Momentum Education
Posted by: concernedfriend ()
Date: January 16, 2008 12:22PM

I recently heard someone speaking about Momentum Education and it sounded suspicously similar to Lifespring and Landmark. Can anyone report on any experience they've had with this organization? Here's a link to their website: []

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Re: Momentum Education
Posted by: concernedfriend ()
Date: January 16, 2008 12:27PM

I just found a previous thread about Momentum Education: []

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Momentum Education Is a Cult
Posted by: Lexy978 ()
Date: October 24, 2008 05:17AM

I am still suffering from the emotional and psychological abuse I put up with at the momentum education course. A friend recommended the course so I assumed it was safe.
The first course, called The Basic, is a simple motivational course and tricks you into thinking that the following courses are just as inspiring. So I was eager to sign up for the next course.
The next course to enroll in is called the advanced course. This is were they start to emotionally belittle you, verbally abuse you and use brainwashing techniques. They do it so slightly at first it is hard to notice. They use mediation and slight food depravation (long hours) to put you in somewhat of a vulnerable state. You feel emotionally battered, but every one in the group convinces you that it was just some "tough love." I almost walked out the door a couple of times but was told I was loved, and would disappoint my group if I left and the most famous momentum manipulative quote of all: "Is this how yr being in yr life?" I was trying so hard to believe that my "friends" were out for my best interest. I started to believe that it was true, that it was just tough love or a kick in the a**. Everyone was so loving in the beginning and I was so happy at first. I eventually signed up for the Leadership Course and oh man was it traumatic. Every time we met we had to share our week to the staff, no questions about it. They would verbally abuse you in front of the class about how yr not living up to yr standards even if you wr trying yr hardest. You are consistently called an "a-hole". I was so scared I was shaking each week. They used very positive ideas in a very negative manipulative way. For example; writing a plan to improve in yr life and living up to it by the time the course ends, sounds great right? Well they would have great volunteer ideas like helping the poor- but regardless of whether or not you wr mother teresa- if you did not RECRuit alot of people- you would get screamed at and humiliated.
There was one assignment were they had me stand on a chair they all turned off the light and voted if they thought I was a leader or not. A leader to them is actually the opposite, it means following there rules, using there lango, recruiting people and giving them money. I was terrified to quit! I felt almost as if the place was mentally sadistic and I was afraid of what they would do to me. I eventually quit and had to turn my phone of for weeks due to there harassment.
It is one thing to be emotionally abused by one person, but by over 30? I still have nightmares.

Momentum is no different from lifespring, landmark or those other commercial, psychological cults. Don't join and get the word out there.

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Re: Momentum Education
Posted by: notmuch4games ()
Date: November 01, 2008 12:40AM

Where is this bunch operating? I would be interested to know where they hold their "sessions."

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Re: Momentum Education
Posted by: bucknduck ()
Date: November 01, 2008 08:02AM

I think they're in NY NY.

Have you noticed how many of these also offer Life Coaching now? Must be big business in that for them all to be jumping to it.

I can't fathom having one of the leaders as a Life Coach though... "OK A**HOLE, you know what you want and you're NOT GETTING IT!!! QUIT LISTENING TO THAT D*&N MUSIC, QUIT DANCING THAT STUPID DANCE and GET TO WORK"

Or how about those that now offer BUSINESS training? Nothing like giving my boss more "permission" to yell at me while I stammer "I acknowledge your position".


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