ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: midnight8286 ()
Date: September 05, 2007 06:50AM

A family member of mine has been convinced by a mentor at work to attend ChoiceCenter in Las Vegas. The co-worker paid for my family member's training/tuition as well as lodging. I have done a lot of research on LGAT's since this family member asked me to go to ChoiceCenter with him, and I am concerned, to say the very least. I am not attending - but he is and he says he has "nothing to lose" by going.

I have found a lot of information on LGATs in general, Lifespring, Landmark, and Impact, but not much specific info on ChoiceCenter.

Are any of you willing so share your experiences, or your families' experiences, with ChoiceCenter with me?

I would like to send specific examples of how the training is conducted and how the students are treated to my family member in hopes that he will change his mind.

Is it extremely similar to Landmark and LifeSpring? Is it more toned down? Is it more intense?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: ezdoesit ()
Date: September 05, 2007 08:24AM

It looks like just another "standard issue" LGAT to me. Their "basic" package is nearly $2500.


According to Wikipedia:

"Lifespring training, once offered under a unified corporate umbrella (from 1974 onwards), now appears in several guises delivered by differently-named companies called "centers." Some of these companies offering the training programs once offered by Lifespring include Millennium 3 Education in Dallas, TX, The Legacy Center in North Carolina, Summit Education in Florida, MITT, Accelerate, and WorldWorks in California, Personal Dynamics and Momentum in New York, Impacto Vital in Central America and the Caribbean, and Choice Center in Las Vegas. Many of these "centers" use the same trainers that originally worked for Lifespring. There are as many as 50 different companies offering these trainings worldwide. It is also known as AsiaWorks in Asia.

Lifespring was founded by John Hanley Sr., after he had worked at an organization called Mind Dynamics, where he worked with Werner Erhard, the founder of est, which may explain some of the similarities in perceptions of the two programs. Lifespring trainings claim to be more based on experiential rather than didactic learning than the est trainings.Werner Erhard prior to founding EST studied Scientology in San Fransisco attaining Class 4 Auditor, a grade in the Church of Scientology. One can observe the similarities in process questions between EST and Scientology"



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Re: ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: jerdwyer ()
Date: March 05, 2011 01:31AM

I have three friends who have gone through Choice Center Las Vegas and I have not so I feel in a good position to make an informed but unbiased assessment.

First, it’s not a cult. My three friends who went through it all came back wanting to better connect with friends and family and be nicer to everyone. As with any self-improvement activity, there will be times people realize they don’t like their situation/person they are dating and work to change it. Choice Center teaches deeper connections with people which is the antithesis of a cult.

They are however a VERY high pressure sales organization. The Leadership course is essentially a class in how to recruit your friends. Participants are encouraged to set a team enrollment target and recruit that many people. They also do a charity project and everyone’s experience is different, but my friends experience was that the charity project was secondary to the recruitment. This doesn’t make Choice Center evil, if they believe they are helping the world then it makes sense to try to get as many people involved as possible, but be prepared for a strong emphasis on recruitment in leadership. If you stop after discovery/breakthrough there is not as much pressure.

During “leadership” one friend was told by her coach that her friends didn’t trust her enough and that’s why they weren’t taking her suggestion to join. When she dropped out, her assigned buddy came under pressure to get her back to the point that she called choice center leadership and asked them to lay off of him. On the other hand, my other two friends also dropped leadership, one before it started, one during and neither experienced heavy pressure to return.

One friend says they benefited tremendously. One says they benefited some. The third says they did not benefit at all. ChoiceCenter’s actual exercises are proprietary and confidential but participants are allowed to share their own experiences. What I’ve been able to gather is that there is a lot of introspection into ones past, both individually and as a group with a coach pushing you, and that leads to various emotional breakthroughs. The “some benefit” friend said he had been stuck in life and the work got him unstuck. The “no benefit” friend (who I think did actually benefit slightly) said he wishes ChoiceCenter had a coherent philosophy that he could keep reminding himself of, rules to follow so to speak. It's too small a sample to draw a conclusion, but it may matter that my friend who benefited the most is very emotionally driven (huge "F" on Myers-Briggs), and my friend who saw zero benefit is very logically driven (huge "T").

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Re: ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: Blaidd_164 ()
Date: June 08, 2018 06:17AM

I was in LV16X (2017/2018) and i can tell you with out a doubt in my mind


they are referred to as White Collar Cults; they are after your $2800 and the $2800 of your closest friends!

If for our next vacation your up for:
then Choice should be your first stop next time in town! If your up to being reverted to acting like a selfish 12 year old, then Choice is the place for you! If you want to lose you free will and chant stupid saying, then Choice is your kind of place. if your up to being told if anyone and i mean anyone gets in your way RUN THEM OVER and TAKE what you want then yup you guessed it Choice is your kind of place. If you enjoy people lying to your face while telling you your shit for breaking your honor then yup Choice is your kind of place.

If none of the above seems like your cup of tea then avoid Choice Center, people that attended Choice and maybe as far as avoid friends of people that went to Choice. these people are BAD NEWS

I read a yelp review about a woman that was physically abused while she was there, sick twisted messed up place!

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