Rod parsley and world Harvest Church
Date: June 17, 2018 07:03AM

I just wanted anyone who has heard of this guy and the church that is located in Columbus Ohio . Rod parsley is now teamed up with Benny Hinn and after brainwashing his followers into believing if they hold their Bibles in the air and command God to make them rich because he calls himself a kings kid . his preaching is Word of Faith hippocras y and even after 35 years and a few hefty law suits for sexual abuse and child abuse he still manages to attract people by the thousands . He's ripped me and my family off offering what he claims are anointed handkerchiefs if you send more money the more you will be blessed . yawn.. I'm still waiting for my fancy mansion and Lear jet you promised Mr parsley . oh wait did you not read your bible Mr charlatan it says the first shall be last and the last shall be first . no thanks you can turn on all the charm and crocodile tears you want I'd rather live in a tent than be caught in your web of lies you have told my community you hippocrite

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