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Questions on PSI
Posted by: Mysty ()
Date: March 21, 2009 12:37PM

I have some friends who are lightly involved in PSI. Luckily, not to the point they could be from what I have been reading. But in all of my research on this, there are some Detailed Questions I cannot seem to find answers on. I find the "gloss over" answers I get from them but not details.

What Specifically happens in the exercises? ie I know a CD of songs is made for how the group felt during an Exercise. As a music fiend, I cannot imagine picking one song to represent life. What was said in the exercise to cause the decision to pick a song that represents the self?

Why is there minimal history on Psi? Who was Thomas Willhite before PSI? What did he do? How old was he when he died? Did he and his wife have any children? Or perhaps lost a child?

What specifically occurs at the barn dance other than posts I've seen of a partner picking clothes that make them uncomfortable.

I am just curious why anyone I ask who has gone cannot give me details. Whereas in the life changing events in my life, though I cannot give a play-by-play, I can describe what was happening and what caused the feelings I was having. I can explain the thoughts that I processed that created the emotion.

I am hoping someone out there is actually willing to share.

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: March 24, 2009 12:35PM

This explains it.


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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: Mysty ()
Date: March 25, 2009 02:01PM

Sadly that still does not fully answer my questions. Which I fear no one holds those answers.

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: Steve989 ()
Date: April 07, 2009 01:23PM

I found this on a complaint board.

Posted: 2009-03-31 by Thai

PSI unlicensed practice
Complaint Rating:
I just took the PSI basic last weekend looking for self improvement. Yes, people should learn and grow. Yes, change is hard and you need to come out of your comfort zone. Yes, life isn't want you expected and you've either disappointed yourself or others. Yes, you want to make a difference and awaken the spirit within you. However...don't get caught like Hansel and hungry that they couldn't resist. What's missing in your life? What are you hungry for? Be smart on how you get it.

What doesn't look right, smell right, sound right...(however that saying goes) probably isn't right.

1. What kind of legitimate education course runs till midnight on Thur and Fri? Then have you come back full day Sat and Sun? Think about it.

2. What kind of course asks you to pay $500 -$700 but won't tell you what it's all about. You're not going to the movies. You won't find good surprises here, although you'll be lured into thinking so. Instead, you'll come back with problems you never knew you had. I don't call that a surprise...and it's not the right kind of personal insight either. There are better ways.

3. If there are negative blogs all over the net regarding this seminar doesn't it ring alarm bells? Keep surfing, get enough info to make an informed decision. I spent over 8hrs finding loads of info, unfortunately only after I went to the basic. Be smart!

If you still decide you'd like to go. What price are you willing to pay? Not financially but cognitively. Would you open your mind to someone who isn't even a licensed practioner? I was there...I don't care if it's hypnotism, brainwashing whatever. It's guided imagery where they take you back in time and conjure some of your deepest feelings as a kid. I think the practice is beneficial but not done in a group setting by some facilitator!

Even if you go in there thinking you're smart with no issues and you're all happy, they won't get you...well be very careful. My happy go lucky friends who were satisfied with life came out wanting more. The facilitator will want you to be in the now, be open, listen, get your money's worth. And everyone else around you is getting so much out of it. Don't feel that you have to get it. That's when they'll get you. The countless exercises will get you. The meditation, the voice of the narrator, the dim lights, the imagery will get you.

And most importantly, do not get suckered into signing up for the next course on the last day (Sunday). $6000 is not cheap. Ever heard of buyer's remorse? You can get quality education (Universites - continuing education programs), enlightment, and practictioners for that kind of money. Get it from the right people.

I don't know what it's called or what it is but I notice that my feelings are now somehow attached to that seminar. I can hear the facilitators voice in my head to keep my word, don't be a victim, be a contributor, it's not for everyone, it's my choice, speak from the "I", "What other people think is none of my business", don't be a sand wasp, conditioning/ programs, 100% intention, win-win...oh did they every distort this philosophy. And the peace of mind model...??? Take a close look at it. Does it make any sense? What does career and financial have anything to do with mental? There are other models out there. Take only what make sense to you.

I'm the type of person who reads the stuff online but won't contribute whether good or bad. However this time, I think it's really important to not be passive, please please share your thoughts for all to hear. Get the word around...ya, they got me motivated shut them down!

Believe what you want. According to them, I'm creating a story and seeing only what I want to see. I'm not asking you to justify my story. What you think it none of my business. However be open, you don't know what you don't know...and if you're having doubts about this know more than you think you do. Think it through...I"m not your obstacle or your negative support group. Just remember the Nightingale fairy tale.


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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: Mysty ()
Date: April 18, 2009 02:51PM

Thank you for trying to share.

Friends just went again to staff.

Since I asked to describe an exercise, just in passing, the wall has come up.

Today after one night of staff, the defense wall had an explanation why they can't describe the exercise... It would be like describing what eating chocolate is like.

Really wish I asked "well ya know, I want to Know!"

Cuz damnit... I want to know what these friends have in their minds. But they won't share.

Thought after 2 years they maybe were finally free.

Instead, they needed to staff to feel better, just as we are getting to one-on-one true friends in the real world break through...

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 19, 2009 12:30AM


every single LGAT seminar group like PSI, tries to keep their seminar details secret.
They tell people to attend to not tell anyone the details. Landmark does the same, so does Byron Katie in her seminars.
Byron Katie and "The Work" Participant Reports []

they keep it secret, for many reasons. One of them is simply curiousity can drive people to go.
More importantly, they want to CONCEAL and hide their techniques.

Your friends, have been ordered by PSI, not to reveal what goes on.

How to find out then? There will be posts on the internet, here and elsewhere, from from people, who will posts some of the details. So former PSI people can do internet searches, and even posts all the details together in a thread here. It takes some searching and work, but the details do come out eventually.

As far the the music, that would be a simple TRIGGER.
They do powerful exercises, then select music. This music is then used to TRIGGER various aspects of the seminar. Its like Pavlov's dogs, and also hypnosis, and also things like Anchoring from NLP.
(it gets complex, but basically they are screwing with people's minds!!!)

So, please do research on LGAT seminars, they are all quite similar.

And please do NOT go to PSI seminars, they are a very damaging seminar and group.
they will prey on your curiousity, and these people running these seminars are experienced predators.

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: Samuel ()
Date: April 19, 2009 12:30AM

I know what you’re going through with your friends. When my wife (now ex-wife) was going through the basic she would call me from the hotel phone because they took her phone away from her. On the first two days (Thursday-Friday) she would tell me that she didn’t understand what they were trying to accomplish with this “class.” The only reason she stayed was because her girlfriend had talked her into taking this crap and she didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

My wife also complained about being tired because was working all day and attending the basic after work. I didn’t see her for two days. She came home on Friday night exhausted and went straight to bed as it was past midnight. She got up the following morning and told me that she wasn’t getting it. I wished I would have pushed harder to tell her to simply stay home, but I didn’t know anything about these groups and she didn’t want to waste the money she had spent on the class. Anyway when she got home Saturday afternoon she was trying to recruit me to this; telling me this would be a good class for me to take.

When I asked what they do during the course she said I would need to experience it for myself. I couldn’t understand the sudden turn around. Then Sunday was a repeat of Saturday and when she got home she tried to recruit me again. And again I asked what they would do during the course she would again say I would need to experience it for myself. I wished I could have seen this coming but I didn’t; I mean the red flag went up but because this was my wife, a person I trusted, I pushed it to the back of my mind. During our conversation about the recruitment I told her I would think about it but if she wouldn’t tell about the class I wasn’t inclined to go. She asked me to attend the graduation during the middle of the week to show her that I supported her.

I attended the “graduation” where the graduates bring their friends and family and found it was nothing more than a sales pitch to attend the basic. I was approached several times and asked if when I would be attending the class. I was polite but said I didn’t understand what they were selling. I got all the double talk about this course changing my life; that it could give me the “tools” to a better life.

It wasn’t until a few months later I learned she paid $3000.00 dollars to attend PSI7. She paid this amount as a discount because at this time 7 was $3600.00. She went to PSI7, returned after a week during which I didn’t hear from her. Thirty days to the day she walked out and divorced me.

I would like to tell you that I was the only one this happened too; but I wasn’t. I almost suffered a nervous breakdown because I was so worried about her. Some people say; move on. But you find you can’t.

I loved her; hell I still do, but I can’t change what happen to her anymore more than I can turn off my feelings about her. To this day I continue to think about her, and it’s not once in awhile, it’s everyday. This is how you feel about losing your soul-mate.

Now I haven’t seen her but I have heard rumors about her and she is following a pattern towards “creating her own reality;” she’s remarried now and deeply in debt. And I’d hate to tell you what I hear about him but I know this isn’t what she wanted in life before PSI.

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 19, 2009 12:46AM

What is needed regarding the PSI seminars, is some organization and public information and education.
for example, there are many complaints about PSI seminars all over the internet.

What would be helpful, is if former PSI participants, who have come out of the PSI seminar nightmare, would post the SPECIFIC DETAILS of exactly what goes on in the PSI seminars.

Each seminar, and as many exercises, methods, costs, etc.
What they do, how they do it, etc.
It could be put into a single thread, and cross-posted in this forum, for example.
PSI tries to conceal what they do, like all LGAT seminars.

So hopefully some former PSI grads, will pick up the torch, and collect their detailed research into one place, to help others. Once the public knows what is going on in the seminars, it doesn't work as well.
Its also very helpful to the former PSI seminar attendee, to organize their thoughts.

The public have a right to know what is going on in these deceptive, damaging, and powerful LGAT seminars, like PSI.

This process has started with the damaging Byron Katie LGAT seminars.
Byron Katie and "The Work" Participant Reports []

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: Mysty ()
Date: April 19, 2009 12:49AM

Thank you for the links The Anticult. I will check.

When my friends came back in my life I did some massive research and still can't find the details I am seeking. I understand fully how music can be a trigger. I have used that Myself Voluntarily all my life.

I guess I just seek the details because I would like to explain in their language how all these "tools" they are learning there they can do Themselves! From what I have seen, Everything they learn there, can be learned On your own! It is in the depths of our own souls.

It hurts to see them form Deeper bonds with these strangers at the seminar based on an "exercise" that was done - and only seeing the surface of the exercise, these are things that truly create a bond between souls. I believe that is a part of why my boyfriend broke up with me. They all had already been through the PSI years prior... I believe that I couldn't meet the expectations of the energy/bond of those at PSI... simply because he wouldn't take time to get to know me.

Honest I believe I need to just step back and quit trying to save the world - and believe that they will come home this weekend and not disappear from my life for two years again - which is what happened when they first went to PSI.

I just want them to see the Truth. If you have the truth, then you can choose for yourself if you don't Mind someone hypnotizing you...

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Re: Questions on PSI
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 20, 2009 11:47AM


just be very cautious...these are very advanced and tricky seminars, they can lure anyone in.

They use music, as music can be a memory a couple has "our song".
Also, they deliberatly link it with PSI experiences. Many of these groups use music like this.

The so-called deeper bonds with strangers, are what's called Love-Bombing, and creating instant intimacy. Its fake and shallow. Like a salesman.

to be very blunt, PSI is a sophisticated form of "brainwashing".
They do encourage people to break off relationships with non-PSI people.

sadly, its almost impossible for a person on the outside to compete with an LGAT system like PSI.
They are professionals.

All one can really do is tell the truth, and stick to the truth and the facts.
But these LGAT's really are a scourge on society, literally parasites.

hope they don't get too brainwashed again, the 2nd time can be even worse. Let us know what happens...

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