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Re: What an "authentic" LGAT Might look like
Posted by: ON2 LF ()
Date: October 25, 2007 12:16PM

I think this is just something I need to get waaaay the hell over and begin focusing totally on the reality at hand.
Its been a great lesson and a very harsh reminder of the many forms of darkness that prowl this earth in search of living things to latch onto for survival.
Landmark Education is one of these dark forms, and I will never forget the lesson LE has given me, on how deep evil can run or how high shit can be piled, by its own convoluted illustrations. Nor will I ever forget the person who reminded me about how shallow the heart can beat, outside the bounaries of this place we call reality.

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Re: What an "authentic" LGAT Might look like
Posted by: boonetahoe ()
Date: October 25, 2007 03:06PM


>>Great Life Foundation in Salt Lake City has been operating for the last three years under this basis<<

1) There are no accounts posted in black and white on the GLF website. You lied. Care to share how much outside money has been poured into this company to keep it going? Care to post your books here, or give us a link to verify they are clean? To see what your "trainers" are paid?

Good crying out loud. You guys are really over-the-top about this. You took my response to apply to every part of Blue Pill's comment. I simply meant that Great Life Foundation has operated as a clear-cut non-profit. Of course they don't post their financials on the front of their website (who'd want to see them.) To my knowledge, however, they are available for review by anyone.

You're so intent on making me out to be a liar. Would you be nearly so focused on that if I were CRITICIZING and CONDEMNING LGATs? I very much doubt it. In fact, I haven't seen anyone's claims questioned on this board so long as they're patently and distinctly negative.


>>Great Life Foundation in Salt Lake City has been operating for the last three years under this basis<<

2) Your board is mostly made up of former Impact grads. Their names are not on your website, but members in the past included the Looneys and a bunch of other Impact grads. Who are the professionals? Can we call them and ask for a reference to this training?

This is not true, simply as a matter of fact (that the Board is mostly made up of former Impact grads.) The Board rotate through new people every two to three years and is now dominated by Great Life Graduates.

The "professionals" include one doctor of psychology, two attorneys with another doctor of psychology training.

>>Great Life Foundation in Salt Lake City has been operating for the last three years under this basis<<


3) Steve Juback, who in the 2001 to 2004 time frame claimed he "owned" Harmony (or that his family owned it) has/had an IRS judgement that prevents his from owning a business, lest it be seized, or earning income lest it be garnished, so you pay his wife and daughter while he "works for free." This is integrity? Pam was the sole "owner" of Harmony. That's how you locked Hans and Sally out.

What's your point? I don't see it. Where's the integrity issue? I don't think your conjecture about the Juback's having a tax lien's even true. Plus, who cares? The Jubacks are graduates like any other. They support and contribute like any other.

(Oh, all the other stuff about paying his wife and daughter in order to avoid garnishment I believe are simply wrong. If I were you, I might be calling you a "liar." Rather, I just think you have bad information or you got confused. The Jubacks, to my knowledge, aren't running from anything and don't have any outstanding issues with the IRS or any other debtor. I realize that you strongly dislike them, but to my knowledge they are as fine people as you will meet anywhere.)


I just find your claims above to be so dishonest as to be nearly unbelievable. What is your purpose here other than spreading lies like the ones above?

That's a GREAT question. What possible reason would I have to lie? (Answer: no possible reason.)


You seem to have a need to justify the value of your own experience

That's true enough. In fact, the same could be said of everyone posting on this board. We're all invested in our positions -- loving or hating these trainings.


by so distorting reality as to be apparently psychotic. I urge you to find a competent therapist (HINT: They are not likely to be the ones on your board, or recent graduates.)

Even you must see that that comment was extreme.

And, I do enjoy seeing a therapist (hopefully he's competent.)


If you are the poster-child for the results of these trainings, then they are even more destructive than I had thought.

RICK -- it's time to review whether this guy has violated the agreements (ground rules) for being able to post here.


I'm curious to see how this is handled by the board. I'm half-suspicious that this board is simply a pool of LGAT haters getting to air their angst (as opposed to an open debate.) So far, my posts have been passed through and respected by the moderators despite my middle-ground view of LGATs. We'll see if that holds. If not, goodbye to all and enjoy your fraternity of anti-whatever-it-is-you-all-oppose-so-strenuously.

(Now I'm being a little mean, aren't I?)

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Re: What an &quot;authentic&quot; LGAT Might look like
Posted by: Impacted ()
Date: October 25, 2007 10:58PM


>>(Oh, all the other stuff about paying his wife and daughter in order to avoid garnishment I believe are simply wrong.<<

How about you check this one simple fact, and then we'll talk?

I'm confident what I've written is true/factual, your desires to paint me as the liar here notwithstanding.

You claim you're not sure, but given your position there, I believe, if you are not misrepresenting that, then you could easily find out. A phone call or two to check before writing here about what you claim you do not know might have been helpful.

I gather the IRS issue had a timeline which may have now passed/Steve Juback's wages no longer garnishable -- but the fraud of paying his wife and daughter while he worked for free was something he used to brag about. If your books over the years are really publically available, tell me please how I could review them.

As for the board, I have been urged by many, including Rick Ross himself, to "out" your identity on the board.

I've been reluctant to do that as I share your concern, not only about being sued by the Bergers, but by you as well and I promised you I would keep the information completely private (but, to be clear, not as a condition or part of any agreement for you to tell me who you are. You did that on your own.)

Still your claim to be way out of these trainings, and be in the position you are in/have been in at Harmony/GLF, is the most dishonest thing I've read here, by far.

Let me know what you find out about the Jubacks and their IRS problems related to what you claim atbou GLF and "what an authentic LGAT would look like") or just go away if we've so offended you.

But don't keep pretending to be objective when you simply arent.

It's clear you don't meet the standards posted by Bule Pill that you claimed to.



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Re: What an &quot;authentic&quot; LGAT Might look like
Posted by: formerimpactgrad ()
Date: October 26, 2007 02:34AM

&quot;Blue Pill’s LGAT design, here we go!

1. It would be a clearly defined NOT FOR PROFIT financial structure. No dividends, no shady financial structures. Accounts would be posted in black and white on the company website every quarter for all to see. Investment in developing the business is fine as long as it is in line with the non profit structure.
2. The board to be from accountable, professionally trained areas in appropriate backgrounds (eg – Psychology, Philosophy etc)
3. The founder(s) is (are) not the subject of significant allegations of legal or personal malfeasance
4. Its objective would be human happiness and fulfilment, tolerance for all faiths and belief systems&quot;

Just for the sake of information, the Great Life Foundation in Salt Lake City has been operating for the last three years under this basis. It's a non-profit (and generates considerable donations to charity each year.) It's run by a large, regularly-revolving board populated with professionals including psychologists. And, nobody could really say who the &quot;founders&quot; are. It's a completely grad-operated and controlled organization.

At first, we had no idea if a training company could exist without the control and momentum supplied by a charismatic leader. It actually took some time to prove that it could be done. But, to date, this training is growing and thriving.

I didn't pick through the rest of your list (because it seemed to be a mix of common sense and Blue Pill's personal biases,) but I thought you might be interested in noting the existence of a full-fledged, non-profit, graduate-run LGAT.

You listed four traits and then stated that "Great Life Foundation in Salt Lake City has been operating for the last three years under this basis". Were we to assume that you were not applying all four of the characteristics (which you quoted) to Great Life?

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Re: What an &quot;authentic&quot; LGAT Might look like
Posted by: formerimpactgrad ()
Date: October 26, 2007 03:06AM

Friends, former LGAT trainees, current LGAT trainees and leaders, lend me your ears;
I have come to bury Boonetahoe, not to praise him;
Apparently the perceived good that LGAT's do lives after them,
while the evil is oft interred with the bones,
So let it be with Boonetahoe... The noble Boonetahoe
hath told you that he is honest,
if it is so then I have committed a grievous fault,
and grievously hath Boonetahoe answered it;
Here, under leave of Boonetahoe,
(For Boonetahoe is an honorable man)
Come I to say my piece...

He claims to speak for hundreds of thousands (supportive graduates?),
he promises information and research which he never provides,
He claims that Great Life abides by certain tenants,
then states that we have unjustly ascribed tenants to him by quoting his own post,
But Boonetahoe claims that he is honest;
And Boonetahoe is an honorable man...,

Boonetahoe claims to be LGAT neutral,
He hath brought many unsuspecting souls through the gates of Great Life, Harmony, Impact and others,
Whose pockets did the tuition fees fill?
Does this in Boonetahoe seem neutral?
When the wounded have cried, hath Boonetahoe not told them that they were making it up?
Neutrality should be made of less judgmental stuff,
Yet Boonetahoe claims to be neutral;
And Boonetahoe is an honorable man...,

You all did see on the "I Hate Impact" thread that Boonetahoe claimed to be "way out of Impact",
Only later did we see that Boonetahoe had worked to found a rival/split off training (Great Life/Impact Jr),
Does this seem "Way out of Impact" to you?
Yet Boonetahoe says that he is "Way out of Impact",
And BooneTahoe is an honorable man...

And, sure, he is an honorable man.
I speak not to disprove what Boonetahoe spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
Great Life does not post their financials for others to see,
so we cannot tell if they are a true non-profit or merely a tax shelter,
Boonetahoe has not performed any research to contradict the volumes of case law documenting LGAT problems,
He believes that his association with LGAT's has allowed him to see long-term benefits for others (Even the ones who have not been involved in years!),
Boonetahoe believes that his speaking on behalf of "Hundreds of Thousands of supportive graduates" should be believed without evidence,
because in his sick and deluded mind, that is the same as the rest of us speaking of our own personal experiences,

Boonetahoe has lost his reason..., Bear with me;
My heart mourns for the people damaged by Boonetahoe's ignorance and dishonesty,
And I must pause until it comes back to me.

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