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Date: December 02, 2014 08:39AM


Copy any Posts that you want to save NOW as this Factnet Forum will be closing in Early 2015!!!

After nearly 22 years of near continuous operation from pre World Wide Web Bulletin Boards to our current modern discussion forum, I am sadly announcing that the FACTNet discussion forum will be permanently closing and put in an archive mode (if that is possible.)

What this means is that when the forum closes there will be no additional posting and no new registered users added to the system sometime starting in 2015. It also means in archive mode the system will be frozen as it is on the day we turn it off and put it into an archive. Hopefully if all goes well you will still be able to read and find what has been posted in the FACTNet discussion forum, but you will not be able to add or alter it in any way.

And, that archiving capability is only if an archival tool will work on the existing discussion form software that we are using. We are still not quite certain about that yet. This means there are no guarantees that we will be successful in archiving the hundred of thousands of cult related informational posts so, --- BE SURE TO COPY OVER TO OTHER FORUMS ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE CULT INFORMATION POSTS IN CASE WE ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL!

I have struggled with this Factnet forum closing decision for over two years. There are many factors that led me to finally decide to put the FACTNet discussion forum into an archive mode and cease its operations:

1.) One of the factors has been that although we have used 3 to 4 different software companies over the 22 years we have never found a form of forum software company that could not be hacked. Over the years our discussion forms have been hacked many times.

At one time we had over 3 million postings, but because hackers would come in and delete postings and whole discussion threads or forums now we have only a few hundred thousand left.

We thought we could move to a new more secure form software. But, no matter what we moved to there are always some hackers who can stay ahead of the best software developers.

Over the last two years we have lost particularly critical postings and discussion threads because of this continuous hacking battle. This constant hacking and rebuilding has taken more than its toll on the FACTNet volunteer security staff and has been very expensive over the years.

2.) Another reason that I have decided it is time to archive the FACTNet forum is that there are many other discussion forums on cults and related topics existing on the Internet now. (When we started in 1993 as a bulletin board discussion forum we were the only people talking about cults and mind control and particularly Scientology. That is simply not the case any longer.)

3.) Another reason is FACTNet's evolving mission, which you will find at the bottom on our website. FACTNet is more than just information on cults and mind control. FACTNet's mission is evolving to cover other important topics to the future of the United States and to our shared planet.

4.) I've been asked if some donor would come in and give us a huge donation and demand that we keep it open, would I do so? I will never say that something like that is not possible, but as of this date it has not happened. And, it would have to be a significantly large donation to allow us additional security upgrades and ongoing annual maintenance costs to keep the continually hacked Factnet discussion forum going into 2015…

Also be absolutely clear that the FACTNet website and organization will itself go on doing its mission. People will be able to express themselves on issues of critical public concern.

But in 2015 they will do it through the comments options on the FACTNet home page blog stories

At this time of transition for the Factnet forum to hopefully a new archival form, I particularly want to thank all of the many volunteers, forum moderators, board administrators and server and web security people who over these last 22 years have given countless hours of their time and their hearts to keeping it running and rebuilding it when it was hacked out. Your names are far too many to mention even if security would allow it.


Lawrence Wollersheim

FACTNet Co-founder and Director

note to administrator: If you ask Mr Ross about this post I am sure he will give you a thumbs up on it... Sincerely Capt Furillo aka Nabashalam Editor and Adminstrator at :)

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Posted by: molly ()
Date: January 29, 2015 12:49AM

so sad to hear this, I just found you and now i'm loosing you. lost again, thankypu for all the good you have done helpong the wounded spirit! Sincerely Teresa aka molly

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Posted by: chlew ()
Date: January 30, 2015 04:45PM

Hi, I am researching cults and how they change the psychology of its members through brainwashing etc. I've anyone would be comfortable answering 10 questions on their own experience or someone you know, please take 2 mins to fill out my survey as it would be so helpful, thank you very much. There is no registration and therefore you can remain totally anonymous.

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Posted by: paleface ()
Date: May 10, 2015 12:04PM

Lawrence, thank you for FactNET. You saved my life.

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