Can i help ? to families and Friends of those caught in A.J millers cult
Date: June 13, 2018 12:27PM

I have managed to get most of the pictures of the Cult followers
of A.J although most are Adults there as also children in here as well

please will you share these with everyone in Australia
and around the world
there is one woman that has been ripped from he husband in California
and one lady left her husband after 35 years saying A.J told her he was not her soul mate ..

time is ticking we need to get the info i took a risk and got most of them
please will you share them with everyone
and if you have a family member that you want me to share about let me know
i will be glad to make a quick video for you at no charge

i have media software and can easily create one for you

A.J miller is not going to win this game hes playing
i will not be silent untill all of those people are set free
from this mad man ...

please write to me and let me know what you want to say
you can also give me a mps clip of your plea
and send me pics i will gladly make a video
and post it on U tube for you free of Charge
i have alot of media sofware , screen capture programs
i wish i had a way to get them out myself
but i can help using the media for you ... i do not charge 1 cent
this is a labor of love and i hope more people will do this
to help their families

so please let me know
you can also remain anonymous
and just send a plea if you like

there is a way you can fight
we can fight fire with fire

if A.J and other cult members are doing this to promote their lies
families have more Power

if the government grow a back bone
then we will use the tools we need
the PUBLIC EYE , facebook and also U tube

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