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Posted by: yutolia ()
Date: May 16, 2008 12:39AM

I was wondering if anyone who has actually done the forum (and/or subsequent sessions) could tell me the LE definitions of some words and phrases. I would like to know what Landmark SAYS THEY MEAN and what their real intentions were in using this specific word/phrase.

engage powerfully

Already Always Listening





hidden contexts



Vicious Circle

collapse what happened


becomes the way it is

limits what is possible


what happened

our story or interpretation

fluid and open to change

no longer limited by a finite set of options



reinforces the cycle of behavior




sense of fulfillment

interrupt the cycle

notion of possibility

realities we construct

confined to living within this limited range, and we gain the freedom to express ourselves fully


drawing distinctions gives us a facility to navigate in areas that were previously inaccessible

being powerful

adopted ways of being and acting to deal successfully with things that didn’t quite go the way we though they should

identity was put together in response to something that we had determined shouldn’t be

a new freedom in saying who we are

fundamental shift in what we see and know as possible

an extension or variation of what has come before

What we see as possible

we are given a technology for putting the past where it belongs – in the past

free and authentic expression

vitality, wellbeing, and fun, and are able to enjoy a newfound sense of connection and intimacy

the difference between change and transformation

Transformation, on the other hand, is an act of bringing forth or inventing. It is something created, and is inherently expansive and infinite

This dynamic shift enables us to think and act outside existing views and limits

in order to connect and deal

language may in fact be what brings the world into being

a new view of language that alters the very nature of what is possible

a creative act

new dimensions and unexpected power

instruments of creation

power to choose

choice as a profoundly human ability to create

the way things are

We find ourselves able to choose – to have a say – about who we are and who we will be, as the author of our lives in any and all situations


business-as-usual life

what allows for real power, integrity, and courage

express ourselves individually and fully

break and reinvent the mold

possibilities they’ve created for themselves

technology for handling breakdowns effectively

view breakdowns as a pathway – an actual access – to fulfilling what’s possible

step beyond our comfort zone

an occasion for leadership and accomplishment.

Life becomes framed in a new way

The way we approach the world, and the way the world approaches us

an ability to relate to life with new freedom and power

a moment-by-moment approach to being alive

The reason I asked is because I am very interested academically in how slightly changing language use makes groups like this more compelling to some people. I need to know what lekkies think they mean when they are talking this way. I can guess at some of it pretty well, having listened to my friend that I lost to LE babble in this jargon, but whenever I asked him anything about usage he would just tell me that I had to "do the Forum" to find out. I know it's a big list, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: Europe-girl ()
Date: May 16, 2008 04:00AM

- Life becomes framed in a new way

- The way we approach the world, and the way the world approaches us

- A moment-by-moment approach to being alive

Yutolia, I could give you an explanation, that is, my interpretation, but I simple have no time for the whole list and also I don't want the whole 'conversation' stirred up in my brains again. In general I can say that adding it all up, most point into the direction of continuous change. A drive to keep looking ahead. Things staying the same are regarded as wrong and undesirable. Having to live at your peak all the time or as much time as possible.
I quoted three lines you wrote down, towards the end of your list. They stick out for me because, even though you could think there is no distinction in jargon from one movement to another, these three do not sound like Landmark.

Is this really, really the reason why you post here? You seem to know an awful lot about it and you come up with sentences that are quiet 'advanced'...

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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: yutolia ()
Date: May 16, 2008 08:41AM

Oh, all of these are direct quotes out of their "syllabus". I am not, nor have I ever been, an LGAT apologist. I have seen the serious damage that these people can do. If I can use my knowledge of language and cognitive processes in order to try to stop them, I will.

At this point, I am just doing this out of academic interest. I am a grad student in linguistics, and I have been interested in studying cults, landmark in particular, since I started my undergrad program. My (now ex)friend, who was by then a full-on lekkie, found out what I was doing and tried to stop me, tried to get me reported to Landmark so they "know that I was trying to sabotage them". He practically tried to kidnap me in order to get me to the stupid Forum.

At first I thought they just seemed creepy, maybe unhealthy, maybe good for some, bad for others? No way. Only an extremely dangerous group with more on their minds than just teaching people to live with "vitality" would be that concerned over an undergraduate research project that probably would never even be published.

I am very sorry if I brought back painful memories for you, Europe-girl. That was not my intention. I just hate these people for what they have done to the people on this board, and, in fact many people in my life. I think that they are dangerous organization, and that LGATs like them need to be stopped.

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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: Europe-girl ()
Date: May 17, 2008 06:24AM

Don't worry, it's not painful, and it's not the memories. It's just that indulging in 'the language' stirs up a way of thinking in my head that I just don't want right now. It would distract me from other things in my life that are more important right now, like work, relationship - real life so to speak!
Every now and then I'm on this message board, apparently because I'm ready to make another step in re-evaluating my time with Landmark. But I try to dose the intensity. I hope I express myself clearly enough.
But my reply to you cleared up another aspect for me regarding Landmark: the sheer unability of Landmarkees to be in the present (although they preach they are) and always being busy getting to a 'better' place.
Somehow I the most benefit I got from Landmark I got when I left. Because letting go of all the brainwash, has made me more strong and authentic then I ever was in Landmark. Ironacly I would not have been who I am today without having to go through all that and I'm quiet happy the way I turned out. :)
Nettie, if you read this, this might be something for you to consider... Can that what did not kill you make you stronger...?

Thanks Yutolia for your explanation - maybe I will get back on your list, when I feel like writing down my view on it.

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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: Europe-girl ()
Date: May 17, 2008 06:29AM

By the way, you say "dangerous group". Most people involved in Landmark have no clue about the hidden motives or negative 'side effects'. It must be the higher level in the organisation that does the 'evil' stuff. I guess most are too brainwashed to realise the evilness incorporated...

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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: May 17, 2008 03:40PM

"Nettie, if you read this, this might be something for you to consider... Can that what did not kill you make you stronger...?

Yes - my getting back my life has been through some stages. The first stage was chock - the second was trying to forget that it happened - then really looking at it - then speaking up against them.

To have been through a thought reform process and to go through the reversal has made me stronger - I can now indulge in the words of the forum without getting triggered. I can say that I have taken the words that were stolen by landmark back.

But in the beginning of my recovery using these words brought back the programming in my mind. It was like putting on an old record and it started playing in my head.

Youtolia - your long list is a little bit too long for me to comment on. But I can see your interest is valid and it would be easier if we took one at a time where you can start to say what is your definition of the word (to your best knowledge) and I can say mine and landmarks. I am not promising that I will spend much time on this since I am pretty busy.


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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: yutolia ()
Date: May 19, 2008 10:10PM

Don't worry, there's plenty of time, and even if you could just "translate" a couple of phrases, that would be very appreciated. Thanks for even considering doing this!


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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: Zorro ()
Date: May 20, 2008 12:12PM

I am going through the stage of taking back the meaning of words that Landmark twisted around. I still get triggered, but it's not as intense anymore. Some of the words and phrases I recognize, some I don't.

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Re: Landmarkese Already Always Listening
Posted by: nettie ()
Date: May 20, 2008 12:59PM

Already Always Listening

this is one of the most important phrases/jargon. They tell you that you have a little voice in your head that is constantly commenting everything you hear. It is like a filter in your ear. You never hear what other people say without their words going through that filter.

It is true that we do filter things. I think it is our critical thinking that evaluates what we hear - "is this good?" - "is this valid in my thought system?".

They ask you to become aware of this filter and listen to what the forum leader is saying in a new way - with an open mind - so they open up a port into your head that passes around your critical thinking and that is part of mind control.

"listen to what I say - don't use your already always listening when I talk" - it is a very powerful deception. It is like saying "trust me with the keys to your car and apartment - I know we have just met but I am a good guy".

Forum Leaders are very good at persuading people to reveal their innermost secrets. Then they use that to run the course. If someone objects to what is happening during the course the forum leader will say "ha - that is your racket" - or "that is your already always listening" - or any other landmarkese b-shit

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Re: Landmarkese
Posted by: Europe-girl ()
Date: May 22, 2008 05:59AM

Yutolia, as you are looking at linguistic aspects. It could be interesting to take into account the difference between native English speaking people and none native speakers. For Zorro it is a matter of reclaiming meaning of certain words. For others, like Nettie, English words were often added to another language and took on a meaning that only exists within Landmark. Is it easier to let go of the extra English ("foreign") words or is it easier to 'normalise' the meaning of pre existing words?
You could do a chapter or two on that. ;)

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