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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: Jana ()
Date: March 13, 2003 03:23AM

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: patrick-darcy ()
Date: March 13, 2003 09:32AM

something that people seem to never
mention is that landmark licenses
their tech. maybe this group is a
sect of landmark. a paying group.

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: Jana ()
Date: March 13, 2003 12:06PM

My friends trainer was John Hanley, Jr. John Hanley, Sr. was the founder of Lifespring, and his son is still listed on the website under Who We Are as a trainer. So I would bet Lifespring, before Landmark.

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: patrick-darcy ()
Date: March 14, 2003 10:54AM

yes, i have spoken to some people that
are lifespring grads and they are basically
landmark grads. they have a little change
in jargon but not in the mind control.

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: Jana ()
Date: March 14, 2003 01:21PM

So very sad. If a doctor tried something similar to this, he would lose his license. Or on the other hand, someone mimicing a doctor. I just do not understand why this is allowed to occur without some kind of guidelines. It absolutely boggles my mind. We are so consumer conscious. and yet we allow something like this to slip away? I just do not understand it.

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: March 14, 2003 10:07PM

It's hard to prove any wrong-doing. The participants go in looking for help or are vulnerable in some way. There is a grain of truth in the material, which is borrowed from many sources and then watered down. But it is also covert manipulation on consenting adults.

One of the difficulties for most people who have had a negative experience, and perhaps even for those having a positive one, if that's possible, is that they cannot really explain what happened.

I just finished a book called Spiritual Vampires by Marty Raphael, and one of the people interviewed described sexual abuse with the leader of a group. It was not until the group leader suggested the woman's daughter also have the same kind of "therapy" that the woman woke up. She reported the abuse to the police who said there was nothing that could be be done because she was a consenting adult. Though the focus of the book was on spiritual and religious groups, LGATs and many new age religions and even "holistic" therapists are borrowing similar tactics.

Somewhere on the Rick Ross web site or Sam Vaknin's web site there is an article on how most psychologists are not trained in mind control recovery. My therapist was helpful only to a certain degree, and that was establishing that I had been conned, ergo the distress. However, she didn't have a clue as to how to remedy the confusion, other than to suggest antidepressants.

Getting the word out is the best we can do now.

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: righttofight ()
Date: March 14, 2003 11:39PM

Is the best way to fight this.

They are consenting adults who are being duped. That's why there should be legislation to warn people before taking the course. And tell these people that the end result is a drive to bring in more people.

This should be a "truth in lending" type clause.

Corboy described it pretty well.

They (owners/leaders) are using social psychological techniques expertly so they can manipulate/control their population.

The negative effects are not noticed until after you are finished.

. . . and on the people who supported this in relationships.

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Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: patrick-darcy ()
Date: March 15, 2003 08:30AM

i want to communicate that when people
leave, the depression, or the sadness,
or the feeling that they are doing something wrong by leaving landmark or other groups
is itself proof of the power of these groups.
i have been speaking out for years against
them and it seems that people dont understand this. for some, just leaving
is traumatic. that says a lot for their
ability to use people.

u could also include anxiety. mind manipulation is very powerful. most
americans dont believe it has any power at all. i think its amazing that so few people
are even aware of what cults are doing
to the people of our country and other

the impression i get from most people is
that they are too busy, or too preoccupied
with their lives to give it much thought.

there will be a day of reckoning, but
imagine what kind of day that will be.

i have spoken to many many landmarkians
over the years and one thing they all had
in common was if u speak against landmark
and do it rather forcefully they come at
u like wild animals. if u dont believe me
and u know some landmark grads , test it.
make sure u are in a safe environment and
go after landmark.

watch what happens. it will astound u

and in my opinion this is no accident. its
put there for the benefit of the controllers.

now imagine the children that are taken
into the cult. they are very young and susseptible to new ideas. imagine in the
future if the need arises, this cult could
send out tens of thousands if not millions
of children to do their bidding.

i know u might be thinking i am exaggerating. but i am not. this
is the power of the cults.

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Re: Does anyone recognize this??
Posted by: BchBum1982 ()
Date: July 04, 2009 02:09PM

Watch out for the woman that runs the organization in Las Vegas known as Choice Center, Of all the organizations out there she is the most greedy, just look at the prices she wants people to pay to go through her cult. This woman has been taking people for all they have. If they don't have the money she wants them to go after their familes and freinds money too. After she has drained them for everything they have she ditches them just as quickly. She will play on your feelings and put on an act that she loves you so much till she knows she has drained your pocketbook, wallet, savings account, bank account and maxed out your credit cards. If you don't beleive this, check it out yourself. If this was such a great thing and everyone in the world should attend, why is it you only see people around that have been most recently giving up their money? Could it be that after people are around long enough they really learn that it's just a cult to make one woman rich, Robin Williams? Please forgive your friends and family, they are being taken and don't realize what is happening to them. They are being put into a room and put under what I would explain as the most pressured sales room ever. If something is really good, isn't it good to take time to think about it? The last thing they ever want you to do is think. They will do anything and everything to make sure you sign on the line at that moment. If you change your mind beaware that if you give them a deposit Robin Williams will keep your money and spend it well. You will never see anything back ever! She will say and do anything to take any for everything she can! Try getting her to live to the standards she demands from the people around her and that go through her cult. It's called do as I say, not as I do. Unfortunately most people won't question her, because she will try to belittle them, but if you have the guts demand she be what she says you should be. She will do anything to get you away as soon as possible. This is a warning do whatever you can to stay away from this woman and organization that you can, please do everything you can to keep the people you love and care away from this too.

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