Sai Maa
Posted by: kirakelly ()
Date: September 19, 2016 08:46AM

I had a horrible experience with Sai Maa's Journey of Profound Healing. It was psychologically violent and manipulative.
I was shocked at my friends who introduced me to her - their lack of clarity with regard to her claims and teachings. And yes, I had heard of some very questionable 'teaching' methods implied.
They were also, interestingly, profoundly influenced by several psychics.

The successors of hers that I have met were also irrational at times. Several have build up Large Group Awareness Training programs which they then make egregious claims about. Joey Klein for instance once claimed that his form of meditation can healed a tumor. (In a particular case.) Meditation is powerful; but this story quickly spreads into something far from what its originator intended. Short of very clear analysis from a medical doctor; a motivational speaker should be careful about treading into the world of spontaneous healing.
Sadly, amongst her 'teachers'; he is more reasonable than the others.

Several students of hers now 'channel' Sai Maa in readings. That's just disturbing. So clearly she doesn't instill great clarity in her flock. I have heard her say she is angry about this claim at being channeled.
She doesn't seem to be able to stop it; she can not seem to bring these students back to reality.

I was wondering if anyone else had experiences; sharing can often help people feel like they are not alone. This group especially will espouse the belief that Sai Maa is divine light and infallible. If you do not follow her and see this great light you are simply not ready. They are more spiritually evolved; and science is all a rouse.
Her followers that I knew had completely abdicated their rationality and life choices to her; to an extreme level. They emailed her continually and she gave them justification for their inappropriate behavior; in part because they never told the other side of the situation in the email nor did they ever consider that she was not omniscient and therefore was responding to a single person's opinion in a matter which involved many people.
I heard her say; "I disagree with Jesus about Everything." "I have never seen forgiveness work for anyone." Instead she suggested people become angry at their family members in a play enacted drama at JOPH and then turn to her as she cleared their karma.
I find 'forgiveness' much more palatable and commonly practiced amongst compassionate humans.
I hope her students can wake up and at least find the loving-kindness practices of Buddhism and Christianity. The great thing about old religions is that there is no 'god-human' to idolize, who then often gets loopy on the worship and falls to an extreme degree.

The old faiths based upon passed-on spiritual creator figures feel safer to me after seeing her in action. Each person's relationship to God, Buddha, Christ, etc - is unique - It seems to suit humanity better.

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Re: Sai Maa
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 20, 2016 06:06AM

Here's some older discussions about Sai Maa



Many reports on Dialogue Ireland that Sai Maa is adept at targeting
people with money and getting them to release much of that money and property
to HER.

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Re: Sai Maa
Posted by: kirakelly ()
Date: October 24, 2016 07:31AM

She also loves to target young people she thinks will gain fame or fortune in the future. She gives them all their success. Grooming.

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Re: Sai Maa
Posted by: Peter72 ()
Date: February 24, 2017 03:13PM

I can say without a doubt that the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT ! And I stand by that 100%

This organization is run by Sai Maa who’s has a tons of property in the US, she has been running a Ponzi scheme for years making Millions off the backs of innocent people and getting away with it cheating right under the governments nose when it comes to taxes and money .

Each person that works for her gets an allowance of money and each person is a disciple of Sai Maa, they do what ever this lady wants and will kiss the floor that her feet walks on, and I mean kiss the floor, they are her humble obedient slaves. They each have a photo of her on there cells phones that comes up every time the phone rings and pray to tons of photos and gifts from this insane sick woman. They believe Sai Maa to be a divine being worthy of worship. Its totally madness !

Sai Maa with the help of these people have for many years ruined and the lives of tons of people and families that fall for her Ponzi scheme. Its a Cult that splits people up with brain washing and Hitler like disciplinary acts of aggression . There are many disciples from New York, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Florida, etc. All of them are geeky nuts who put on a show all in white to get people in and twist peoples minds that they have huge problems and that Sai Maa can fix there problems quickly.

A good couple I went with to Naples Florida with for the Journey of Profound healing had a horrible experience. It started out interesting but quickly turn very dark. During the session the couple that i went with had hard questions for Sai Maa about there future and things they wanted in life. My friends wife was told by Sai Maa spoke to her privately and said that she felt the man she was with was not right for her and that she should flat out leave him and come and travel with her and the organization and promised her the man of her dreams. My friends wife quickly found this somewhat problematic and told me about it. I know this couple very well and they are both a very loving and caring couple so it seemed strange that Sai Maa would recommend this.
Her husband told me when he spoke to Sai Maa she seemed to really hate him and even tried to put him in a bad light saying she could see problems for him and that he should accept what difficulties would be coming his way soon. It became clear to all of us that she was clearly trying to divide this beautiful couple. After we did research and ask many friends that went to Sai Maa what was there experience, almost all the people we spoke to found the entire journey and experience horrible and felt they were being sucked into a real Cult where everyone that was a member was watching you constantly and trying hard to brainwash you to spend more money and keep tabs on you everyday.

These people and Sai Maa are a disease, any life with anyone who is a member of this Cult you are basically signing your name to be in the circle of Sai Maa who will en fact control you and always be in the way of any real good future you think you may have. She will take your life and your children away from you.
Sai Maa needs to be banned from the country she is a danger to the people – especially easily influenced youth.

Again the Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT!!!

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Re: Sai Maa
Posted by: Goodluck ()
Date: August 20, 2018 04:26AM

Not a cult at all. No one forces any one to do or buy anything. One can leave any time. Never did Sai Maa own multiple properties at one time. They were sold. She owns 2 properties in the US that's it. So what. She works round the clock for humanity.
The employees do not get an allowance. They are paid good salary and benefits.

She does not endorse channeling. I know hundreds of students and never met one that channels Sai Maa

I know for a fact how many lives she has saved.

She can have her own opinion of forgiveness. Meanwhile many churches are cults. She is continuing Jesus's message of love for sure.

Someone wrote about her successors? They are wonderful and one is a dr. Too bad some have been hurt, but this is a wonderful group with a dedicated teacher, dedicated to her students.

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Re: Sai Maa
Posted by: RalphHarrah ()
Date: January 30, 2020 06:06AM

Joey Klein has not followed a good path. He was likely one of the students that was groomed and manipulated by Sai Maa. I was just reading on [] about how she would have sexual relations with her closest students. I have no doubts one of them was Joey Klein. He was young, attractive, and lost when he first went to a Sai Maa event and she quickly took him under her wing and around the world with her.

"I feel that some of those beings were deeply damaged by it, but they might also gain from it. God will judge. Nevertheless, it is very strange when a Guru asks her students to be brahmacharies, saying that it is the highest path, and being revered by the highest priests in India, while she sleeps with her students. Maybe a being in her state of consciousness is beyond such minor things that we simple humans call values…"

He is now following in her footsteps, deceiving followers, claiming to be divine, and running a MLM Pyramid Scheme making false promises. He's making so many more people like him and should be stopped. I have a friend who has spent 100's of thousands of dollars following him. He claims he acts as his higher self and our universal consciousness and that "you can too" and "you will be more powerful than me".

Sai Baba


Sai Maa and all her successors:

Including Joey Klein...

and now

It will never end.

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