is a Remnant of Moses!

She used to be a Super model , he was a stunt man for net flix
and the more i investigated the more my eyes opened wide
i was Duped

so after leaving them from finding out they led double lives , raking in hundreds'of thousands of dollars using click bait and the technique guilt by association of having to tithe to be blessed or you will be cursed

this has done my head in more than you know and platforms like U tube could care less if your abused they need the exposure and above all your money

so Now i dont even watch them anymore , they are so full of themselves
they think they are little gods running around with magic words and wands

Just because i choose Christianity as my belief , does not mean i begrudge anyone to follow Judaism , but its like the old saying goes

you cannot mix oil with Water .

after 2 years i am finally recovering from this , but its taken quite awhile
to allow the old wounds to heal , including my self pride and recognizing that i chose to watch them , i chose to believe eveything they said was Truth and i am responsible for Rightly Dividing the Word of God and choosing to stay or leave

im glad i left , i can dress the way i want , eat what i want , and not feel condemned for just wanting to buy a nice new dress or even a pair of jeans


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