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Re: Were the rumors about the Walk true or persecution from cult hunters?
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: April 24, 2018 08:40AM

You askeda very good question. I can only give my opinion.

In some ways some people who were looking to profit from "exposing cults' seem to do their own twisting iwthout a lot of real first hand knowledge. Or they had limited first hand experience then made their own cognitively biased interpretations.
I would guess that there were plenty of rumors started by people who had a gripe or were just nasty.

At this point I am not aware that groups of people are flocking to "tell all" in regards to allegations.

Divorced Martha? I always thought M and jrs were fooling around for a long time;: my opinion.

Pesonally as the ex wife of an alcoholic in the walk I can say it is extremely stressful to live with an alcholic to say the least. Why would a spouse not be disgrunteled or upset with drunk behaviro. I knew jrs drank a lot for fact. His boys tipped the bottle along side drug dealing in Anaheim.
Persoanlly I too was a Jez or neph becasue I said ENOUGH with my liar spending my earnings and the bro covered for him. I suppose they would have had to face their own addictions. The bros adn jrs cast blame on the spouces who would not put up with addictive behavior. any more.

Take a look at American idols...the rush of power and adoration goes to their heads. I suppose it did with jrs as well.

I don;t think most of the leaders got paid much. Most sacrificed..except for
F B & E B. The wife expressed entitlement for sacrificing.

My late father in law a leader gave away my children's inheirtance to Shiloh, the only heirs of their grand mother and great grand parents. My children got screwed out of waht their maternal gran motehrs parents and grand paresnt had worked so hard for. My son is thinking of a class action suit. I think y father in law may have felt he was buying his way in with his sick/dying wife's money.

I have a source to call up to find out more about the finances in Washington. I feel awkward for asking her, but, we all do have questions about why a 'chosesn few' have not redistributed the wealth.

There was no real "salve labor" because those who worked hard could have left any time. I think folks stayed becauae they thought the kingdom was coming and the world system was coming to an end. Aftera a hwile they had no otehr palce to go and no references otehr thatn 'prayer warrior" It was their choice and can't blame them for feeling duped then falling into jrs dellusion.

My opinion. But I sure hope we all find the peace we are looking for in our recovery process.

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Re: Were the rumors about the Walk true or persecution from cult hunters?
Posted by: NancyB ()
Date: April 24, 2018 09:05AM

I know for fact that a number in Anaheim were so under paid that they got food stamps, title 19. I remember one person got paid a bit more so they could give money under the table to some one else. ( My thoughts are not coming out as I hoped)
My ex got a higher salary because I was not able to work for awhile. Since I was home "doing nothing" I had kindgdom biz kids get dropped off at my door step and rarely got paid to eaven cover food for the kids. My adult to child ratio was illegal. So they sent me some one to help who was not a good worker at the factory. She was not appropraite with the kids..I called up the bro's to tell them to have evey one pick up theri kids NOW! Soemtimes a few couples would not pick up the kids till after bed time. "We were working on our kingdom marriage" was their excuse.
When I got a good paying job related to my ed degeree the bro "fired" my ex and told him to go out and get a $30,000 a year job. Well, he did not have the resume to support that idea. The idea was that my ex was a drain on the kingdom biz becasue with a our family he could live in a community home and be paid less than minimum wage.

I will hazard a guess that the kingdom biz wer "non-profit" structure. That " non-profit' status triggers IRS audits. I am curious about the books and "volunteers "collecting welfare. ( Getting state aid is not a sin. Fraud is a crime tho' and the kingdom biz had "volunteers" stuck with no resume ot get a "real job" that paid a salary and benefits and time off.

I heard rumrs from reliable sources about the excapades tho' I was not a witness myself. I have a "critical spirit" over the lax moral standardstaht were much differnt from Ia church behavior that I saw in CA. I often heard, "We are under GRACE." I guess it meant they could do what they wanted and it was ok with "god" because they were 'chosen".
I hope will all the #metoo movement that our ladies and young boys feel safe to come forward, get a good lawyer and go after the f-ing son of __itches who took advantage of their lofty postions.

My son was striped of his pants and beaten in Fullerton by S D the 'principal'. He thinks there are more boys who were beaten as well. The fact that they were stripped of their undewear may have sexual connotations..and everone was ok with it. My son is looking to connnect with the 40 something kids who were in Kingdom school in CA.

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