L.A. Lifespring called M.I.T.T.
Posted by: righttofight ()
Date: February 19, 2003 03:29PM

This is an organization that my ex-girlfriend recruited me to join. I took the Basic and Advance training course, but dropped out during the Legacy (Leadership) course because I found they could not answer questions about money, profit orientation and I disliked the inordinate amount of stress they were promising to put on us. I found the techniques in the third level training to be psychologically coercive and specifically the leader or "captain" of the group was also the owner of the company. Someone with no psychological training. A hairdresser by trade with $30,000 to buy the licensing rights for Lifespring for Los Angeles.

This person unfortunately took an unusual interest in my girlfriend because of her personable nature and supportive spirit. When I openly criticized the methods of the training comparing it to a cult, this person began a campaign of questioning my personal relationship with my girlfriend. Through her constant volunteer involvement, they were able to make her feel enough discomfort to distance herself from me. We had a beautiful Christmas together. Troubling signs showed 10 days later after she volunteered for ex’s “graduation” (which was encouraged by the owner) Thirty days later we broke up.

Until I started researching this, I never believed mind control could work. It did not with me. What I discovered is that certain people are more prone than others. She was/is particularly prone because she has a low threshold for stress. Applying high amounts of stress to gain conformity is one of their tactics. Also, she has a rigid personality and low self esteem which pushes her to look for perfect answers or quick fixes in life. As she was exposed to more and more of the training through volunteer work (because she had already graduated she considered it an honor to work for a profit making company for free), her personality became more rigid and petty.

I wish I had known what I do now. I would like to educate people and forewarn others who have loved ones in these trainings. Please leave or encourage them to leave. The training is insidious because you feel good afterwards, but the highs are false. They use regressive techniques to force you to emote, and therfor identify with the leaders. After you have swallowed the "emotional Kool-aid" during the first and second training sessions they then teach you hard sales techniques to bring others in. Basically they turn you into one of their sales agents.

One specific incident that was newsworthy: During the advance training, a fellow named "Ray" was clearly having medical problems making it to the training on time. Being on time is a major requirement. You are subject to being berated for tardiness. When he finally showed (late), the trainer/leader started to berate him. "Ray" wanted to leave. Other participants at the trainer's urging tried to prevent him from leaving the convention room so he pulled a knife. Obviously, at that point they let "Ray" leave. Quickly, the trainer tried to have a "cool down" session to diffuse our anxiety. But clearly he went too far psychologically and was more desperate to prevent us from leaking story to the press.

I need to take legal action against this company. either through the state of California or the county attorney's office or through civil action. If there is anyone with information, experience, etc. Please contact me via e-mail.

Please ask yourself is it worth spending $2400 for an emotional high that will not last and the risk you will lose your mind?

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L.A. Lifespring called M.I.T.T.
Posted by: Jana ()
Date: March 10, 2003 05:07AM

I would also like everyone to be aware that Lifespring is now operating under the name of ChoiceCenter Worldwide, Inc., in Las Vegas Nevada. This has been confirmed, as one of the trainers for this group is John Hanley, Jr. He is listed on Lifespring's website.

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