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Re: Klemmer and Associates
Posted by: question lady ()
Date: March 02, 2011 02:04PM

I read most of the thread and I may have missed it but I see no opportunity for the accused to face his accuser.Whether you believe him or not he should be allowed to speak

What are you talking about? No one is stopping him. He can register here and respond on this thread, which I note that Brian Klemmer has not done. Instead, he has chosen to respond on his own website where no one can post a reply - unlike in this forum.

And talk about accusing . . . Mr. Klemmer is now accusing RS Winters of abusing his wife, and doing so on his web site where Mr. Winters can not respond.


3 kinds of needing to be right.

1. I need to have been right.
2. I need to be the one who is right.
3. I need to be right. (Meaning, I search for truth and I will change and not defend my previous ideas if they are shown to be incorrect.)

What's this? Is is some sort of LGAT speak for don't think, don't tell the truth?

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Re: Klemmer and Associates
Posted by: TruthFinder ()
Date: March 03, 2011 04:23AM

Q lady

Ok, I'll stand corrected. (I like to be right.) Klemmer has the opportunity. Some people are too busy for the kind of nit picking that goes on here. I think a link to Klemmer's response video was appropriate here for those who want to hear both sides. Those who complain about it may not have wanted that. I'm not interested in defending either Klemmer or RS.

It would be interesting to hear from RS Winters' wife! He seems to be a ... shall we say... "persistent" ... fellow.

"LGAT speak" ??? I just thought up the 3 kinds of needing to be right. By your pejorative it looks like you missed the point.

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Re: Klemmer and Associates
Posted by: Truth2Myth ()
Date: November 12, 2017 07:41AM

The transformation exercises - the LGAT process - is a function of the facilitator energy, how they hold the room and the actual design of the classes. Since they all seem to copy from each other dating back to the 70s.

Now comes how the "facilitators" hold their "beingness" and handles resistance and upsets. This is where it gets scary.

Klemmer and Associates has Scott Pullan ( who claims to be a marketing director for klemmer in 2002 is just a bold lie, we knew who worked there in 2002) - so you have a fibber or like Brian Klemmer a person who stretches the truth debriefing an emotional workshop. He was a network marketing executive - creme de le creme of american business talent!

You have John Edwards who for 30 resentful years invested and wasted his life in the pulp and paper industry. He has since freed himself and buried hiself with endorsements ( you can pay for maxwells ) , and training from Grioux and company. "Lipstick on a pig" or repackaging, even angrier now that he has no one building his lifeQuest seminars.

Then you have Kimberly Zink as the nominal cult head now that Brian has moved on . Kimberly zink has an insurance and network marketing background. Any of you pay a life insurance sales person for Psychotherapy, theology, mental health assistance ? You do now at Klemmer Associates - all dressed up and standing in front of the room with a big smile, knowing on the last day Zink and Zellmer will be dipping into your savings with LOVE and a SMILE!

Klemmer and Associates is a train wreck waiting to happen, their most experienced facilitators left to form their own companies. Their CEO ran a nail salon and now provides strategic guidance to that cult!!

Becareful of your wallet and mental helath, Klemmer Samurai cult peddlers like Zink and Zellmer want both in the name of personal development!!

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